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ANODIZE / November Newsletter / Fatal Tangent & David Morley
« on: November 28, 2014, 04:35:19 PM »


FATAL TANGENT Cenotaph [AD1410] / Limited edition of 100 in 4-panel digipak
Samples / info:

DAVID MORLEY Sanctum [AD1411] / Limited edition of 200 in 4-panel digipak
Samples / info:

November's Anodize update is short and sweet, as, frankly, we feel the music really speaks for itself.

First up, the duo of Arne Weinberg and John Shima team up for their debut outing as Fatal Tangent, diverging from their more rhythmic-based solo works of modern techno to indulge in adjunct forms of chalky ambience, macroscopic pulsations, and surreal soundforms. Alternately dark yet serene, Cenotaph's galvanizing tones somehow manage to reveal starstruck wonder, fixing its gaze on spaces of both the inner and outer kind. Temporal electronica for which the term "ambient" simply provides useful reference points; in truth, the layers of sound at play here feel, act, and vibrate with intensities rarely displayed in typical 'genre' music.

In December comes the stunning new David Morley album, Sanctum, which eclipses the tones and textures of his earlier Ghosts in ways that best be described as innovative. Echoing the finest strains of 90s so-called IDM and various errant beat musics, Morley's keen production skills and deft composition acumen pays off in spades on this go-'round, channelling the feel of Monolake, early Black Dog, and B12 with amazing skill. But comparisons don't do this recording justice: the sound design and rush of ideas present on Sanctum have yielded one of the finer slices of electronica to grace this or any other year. Miss at your own peril!



EMERALD WEB Catspaw [AD1412] / Limited edition of 100 in six-panel digipak
Samples / info:

Anodize is proud to announce the reissue of Catspaw, Emerald Web's seminal 1986 recording, first released on synthesist Larry Fast/Synergy's Audion label. Remastered from the original tapes and featuring an additional collection of unreleased recordings from the same timeframe, Catspaw's haunting yet hypnotic weaving of flute, woodwinds, and prime-era analog synths (Moogs, Arps, etc.) transcended the vagaries of pithy 'new age' music in the service of compositions far more imaginative, breathtaking and timeless.

Anodize is a locus for music electronic, experimental and otherwise, representing the finest in tactile visual audio. Silver through and through, produced in collector's edition tins and multi-panel digipaks, Anodize's mandate emphasizes the continuing relevance and artistic value of the physical CD, what it represents historically, culturally, and physically as the ideal playback media for high-quaity, recorded sound.
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