Alien Genome Project Out Now At Musiczeit

Started by craig, July 01, 2008, 05:47:18 AM

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Just to let you know that my new album, Alien Genome Project is now available from

Craig Murphy is a musician, composer and producer of experimental music and a multimedia artist working with abstract music videos. Having established the rising Herb Recordings imprint in his native Scotland, Murphy's own output resembles that of a musical odyssey. An obsession with Frank Zappa has seen to a fascination with experimentation and Murphy's many projects span several genres. From the mechanistic, yet poignant electronica of Solipsism, his electro-psychedelic band shoosh with Neil Carlill and multi-instrumentalist Ed Drury, to his recent ambient outlet Murphy's distinctive sound is often abstract, yet retains a rich, melodic and emotional edge.

Alien Genome Project is Craig Murphy's latest foray into the realms of deep ambience and sonic experimentation. Based loosely on the "Panspermia" theory of life on earth being seeded from space, it's a deep and hypnotic journey from one end the universe to the other. Droning soundscapes rich in texture are laced with discreet melodies to take the listener on a rollercoaster journey, that's emotional, breathtaking and strangely reassuring. Murphy's deep understanding of sound and texture has enabled him to deliver an album that could warm the coldest reaches of deep space.