Author Topic: My review of "Anátēxis" CDr by Jarguna  (Read 2319 times)


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My review of "Anátēxis" CDr by Jarguna
« on: March 29, 2015, 07:34:01 AM »

Jarguna "Anátēxis" CDr

Italian soundexplorer, photographer and ethnobotany adventurer Marco Billi aka Jarguna returns with his newest "Anátēxis" album self-released during January 2015. Recorded between 2013 and 2014 at his Sound Course Studio, the album comes with attractive jewel case design, which include except stunning photos also painted and signed tray.

"Anátēxis" journey reveals with 21-plus minutes long "Lithogenesis", which straightly dives into deeply mysterious subterranean realms, where echoed organic sounds amalgamate with ghostly rumbles and undulating dronescapes. Heavier dissonant layers slowly permeate through before metamorphosing into cascades of industrial-infused rhythm movements. These sonic elevations are soon joined by perplexing voice ventures with didgeridoo howls. Expanding, intensifying and climaxing, then around the middle part relievedly diminishing into quieter terrains, yet hauntingly flavored with assorted cavernous and primordial traceries. Wow, a very immersing exploration awaits here!!! Primal rumbles announce the next piece, "Compression", on which Jarguna is joined by Tucson based soundcarver Nathan Youngblood, who is mostly known for his "Asunder" debut CD released in 2007 on label. Although the overall mood of this composition is rather cacophonous, its soundpalette is richly organic and acoustically hallucinogenic. Don't know exactly who is responsible for what, maybe Nathan might control most of those primordial scrapings. In any case, according to the pictures of Sound Course Studio, Marco is equipped with lost of toys and Nathan's studio is the same story, I can confirm that personally as few jam sessions still deeply resonate. Dense circles of menacing clouds persistently hang above, at times stealing the center stage, but the listening experience of this bridged archaic and technology remains always fascinatingly irritating. "Lithification", the longest 26-minute track, safely retains its mindscaping scenario with swiftly helixing and surging reverberations reinforced by ear-tickling cyber-biotic fragments, which silently alchemize into magnificently transporting cavernous discordances. Expansive drone layers clandestinely pervade through the prehistoric nether sceneries, moving from warmer vistas through tensely crescendoing cinematic sweeps to mind-blowingly enigmatic cybernetic culminations. A magnum opus!!! Shorter "Cooling" blends lush organic manipulations with freakily traversing drone stratums, the sole protagonist of Jarguna again shares his soundsculpting passion on this composition with Nathan Youngblood. The closing chapter "Geodes" explores rather serene panoramic drifts, even if riding on massively undulating waves, where piercing vertexes and consonant vibrations are contrasted with amorphously meandering warm blankets. A really nice outro!!!

With "Anátēxis" album Marco Billi/Jarguna, with the help of his connate spirit Nathan Youngblood, takes each devoted journeyer into unique shadowy wonders, where all ancestral memories are amply awaken and excavated. Full, almost 77 minutes long immersion is guaranteed!!! I think Jarguna still might be unexplored by many ambient/dark ambient devotees, so don't miss this thrilling experience, because the discography of this gifted Italian soundsculptor features no less than 10 solo or collaboration albums plus few additional digital only releases. Available through Marco's Shangri-la Association dedicated to supporting and preserving local cultural traditions in many countries. Keep on adventuring, Marco, and have a safe journey!!!

Richard Gürtler (Mar 29, 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia)