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> Release date: early April / Limited edition of 100 in 4-panel digipak
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> Release date: early May / Limited edition of 50 in 4-panel digipak
Preorders, samples & info:

Temperatures are rising, snowmelt is proceeding apace, and it isn't only the perennials finally emerging from arctic hibernation: a singular bounty of new releases and prime reissues are sprouting forth from seeds planted at Anodize HQ.

We're excited to reveal that two well-known label and recording veterans are ushering in the new season. Mick Chillage returns to the Anodize fold with volume two in his Pixels series of longform neuro-ambient works. Pixels II works the same phantasmic mojo as its predecessor, trading in irruptive gestures that shiver and undulate across an ever-shifting aural environment. Over its near hour-length lifespan, it's become evident that Mr. Chillage has truly earned his stripes as one of ambient music's best contemporary prognosticators, recalling not only classic FAX sides of the 90s era, but pointing the way towards all kinds of bright, impressionistic futures.

On Earthen, the latest from Gregory Kyryluk, aka Alpha Wave Movement, finds the artist bringing nearly 20 years of inventive electronic composition to bear on the auguring of six new, devastatingly beautiful soundscapes. While it's true that the music of AWM can comfortably nestle inside such rarified genre appellations as 'space music', 'ambient', 'meditative', or 'Berlin school', what always differentiates one AWM recording from the next is the fact that, to put a fine point on it, each dares to be different. Kyryluk is a master of texturalizing, his working methods revealing magnificently subtle sweeps of nuance and genuinely deft turns of tonal phrase. Priding himself on using a minimal array of analog gear, reverb units, and a surfeit of imagination & ideas, Kyryluk has released, out of a uniformly superb back catalog, what we feel to be one of the best AWM recordings yet.


PORT SAID Through Veils (ADRV1)
> Release date: end of March
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PORT SAID Eve of Departure (ADRV2)
> Release date: mid May
Preorders, samples & info:

Starting in April, we launch a new Anodize subdivision called Recovery, whose mission is to realize little-known, obscure, and vital works onto CD. We couldn't think of a better way to initiate this venture than with the recorded catalog of Port Said, a DIY, downtown New York City duo from the early 80s comprised of musicians Stefan Tischler & Keith Keeler Walsh. Influenced by Cluster, Harmonia, Conrad Schnitzler, Eno, and Hassell, Tischler & Walsh forged a truly unique form of multikulti synth music, augmented by cheapjack drum machines, assorted hand-played percussion, and vintage analog electronics, aided by the guitars of Bill Laswell cohort and Material session player Cliff Cultreri. Port Said's clutch of self-released cassettes were legendary amongst those savvy enough to catch their few live performances; their recorded legacy remains innovative to this day, and every bit as relevant beyond such fleeting contexts as 80s revivalism. Beginning with the incomparable Through Veils, followed by Eve of Departure in May, and concluding with the final two titles, Traveler's Companion and Crossings, later this summer, Recovery is proud to breathe new life into a chapter of NYC electronic history that has been little documented before.


Now's the time to grab some older Anodize prices at reduced prices before they vanish altogether. Be sure to sample last year's excellent reissue of The Pool's pioneering synthwork and Fatal Tangent's arch ambient abstractions, each of which have now been marked down to just $12. There are also a handful of copies still remaining of our Robert Rich, Within Reason, and Lingua Lustra releases, reduced in price to $10. Plus, be sure to head over to the page of sister label Periphery to see our items there as well. Richard Lainhart's superb album Polychromatic Integers, and the sterling compilation Home Patterning, featuring Rapoon, Tim Motzer, Robert Rich, Chuck van Zyl, Malcolm Cecil, and many more, can be had for only $10 each, or as a combo pack for just $16. Info here:


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