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Are there any Ambiloop users here? I did a search but couldn't find any reference.

This is one of the best pieces of software out there and the new version (1.70) throws an incredible new set of tools into the mix.

And it's free! ...for quite possibly the most powerful looping tool out there. (version 1.6) (forum, with 1.7 download)

I remember using it for a while a year or two ago when I was interested in looping.
It behaved itself and was straightforward/simple and useful.
Will have a look at the latest version.

I've been waiting for the software version of the Electrix hardware looper (Repeater).
But it seems to be on infinite hold :)

Another good piece of looper software, now out on Windows, is Augustus Loop.
I've used it a fair bit recently.

That's very interesting about Augustus Loop, I actually bought a Mac license for it a while ago when I got carried away and didn't check the website properly. Great to see it on Windows at last.

Tbh though, my favourite looping tool is still the Line 6 POD delay whacked up to infinite delay - it just seems to have a unique character!

"Infinite delay?"  How do you ever hear what you played if the loop is infinitely long?   


Welcome to the forum, by the way!


Ok - I'm stumped - I'd really like to poke fun at the infinite delay joke - but I can't.   Nice job, Mr. Griffin.


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