Author Topic: My review of "Strands" CD by Radiant Mind  (Read 2096 times)


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My review of "Strands" CD by Radiant Mind
« on: September 09, 2015, 10:54:38 AM »

Radiant Mind "Strands" CD

Almost three years ago I reviewed debut CDr album of Radiant Mind, entitled "Sense", released on emerging US label Periphery, now active as Anodize (run by Darren Bergstein). Radiant Mind's driving force Robert Englis was at that time a quite big mystery to me. About two years later, his second album "Strands" was released on Steve Roach's label as a third release, after Brian Parnham's "Mantle" and Nathan Youngblood's "Asunder". Released at the end of October 2014 in a 4-panel eco wallet with cover photography by Steve and additional graphic design by Sam Rosenthal. The master is credited also for production, mastering, sonic enhancements, processing and looping. Since then another 10 months have passed and the name of Robert English remains to me as much enigmatic as it was back in 2012. This kind of anonymity drives me quite crazy, so the more I am fascinated when diving deeply into his soundworlds.

As soon 8-minute "Beyond The Barriers" invades my listening room, everything is more than clear, Robert Englis' soundsculpting is no short of his unidentified occurrence. Mesmerizingly helixing dronecarving, amorphously intangible, is intriguingly reinforced by transient, ear-tickling spatial fragments, while warmer ethereal blankets persistently ride atop. But the magic is fully unfolded on "Beacon Of Sound", this 7-plus minutes long piece immediately shifts into graciously divine domains and safely cruises through magnificently elevated atmospheric horizons. Choir-like drones and balmily gliding layers are carefully counterpointed by elusively tinkling patterns. Aural bliss continuously permeates... "Womb Of Healing", with similar length as its two predecessors, safely hangs on soothingly drifting expanses, monochromatically mindcaping, here and there intensified by assorted emerging, oscillating, guarding and dissolving cyber-tech effects. 14-minute "Released", the first of three longer pieces, delves deeper into mysteriously sculpted terrains, hypnotically reverberating, and winding on everlasting tides of nebulous eeriness with pinnacling edgier tension. This serpentine opaqueness seamlessly overlaps to the next piece "Twilight Weave". The pressure slightly softens, although it insistently undulates and ear-piercingly resonates, and the overall feel tortuously glides and meanders towards more earthier, yet staggeringly deserted majestic realms painted by dramatic stormy cloudscapes magnificently punctured by crepuscular sky rays. A land of extremes fully reveals its breathtaking panoramic spectacle, masterfully augmented by the distinctive touch of the Master. The title track, nearly 22 minutes long closing opus "Strands" safely glides on the path of deep, monolithically spiraling drones brightened by celestially glistening subtleties and dissonances. Powerfully drifting through unfathomably nuanced, infinitely expansive and awe-inspiringly climaxing magnitudes. A deliberately accomplished deeply embracing adventure at its most transcendental, a grand finale!!!

After "Sense" we have got another superb recording by Radiant Mind, this time less kaleidoscaping, but more sweepingly spacious with voluminously crescendoing and ambiguously diminuendoing profoundness. "Strands", a 71-minute album meticulously bridges warmer serenities with perplexing darkness and safely hangs on the edges of grandiosely immersing atmospheric ambience. Once again, it drives me nuts I don't know any additional informations about Radiant Mind and its mysterious sole protagonist, however, I will always keep my ear to the ground when it goes to his future projects!!! And kudos also to Steve Roach for keeping this artist on the track, I really hope the journey of label with releasing works of gifted kindred spirits will continue!!!

Richard Gürtler (Sep 06, 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia)