Author Topic: My review of "Etheric Imprints" CD by Steve Roach  (Read 1936 times)


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My review of "Etheric Imprints" CD by Steve Roach
« on: October 08, 2015, 09:41:59 AM »

Steve Roach "Etheric Imprints" CD

After triumphant 2015 releases such as nebulously embracing "Invisible" or spectacularly sparkling analog projects "Skeleton Keys", Steve Roach delves deeper into tranquilly enrapturing terrains, significantly marked by his "Etheric Imprints". Released on Projekt during July 2015 in elegant 6-panel digipak graced by gorgeous images by Vietnamese visual artist Tuyen Q. Nguyen with additional graphic design by Sam Rosenthal. As usual for the latest recordings of Steve Roach, exactly since "Structures From Silence" 3CD edition. the mastering job is handled by Spotted Peccary's wizard Howard Givens.

Nearly 30-minute long title track "Etheric Imprints" immediately sets magnificently elusive atmosphere with its amorphously introspective processed electric grand piano. When Steve Roach has revealed some first, "behind the scenes" informations on this album, he has promised a really surprising opus and I must admit that "Etheric Imprints" composition shifts his soundcarving into a brand new level, where profoundly poignant atmosphere is reinforced by monstrously delicate piano serenity precisely bridged with intangibly nuanced drone blankets, perplexingly spiraling tenuousness and suggestively engulfing stillness. I don't know how the connection between the sounds and visuals was built, but their symmetry is incredibly gorgeous. "Etheric Imprints" composition showcases Steve Roach at a quite unique edge within ambient and modern classical realms, deliberately minimal, yet intensely evocative. Bravo!!! This utterly immersing sonic meditation clandestinely permeates across the next piece, "Indigo Shift", but dramatic undulations quickly invade and steal the journey. Tenser drones continuously cascade and interact with otherworldly crescendoing sculptings. Weirdly pinnacling, helixing and disrupting, nearly cacophonous and hallucinogenic. 12 minutes long sonic endeavor is in strong contrast with the opening piece. Undoubtedly this is a truly peculiar metamorphose, absolutely unexpected, which certainly spans a lot of controversy. But to my ears, this is another proof of the Master's visionary, when encountering extraordinarily challenging and intricately mind-blowing realms. The more I dive to it, the more enigmatic is this escapade!!! Why not? And on the top of that, and that amazes me quite a lot, Tuyen Q. Nguyen's cover images can interact even with this mysterious piece!!! The artwork can be in one moment serenely embracing, but in the next moment as much tumultuous. With the next track Steve Roach safely returns to more comfortable zones meticulously utilizing arsenal of his monumentally graceful and thrillingly panoramic insignias. 17-plus minutes long piece vigorously drifts on immensely infinite and perpetually blissful tides. A fully rewarding listening experience awaits here, a pure magic, so connect deeply to the genius' ultra atmospheric oasis!!! I keep on "Holding Light" with goosebumps on my arms since the very first exploration!!! "The Way Forward" clocks to nearly 15-minute mark and it closes this stirringly poignant adventure with rather weeping waves and meanders persistently counterpointed with warmly sinuous layers, masterly permeated by earmarking shimmering sensual heat. Feel the wonder of desert life, because no one else is capable of transferring these awe-inspiring images into profoundly enveloping sonic canvas like the Master.

After the bundle "The Delicate Forever" and "The Delicate Beyond", Steve Roach continues in expanding his artistic horizons, thus "Etheric Imprints" album is a truly vital addition to his enormous body of recordings. We all must be really grateful for such consistent creativity and passion!!! And keep in mind, this iconic sound architect has released few weeks ago his long-awaited colossal 4CD project "Bloodmoon Rising". And last but not least, a very special year-end release is scheduled for December!!! Still going forward, the journey continues...

Richard Gürtler (Oct 05, 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia)