Author Topic: My review of "ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ" cassette by Strom Noir  (Read 1919 times)


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My review of "ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ" cassette by Strom Noir
« on: October 13, 2015, 09:02:52 AM »

Strom Noir "ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ" cassette

For this gorgeously looking release Slovak guitar dronescaper Emil Maťko aka Strom Noir has teamed with sympathetic Russian label ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, based in Yaroslavl and run by Tim Six. This label has quickly achieved its glory with attractive hand-made editions of CDrs or cassettes. This young label is active since the beginning of 2014 and so far they have released almost 20 various CDrs and cassettes in limited editions, featuring artists like Creation VI, SiJ, Dvory, XPAAM and others. Each release is a true collector's item and Strom Noir's "ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ" cassette is no exception. Released at March 4th, 2015 in edition of 50 copies, white-shell cassette comes with additional 0-card sleeve and three inserts. A top-notch work, kudos to Tim Six, Aloe (who is also credited for the artwork) & ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ!!!

8 and half minutes long title track "Esoptron" ignites the journey with stunningly spiraling texture, which floats into magnificently panoramic introspectiveness imbued by warmly nuanced tapestries and meticulously hazed by hissy subtleties. Monotonously encircling, yet stunningly evocative masterpiece, more please!!! 6-minute "Kaleidoscope" delves, as revealed by its name, into more vivacious terrains, mesmerizingly mindscaping. Nearly hallucinogenic helixes are backed by continuously permeating and voluminously increasing harsher string collages. "Heart Of Stone" unfolds with soothingly enveloping mood, which slowly evolves and heads towards deeply contemplative zones, spiced with hauntingly shimmering undercurrents. The B side opens with "Polnoc Celı Deň", clocking just over the 8-minute mark. This is the only piece with Slovak title, which can be translated as "Midnight Whole Day". This composition incorporates all Strom Noir's trademarking insignias ranging from intensely hypnotic oscillations through roughly desolate consonances and pensive stringed imageries to exquisitely poignant evocativeness. Another listening delight awaits here. Did I mention these dronesculptings are highly recommended to enjoy with your headphones? No, so put them on and dive deeply into Strom Noir's thrillingly ambiguous harmonic drone ventures!!! The next composition "There Are Still Secrets" magnetically melts winding drone monochromatism with intangibly gurgling effects, stringed solitudes, sinuous weepiness and ephemeral sibilant fragments. A spellbindingly enigmatic 7-plus minutes mindscape!!! Poetic "Where Rainbow Ends" closes this intense listening bliss (and visual too!!!) with warmly embracing and insistently tiding reflections, where stirringly meandering palette of stringed arrangements dusts off long-lost memories. Slightly shorter, but very decent conclusion.

Even if the tracks on "ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ" were recorded in two quite different time periods, August 2012 and November 2014, the overall feel seems to be rather homogeneous, yet richly flavored with always presented distinguishing signatures of Strom Noir, which earned a very strong reputation during the last 5 years. 42-minute "ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ" cassette is a truly rewarding addition to the growing discography of this Slovak guitar drone wizard along with other cassette editions such as "Analog Venus" (Ginjoha), "Tanec Rusaliek" (Dronarivm) and "Travel To A Human Heart" (Sacred Phrases). Not to forget, today is Emil Maťko's birthday, so this review is my little gift, all the best, cheers and keep on droning, man!!! And by the way, I am not sure if "ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ" cassette is still available, it looks like it's sold out on ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ label, but some copies might be still obtainable via Discogs. Or go for "name your price" download, in any case, I can't recommend this release highly enough!!! And just the same is for the complete discographies of both, Strom Noir and ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ!!!

Richard Gürtler (Oct 11, 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia)