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hello all, i'm planning on moving soon and minimize is the keyword of 2016 for me. 

Part of this involves selling/giving off my CD collection.  Here is a small part of it:


i basically only posted discs that were $20 or more because it's not worth the time to sell/ship/customer-support for the others.  Lots of Steve Roach (including a copy of his latest Into the Vortex 3CD set and the concert pictorial companion) and Ultimae, etc.  i can get more specific if needed but i'm looking for a simple $200 for the entire collection.  I'm confident that an ambient music head will be happy and a few nice surprises in there.


please note; in this photo there are 20 or so discs that i'll be keeping.  Mainly, my Koner, Oophoi, Tetsu, Wiese and Weiss. 

I'm also looking to sell some of my alchemy crystal bowls bought from this place:


not expecting any interest but figured i'd try.  All of my bowls are true-tone and i haven't decided which ones i'm selling yet but willing to have the conversation with anyone who's interested.  They sound beautiful

also selling gear:

Barefoot MM 35 gen1s
Prophet 12 keyboard (w/ official gig bag) and desktop module
Nord lead 4r (new in-box)
apogee duet audio interface
subpac s2 x2 (new in-box)
Virus TI2 desktop
Pigtronix echolution deluxe
Strymon big sky/timeline
eventide timefactor/pitchfactor/space/powerfactor
Moog MF101 LPF x2
SPL vitalizer mk2 T
softube console 1
CME Xkey 37-key Mobile Keyboard
Neumann KM 184 Pair (new in-box)

willing to negotiate on prices, will give you a good deal; especially if you buy a few things at once.  Everything is very gently used and only studio use.  I'm very gentle with my gear.  Much prefer meeting for local pickup in seattle metro area but can ship as well. 

CDs are sold.


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