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Hardware Set-Up Help Request - I'm new to hardware instruments. :)

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Gemini Ambience:
Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I've logged in, I finally finished my bachelor's degree in May; and have been enjoying the freedom of getting my life back.  hehe

Now I have the time to attend to the studio I've put together over the last 2 years while I was a student. I've run into a problem, and after consulting manuals...I'm still a little confused and need input from my peers.

Hardware involved:  MacBookPro - OSX Leopard, Edirol UA-25 audio interface (external), Edirol M-10DX digital mixer, Yamaha AN1x, and Virus A Rack.

Situation: I cannot find a way to connect both the Yamaha and Access together and get them to show up in Cubase. I think the issue lies with the digital mixer, but I'm not sure. When I connect the Yamaha to the digital mixer, I get the audio out of the synth but I cannot seem to get Cubase to record it. I can use it as a midi controller in Cubase for any vsti in Cubase, however, and I can also play it via midi data in a midi channel. So now I just need to figure out how to get the outputs of the synths to show up in Cubase's mixer with their own channel/bus.

Anyone have any suggestions?



We would need to know more about where each synth is plugged-in, to be able to help.  In other words, your problem isn't that Cubase doesn't see the Yamaha and the Access, it's between your computer and either your audio interface or your digital mixer.  Give a description of how things are patched and I'm sure someone will be able to give you some ideas to try.

Gemini Ambience:
The setup now is as follows:

MIDI:  AN1x midi out  --->  Edirol UA-25 midi in
         Edirol UA-25 midi out  --->  AN1x midi in

AUDIO:  AN1x L/R out ---> Edirol M-10DX  3/4 in
            Edirol M-10DX digital out  --->  Edirol UA-25 digital in
            Edirol UA-25 MAIN L/R out  --->  Event TR8's  L/R Monitor speakers

Ideal setup:

Using the AN1x as both midi controller and synth. Also want to get my Access Virus hooked up properly to both the digital mixer and Cubase. I only have 2 hardware synths (the Access and Yamaha) and the rest are soft-synths. I'm sure there's a way to get them all working together in harmony...the question is...did I buy an incorrect piece of kit for the gear I have?

Again, thanks in advance for any advice or tips.  :)

I've never dealt with a digital connection like this so I don't think I'm going to be much help.   My bet is that there's a routing setup in your Edirol software in the computer and the digital input from the mixer into the sound card isn't being routed into a channel that Cubase can see.

I'm most familiar with my older Aardvark card (circa 1999) - and I know I had some initial setup issues to get all 8 inputs routed into channels that my recording software could see.   

Anyway - I'm betting you have some tinkering to do in the Edirol software.    Hopefully someone a bit more up on that card can chime in - you also might want to track down the Edirol forums (wherever they are) - and see if anyone's had the same issue.

Gemini Ambience:
Thanks for your advice JKN. I will most likely end up calling Edirol for support at some point. I have a feeling I chose a bad audio interface for my particular set-up. If that ends up being the case, I'll most likely put the Edirol up on eBay in hope of picking up an interface that will be best-suited for my needs.

I bought both synths while I was finishing my degree (years of patience paid off thanks to eBay) but now that I'm done with school...I'm ready to start tweaking some knobs.  :)  I just hope I didn't waste any investment on the Edirol interface or mixer. They're nice pieces of gear...just wouldn't surprise me if they won't do what I need them to.  :)


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