Author Topic: My review of "Into The Void" CD by Stormloop  (Read 1989 times)


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My review of "Into The Void" CD by Stormloop
« on: June 01, 2016, 11:59:01 AM »

Stormloop "Into The Void" CD

As far I remember "Into The Void", the newest album by Stormloop, was scheduled on Uk's ...txt recordings for a quite long time. Actually, I even keep in mind messages dated one year ago with different cover image and title for this album, but the time has brought some changes. Out since April 2016 in limited edition of 100 copies, the album comes in standard jewel case with transparent tray revealing immersing crepuscular front cover image and additional attractive sleeve design by Nick Edell. If I am right, over two and a half years have passed since Stormloop's last physical CDr release "Arctic Conditions". During 2014 two digital albums were published, "Distant Star" and "Cluster", and the same year saw also the release of five albums on USB stick, in November on ...txt recordings. So here we go with the brand new sonic experience created during the autumn and winter months of 2014-2015 by Kevin Spence, the sole protagonist behind Stormloop based in Leeds.

And the journey unfolds in a jaw-dropping manner when "Deep Into The Dark", the longest piece on album, completely steals my listening room with utterly graceful atmospheric splendor. A prodigiously expansive washes magnificently glide and nuance through ethereal realms, while consonant hissy meridians inconspicuously permeate throughout. 11 minutes of eternally spellbinding and tranquilly transporting soundmagic Made In Stormloop!!! If I am correct, "Deep Into The Dark" originally supposed to be the title of the album. But anyway, my ears and soul are entirely submerged by infinite aural bliss, this must be Stormloop at its most sublime, more please!!! "Another Drift" keeps firmly in gorgeously nebulous terrains, yet this time meticulously imbued by captivatingly poetic glimpses, ephemerally helical climaxes and mesmerizingly gossamer organic subtleties. "To A Light" floats through serenely embracing poignancy, exquisitely bridging deeply evocative images with persistently ear-tickling diaphanousness. "Night Ride" incorporates splendidly spacious drone tides, again impressively balsamic and carefully counterpointed with delicate helixes of nocturnal cyber-biotic musings. "When Need Of Sleep" moves into sorrowful soundfields, much sparser, yet strongly reverberating with occasional gleams of subtle culminations. The next track, "Clouds Pass Over The Moon", returns into intenser paths with rising and ebbing texture coalesced with intangibly rustling reminiscences. "Goodbye PS", the shortest piece on "Into The Void", as indicated by its title, has a really charming nostalgic current flowing and waving through it with evanescent seashore recollections. Brief, but grippingly emotive!!! "Out Of The Dark", another from the line-up of longer tracks, which clocks to 7 and a half minutes, transmutes after translucently chiming intro into powerfully sweeping and tenaciously insistent drone stratum. Voluminously fascinating flow of magmatic tapestries awaits here!!! Scenic rainy sounds announce "Into The Dawn", which afterwards clandestinely commingle with yearningly enrapturing quietudes and coexist in eternal harmony with invigoratingly expansive drone horizons. A sheer atmospheric elixir is served here!!! "Omega", an 8-minute closing composition delves deeply into tenebrously colored sceneries, where stunningly enveloping multi-dimensional undulations continuously intermingle with perpetually crescendoing and diminuendoing transcendental layers. A truly mind-bending listening exploration!!!

Most likely I could imagine slightly cleaner sound quality when diving deeply "Into The Void" with my headphones on, but on the contrary I believe its sibilant surroundings go hand in hand with its rewardingly enigmatic authenticity. Almost 65 minutes of top-notch, ambiguously infused soundcarving exhibiting all audible signatures of Stormloop, that's "Into The Void" in a nutshell. A must-have for all connoisseurs of nebulously enveloping sonic canvas!!! A note for all those ordering a physical copy directly from Kevin Spence, a limited edition of 15 copies with additional art card in holographic packaging is available, so don't miss another visual insignia by Stormloop, because this crafted drifter is also known for his attractive hand-made, now out of print self-releases.

Richard Gürtler (May 30, 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia)