Author Topic: WavemansUnderground & Norbert 2+2 hours Synth / Ambient / Drone / Sequencer  (Read 3074 times)


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WavemansUnderground and Norbert(sender WAF) are on-air friday 26th august 2+2 hours from 20.00 - 0.00 (7pm - 11pm UK) Join the chat for all info and be our guest!

Playlist John: Jerome Froese, Glenn Deardorff, Luc Debeck, Bouvet°ya, David Gerard, Synchronized, Colin Rayment, Keith Hill, Pascal Doguet, David Gerard, Smark, Synchronized, Rem Koral, Simon Stockhausen, Steve Roach

8) "Return of the Giant Hogweed"  8)
Playlist Norbert: Neu!, Michael Hoenig, Ash Ra Tempel, Robert Schr÷der, Tangerine Dream, Software, Rolf Trostel, Cosmic Hoffmann, Klaus Schulze, Mind over Matter