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I've got a couple nephews (13 and 11) that are thrilled to have discovered classic rock songs through games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band...   I have to admit it cracks me up.   We were good aunts and uncles on Wednesday and watched them for the evening and half the night was them playing little mp3 clips on their cell phones trying to stump us on what song was what - bands like ac/dc, scorpions, foghat, and blue oyster cult...    So one of them throws on Don't Fear the Reaper and I roll into the "needs more cowbell" quotes from the Saturday Night Live sketch (which they haven't seen).  Heidi starts laughing.   

Later that evening we end up at Best Buy and they "force" us to completely embarrass ourselves playing rock band in the store playing, of course, the Don't Fear the Reaper song - which starts off with a quote from the SNL skit. It's hilarious... so when we get home I pull out our SNL dvd and play the skit. 

Anyway - my point for the topic was having kids discover classic rock tunes through the video games. It's actually kind of neat - and it'll be fun where they head next in music (they both are learning guitar) - I think the older one has a decent open mind towards types of music which I think is cool....

Anyway - got to get rolling so I can get to work!

This is all I have to say about that:



jim brenholts:
i can just imagine - my great great children will be playinmg ambient synth hero and discovering loren nerell and antisocial, er, i mean interstitial and saying "hey, op op! listen to these cool sounds we can get"

You know, the only problem with playing Ambient Synth Hero is the part where you have to stand around for 40 minutes waiting to press the next button.   :D

Great little blog post about Guitar Hero heroics.



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