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BeatMaker for the iPhone

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I just downloaded this program yesterday for the iPhone and it's pretty amazing what you get for $19.99. A drum machine/step sequencer/drum sample editor. It also includes some effects, and you can save create and save drum kits and patterns/songs. You can also export these wirelessly to your computer in their native format or as a Wav file. If you've got an iPhone and like drum machines you can't go wrong with this:

Oh My GOD.....what is going on with the industry? A phone is a PHONE! HELLO! I can't believe some of the stuff that is being put out for these things.....granted it's probably a first...but still. Come on, it's a phone, you know, to make calls, check voice mail, maybe snap a picture or me this is getting a bit much. I use a phone to call someone, not to work on drum patterns/music. That's what my laptop or desktop is for. Don't we have enough distractions on the phone anyways?

Now don't think I'm trying to berate you or any such thing. I just find it ridiculous with what is being put into phones. It's to talk to someone, use in emergency. Now we'll see some major accident where someone is hurt (or worse) because they just had an epiphany on their drum track that they just HAD to get down before they lost their train of thought...oops, tractor trailer ahead....crash, bang, POOF....

Seriously they are putting too much stuff into a PHONE....

Ok, off my soap-box rant/joke/rave ;-)


I see your point but the iPhone has become more like a mini-computer as far as I'm concerned. Having started using a Mac in the 1980s, the 16GB of storage on this "phone" seems somewhat surreal. I was waiting in an airport last week and instead of pulling out my laptop just used the iPhone and Beatmaker to create some drum patterns, which I was then able to transfer as a WAV file.

While I know your tongue was firmly in your check I'm all for this device as a portable music making machine.

I was about to say the same thing, Jonathan.  The iPhone has more in common with a laptop computer, than with a cell phone.

It won't be too far in the future that people have a small device that they carry around with them that acts as a voice phone, video chat, mp3 player, personal organizer, web browser and ecommerce device all in one.  The idea that "a phone is just a phone" is a backward-looking view, and the iPhone is  a forward-looking device.


I think David Lynch would agree that there are some things you just shouldn't do with your phone:

When I first saw this thread, I immediately thought of the BeatMaker as sort of a (yet another) toy for kids, but I checked it out & it seems like it could actually be a useful device for grownups too, (just don't use it while you're behind the wheel)... ;)


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