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ROIO: [Recordings of Indeterminate Origin]

Once a week I get a newsletter from Big O. It contains news (sone useful. most useless) from around the world...AND a download (usually a bootleg that someone grabbed with a mini-disc recorder stuffed into their pocket. However, they are remastered & the audio quality is very good. I don't grab every download, but this week's is very nice:

Max Roach Beijing Trio Zurich 2001
Live at the Gessnerhalle, Jazznojazz Festival, Zurich, Switzerland, October 28, 2001.

Max Roach died on August 16, 2007. He was 83 and left behind a great jazz legacy. Mark Corroto, in, said Max Roach was "a drumming institution." Late in his career, Roach teamed up with pianist Jang Jon and erhu player Chen Jiebing to form the Beijing Trio.

The music, while, technically Jazz, has a very quiet presence, with Max's drumming very soft through most of the tracks.

Artwork & Tracks:

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