Author Topic: My review of "Kreuzblut" CD by Mathias Grassow  (Read 1383 times)


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My review of "Kreuzblut" CD by Mathias Grassow
« on: July 07, 2017, 03:54:53 AM »

Mathias Grassow "Kreuzblut" CD

The connection between German Drone Kaiser and multifariously focused GS Productions label keeps on blooming. "Kreuzblut", the lastest album by Mathias Grassow for this in Moscow based imprint is another proof of this and it follows previous releases on GSP such as "Opus Posthumum" (reissue from 2014), "Harmonia Mundi" (2014), "AeroAreA" (4CD, 2015), "Interstellar Gravity" (2016) and "Tranceformation" (EP, 2016). Out since December 2016 in a limited edition of 100 copies and housed in a 4-panel digipak, the album is graced by stunningly gorgeous abstract cover painting by Mathias Grassow and his wife Cornelia Kern. Really nice job on this one, folks!!! Actually, I think the painting itself would be even more transporting without that white framing and heading. But anyway, let's enter the Drone Eden!!!

"Prologue" is rather shorter piece running just slightly over 4 minutes and it ignites the trip with expansively static droneforging persistently amalgamated with intangibly cavernous and oracularly encircling pulses and drops. Long-form 62-minute title track "Kreuzblut" straightly dives into spellbindingly unfathomable sceneries bridging monochromously mindscaping stratums with eerily percolating arctic-charged desolations and remote machinery breaths on one side, while warmer cinematic, choir-infused meridians are constantly arising and guarding above along with ephemeral mesmerizing ponderous beat. Powerfully immersing drone tour de force is fully unfolded here to stimulate the synapses of all addicted connoisseurs of tenebrously driven drone phenomenons. Beyond the gates domains are securely achieved, exactly in the manner as it is ordinary for this German Maestro. His unmistakable sonic insignias are all over this all-intensive transcendental opus!!! Assorted solitary industrial shrills and cybernetic signals clandestinely keep on permeating, while the monolithic multi-dimensional infinite layers effortlessly soar through graceful plateaus, awe-inspiring solitudes and breathtaking magnitudes. Staggeringly mind-blowing listening delight, bravo and thank you, Mathias!!! 7-minute "Epilogue" closes the odyssey with less intenser soundscape, yet similarly flatlined, although painting perpetual spirals centered around insistently glimmering traces. Ambiguously impalpable groans are hanging above as well.

"Kreuzblut", recorded back in January 2011, is intriguingly fascinating and nebulously engrossing album offering a truly splendid journey into thrillingly bottomless depths of inner realms, the zones with all its mysteries and terra incognitas, where the Drone Shaman is tenaciously dwelling with his majestically stalwart, massively abundant and profoundly mind-bending dronesculptings since the second half of the 80's. Thus "Kreuzblut" is another superb album by Mathias Grassow!!! Oh, before I forget, credit for remastering duties goes, as usual, to 121. And when focusing on the most recent physical releases, you also might want to explore two other CDs with dusted off archived works on Swedish gterma label, "The Darklight Quest" (July 2016, featuring mostly recordings from 1998) and "The Nightquest Sessions" (November 2016, originally composed in 1994 and 1998).

Richard Gürtler (Jul 06, 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia)