Author Topic: My review of "Last Place Of Wonder" CDr by Frore  (Read 1383 times)


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My review of "Last Place Of Wonder" CDr by Frore
« on: November 03, 2017, 12:56:22 PM »

Frore "Last Place Of Wonder" CDr

Paul Casper, the sole creator behind Frore has been responsible in the last several years for some absolutely phenomenal tribal ambient gemstones such as "Cyclic Movement" CDr (out on Relaxed Machinery, January 2015) or collaborative "Blood Moon" CD with Shane Morris (on Spotted Peccary, April 2015). On the top of that he is also hidden behind Threadbare project, who launched with soothingly organic elixir "Home Is A Memory" in April 2017 aatma label (run by rM veterans Geoff Stewart and Steve Brand). This one is available as a digital download only, however I really wish it would be available on physical format too. Anyway, back to "Last Place Of Wonder", the album was self-released by Frore at the beginning of June 2017 and it's graced by stunningly gorgeous "The Dream Ambassadors" paintings by Swedish artist Hawk Alfredson, who lives in New York. The packaging is quite simple, CDr is housed inside of 4-page insert with resealable outer sleeve.

8-plus minutes long "It Begins Where It Ends" reveals this truly galvanizing journey in the most exquisite manner, immediately exhibiting the array of genuine tribal ambient insignias owned by no one else but Frore. Yeah, and that's something I was always fascinated regarding to Paul Casper's artistry. Although equipped with variety of primeval artifacts, including Slovak fujara (awesome overtone fipple flute), his utterly immersing ceremonies always sounded somehow more peculiarly artificial than primordial due to his groovy and pounding fragrances masterfully thrown in. I know Paul Casper used to be also the mastermind behind EBM/industrial project Scar Limit, so maybe some flavors are originated from this outcome as well. Frore is extraordinary soundcarver and the opening track is the best example of his mastery!!! On one side nebulously transporting sceneries, on the other clandestinely invading and radiantly engrossing tribal spirit. Wow, according to my ears, this must be one the best pieces Frore has ever sculpted and an ultimate Hall of Fame composition!!! Bravo, Paul!!! "Earth Carver", which clocks over 9-minute mark, exquisitely juxtaposes gracefully engulfing celestial expansions with gently permeating cyber-shamanic cadences. Auxiliary weeping glimpses arise here and there. Wow, this is certainly another masterpiece meticulously displayed by its title!!! "Reptile Memory" is driven by an exuberant spectrum of tribal piquancy and mesmerizingly galloping groove patterns, while some singularly helixing groans and voice-like acousmas are guarding above. Splendidly intricate piece! "Climbing Deeper" straightly returns into awe-inspiring panoptic vistas, where magnificently enveloping drifts persistently amalgamate with smoothly culminating rhythm tapestries, glimpsing warm evocations, hypnotic dreamtime glimmers, titillating primordial swirls and balmy organic traceries. What a journey, hallmarking Frore scenario strikes once again!!! 10-minte "Inner Labyrinth", as indicated by its title, delves deeply into breathtaking subterranean realms, when painstakingly coalescing enigmatically spiraling layers with ebullient fractal meridians and rushing ponderous throbs. The longest track on the album, nearly 18 minutes long "Remembering How To Forget" floats safely through immense quietudes, reinforced by intangibly percussive traces and spellbindingly glimmering perpetual cyber-tech pulses. The closing "Painted In Ash" reveals with buzzing undercurrents, while majestically panoramic stratums are riding atop. Ear-tickling biotic rattles continuously percolate across the landscape along with ascending, yet blurred fujara roams. A tranquilly encircling conclusion!

Nearly 70-minute "Last Place Of Wonder" is another exceptional recording by Frore, a wizard at electro tribal ambience, who is always distinguishing, consistent and triumphant. I am still wondering, why Frore as a solo project is not signed by any established ambient label, because Paul Casper is enormously talented, he would fully deserve this opportunity!!! Yeah, a glass mastered format with digipak or eco wallet for such sonic and visual monument would be much more appropriate, because the simple packaging doesn't evaluate its caliber. Once again, bravo to Paul Casper and hats off to Hawk Alfredson!!! And last but not least, keep in your mind the date November 17th, it's the street date of another collaborative chapter between Frore and Shane Morris on Spotted Peccary. "Eclipse" returns!!!

Richard Gürtler (Oct 31, 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia)