Author Topic: New Ultima Thule release: Memories Foreknown, by The Glimmer Room  (Read 1583 times)


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I am delighted to announce the release by Ultima Thule Ambient Media of Memories Foreknown, by The Glimmer Room.

Memories Foreknown is a selection by the producers of the Ultima Thule Ambient Music radio show of some of their favourite pieces from The Glimmer Room, strung together to create a narrative rich with a sense of fond, contemplative remembrance spiced with a hint of winter melancholy.

It includes two specially-composed bonus tracks exclusive to this recording.

It is available exclusively as a digital download via Bandcamp.

To request promo codes for this and other Ultima Thule releases, please email Please let us know the name of your show, whether you are a radio broadcaster or podcaster, how long you've been running your show, where in the world you're located and an idea of your audience size.


George Cruickshank

Ultima Thule Ambient Media