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Heavy Sunrise - Ambient Guitar Textures - New Releases
« on: February 04, 2019, 06:42:06 PM »
Hello Everyone!

Heavy Sunrise recently released 7 new EPs, a few singles, and some live improv via bandcamp.

The material is all centered around guitar treatments, tones and textures.

My favorite EP out of the bunch is "We Are Weightless" and probably the best example of my music.

Anxious to check out other material here. I've mostly interested in guitar-based ambient and drone music.

I've attached a little bit about the project below:


Adam Cooper is an American textural guitarist, record producer, engineer, and experimental noise-maker living in the Arizona desert.

Heavy Sunrise centers around the electric guitar, a vintage Digitech PDS8000 Delay/Looper pedal, a handful of stompboxes, extreme volume, and Ableton Live to generate its hazy, hypnotic textures and warped and wobbly tones.

His songwriting and incendiary guitar work in famed 90s shoegazing outfit, Alison's Halo, laid the foundation for much of the effects-laden music on these latest recordings, while the recording, production, and mixing techniques he employed while working on Alison's Halo debut "Eyedazzler," Astrobrite's ground-breaking "Crush" LP, vocal production on lovesliescrushing's "Glissceule," and - more recently - with Latvia's dreampop legends, Tribes Of The City, helped to further shape and sculpt Heavy Sunrise's spacial soundtrack-esque symphonies. 

Heavy Sunrise's cinematic otherworldly compositions have been described by SomewhereCold (USA) as being able to "transport the listener to another vast universe, with all its colorful nebulae and alien environments."

As a child growing up during the fading years of the space race, Adam's earliest memories are those of grainy black and white photos and blown-out color footage of astronauts, cosmonauts, NASA's mission control screens, experimental aircraft, rockets, bleeping satellites, and epic missions to the moon. These indelible images along with the excitement of new technology, the wild spirit of exploration  , and the vast  - and lonely - expanse of space, are all equally embedded and thoughtfully balanced within Adam's music.

From the sensation of drifting weightlessly, to being caught in the roaring blast of a Cape Canaveral launch, Heavy Sunrise leaves listeners tethered to the earth while still floating helplessly in the far-flung reaches of outer space.
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Heavy Sunrise - Ambient Guitar Textures, Treatments, & Tones


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Re: Heavy Sunrise - Ambient Guitar Textures - New Releases
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2019, 12:49:47 PM »
Thanks for posting this. I like Alison's Halo.
New album, Desolation, available now.