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Anyone here use their stuff in Ableton or Reason? They have a bunch of different racks, instruments, etc...and you can pay for a yearly subscription at and get their monthly releases. They are called micropacks. I signed up awhile ago and have gotten several already for use within Ableton Live. Some cool stuff. They just released a new one which I will be installing (along with others) to Live 7 later today to check out.

I'm considering subscribing, and perhaps purchasing some of the older packs as well. I just bought Ableton Live 7, and I'm exploring the stock sounds, but there are gaps and Puremagnetik looks like the best candidate to fill them. I downloaded their free Neon Stereo effects ( and have been playing with those as well.

Which micropacks have you used?

Hi Mark,

I've installed them all except to my laptop which I just got Live 7 installed and am doing a full image of it now with Acronis. Once I get the boxed version I'll do another after installing the rest of the Live stuff. As for using, I've checked a few of them out that I have. I've gotten probably a half dozen since I signed up earlier this year from them. They just came out with Technoscape for Live 7 which should be interesting. For the price I think it's worth it for a year subscription. It gives you time to  check out what they have that you can get and what they continue putting out while in the membership. Once I get my living room done (next week right after xmas ceiling work begins, sheetrocking...oh yeah....and new fan for room and new microwave for kitchen finally) I should have more time to sit down and work on things. Plus I am looking at leaving my band to continue to focus on my stuff and save a few bucks per month from band rent and gas for show playing. It's been 4 yrs now and it's been fun! Played some cool shows, met some cool people, toured, play festivals (nothing really huge). But I think it's time to sideline from live playing in the band. I'll still help on the side as I can/as needed/when needed.


I'm thinking about buying Technosphere and maybe some of the 8-bit sounds as well. Still very much trying to figure Live out - there is so much functionality there that I feel that I'm probably jumping the gun by buying additional sounds. I'm just scratching the surface with plug-ins, just getting started, and I have a lot to learn about digital recording in general. I've been playing for a long time, but just recently got the itch to record again - first time since the early 90s - and, of course, everything is different now.

Yeah, the band days are most likely over for me too. I find that I have less of a desire to play structured band-type tunes nowadays. Working at home, alone, suits me best anyway, I think.

First you can never have enough sounds, just like CD's! LOL. It is a helluva program if you ask me with what you can do with it. I am still scratching the surface and I've been using it off and on since I got into it well over a year ago or so with Live 3.0.2->3.0.4->4.x->5.x->6.x->7.0.1. There's a LOT to learn on it just from the standpoint of understanding what everything is in the first place. If I understood the guts to synthesizers/synthesizing I'd probably be a lot further along......but seeing I should have some more time on my hands I should buckle down and dig out the lessons (recommended to go through them all as I review them now and then and still haven't gone through them completely) and the manual! And of course continue working on learning guitar more too.


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