Izotope deal at Plugin Boutique

Started by petekelly, November 14, 2020, 06:53:29 AM

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Julio Di Benedetto

Thanks for the heads up on this Pete.

This may be the best deal on plugins Ive seen in many years.  Its also available directly from Izotope.

I have been after Iris 2 for a while as the first version I have did not allow you to import your own sounds.  Iris 2 does and my normal upgrade price is $99 by itself.  Trash is heralded as on of the great soft distortion plugins...looking forward to finding out.  Phoenix Audio as I have mentioned before is from the man behind the original Lexicon algorithms.  Plus the additional plugins which all seem useful.  The basic version of Ozone 9 could go a long way. 

Impressive for $49.   Wrapping up installation now with ease through the Isotope Product Portal.  Computer authorization is an option for those not fond of iLok's
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I have most of the Izotope stuff, but I'm tempted by those reverbs.

Scott M2

More Izotope dealz and this one includes Ozone 9 pro. There's an additional 15% taken off in the shopping cart here.