Huge CD / LP sale of electronic music and other eclectic genres

Started by SourceCodeX, January 22, 2021, 07:47:11 PM

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Huge electronic music & other eclectic genres CD/DVD sale online now. I just added dozens of rare CDs, LPs, and even rare release cassette tapes. Some of these items are signed by the artist and even the whole band.

Find all this great music here:

I also sell at Amazon (since 2005) but Amazon recently removed individual sellers' "storefront" pages to get us to pay for such once-free service. Anyway if you are looking for a particular release on Amazon, just look for the item's being offered by listing by phatcds4younow. I am 99% of the time the lowest price or just use Discogs or MusicStack. (I ship internationally via MusicStack.)

Here's a sample review about phatcds4younow: (customer bought my personal copy of Tonto Rides Again by Tonto's Expanding Head Band)

"I must confess, I was a little nervous about parting with $250 for a CD. However, it arrived in great condition and on time, as promised. Several emails also served to keep me informed of progress. I'm very satisfied." By Amazon Customer on September 27, 2006.

(I was actually the lowest priced seller at $250!)

This is Amazon's info about us:
"phatcds4younow"© is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. We are known best here for our super FAST shipping. We do make mistakes rarely but quickly resolve them no questions asked. Shop here with no worries. We strive to provide the best deal on what you need here. Contact us direct if you need a special item and we will try to find it for no extra fee and list it here. Feel free to haggle our prices as we do reduce the sale price if we can. We ship all orders within 2 days of order entry. Free upgrade of all CD orders to First Class Mail. Our competitive prices reflect 1) Scarcity of the item. 2) Amazon's 30+% cut of all CD sales 3) and the increased current-day USPS shipping fees that Amazon refuses to cover for sellers even though we have asked them to do so. No cancellations or address changes after Amazon has forwarded the order to us. We use USPS-approved air filled bubble mailers. All damage caused to fragile jewel cases in transit is not our responsibility. Please contact your local post office. We answer all your e-mails within 24 hours on regular business days. We list the condition of used items by following the criteria posted on the Amazon website and we add extra notes as well. Please contact us with order number and order date 30 days after order entry in case your order has not arrived. Thanks for shopping with us. I am not only selling here but you can find my rare jazz fusion, progressive rock and electronic music at Discogs and MusicStack.