CD release: Seren Ffordd - Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows

Started by mgriffin, November 10, 2021, 03:22:33 PM

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Artist: Seren Ffordd
Title: Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows
Label: Hypnos (CD)

We at Hypnos are very excited to bring you our first new CD release after an extended hiatus!

Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows is a new longform piece from one of our favorite Ambient music artists. Based in Wales, Seren Ffordd has previously released many albums on the the Umbra label, several of which were later reissued on our own Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint. He also collaborated with the late ambient master Oƶphoi on their album The Martian Chronicles, released by Hypnos in 2011.

Of his latest recording, Seren Ffordd says:

Some music arrives quickly - almost completing itself. However this album has not been like that, taking it's own time, requiring periods of patience and silent waiting.

The title 'Dreaming In The Well Of Slow Shadows' was inspired by the seemingly endless well of imagination out of which we create art, music, ideas, civilisations....The slow depths from which formless and incoherent energies arise and take on shape, form as they are birthed into the world.

It was a number of years before the 'Well' first found its voice as the recorded sounds of a visiting friend's harp playing began to take shape and form in the studio.

The album is composed almost completely from transformed and sculpted harp with minimal addition of other sounds to add to the sonic textures, patterns and shiftings... The album is a longform single track that moves slowly and deeply while shimmering like a mirage, the textures and tones drifting over time.

Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows is packaged in our new CD release format, a plastic-free eco-wallet, rather than a digital or jewel case. The Hypnos team hopes you will enjoy this deep and rich soundscape, and we look forward to bringing you more ambient, drone and minimalist recordings in the near future.

Track listing with mp3 sample clips:
Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows is a continuous 75 minute track, so we have provided below representative clips selected from throughout the extended piece.

sample 1 --
sample 2 --
sample 3 --
sample 4 --

Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows is now available at our SoundSwim store for $9.99.
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I'm really pleased this album has dreamt it's way into existence.
Hope everyone enjoys it.


I've been a bit slower than usual to listen to this because I ordered the CD, despite not having a CD player in the office any more! The collector in me overrode the practical side of me.

But I gotta say: This is the perfect disc for a Hypnos "reboot" of sorts. It reminds me of what I really liked about Hypnos when I first discovered the label in the early 00's: Somewhat formless ambient music with an experimental edge. Not all Hypnos releases were like that, of course, but it was those kinds of releases that gave the label a unique identity, at least from my point of view.

Listening to this immediately puts me back in the mindset. Long-form drones, metallic spaces, moments of peace that give way to moment of darkness. I absolutely adore it. Grats, Andy.


Glad you like it Chris, it's been a while in the well itself - bubbling around towards release.