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Robert Rich


Hi all

I propose to dedicate a thread to Robert Rich's music news.

Very often we quote his music here and there in this forum, for example about the recovery of his hand:, or about Somium here:

I think could be good to possibly center news in a dedicated thread here in hypnos artist (Sunyata, Inner Landscapes, Somnium!) or otherwise; Mike please eventually move this post.

BTW, some news directly by Robert here:

Robert Rich Newsletter, August 20, 2008

* Concert: August 30 in Riga, Latvia
* Concert: September 13 at Earthdance in WI
* New CD: Zerkalo   coming soon

Dear friends,

Two distant concerts mark the development of a new portable
live rig, allowing me to fly to gigs instead of driving with
all that heavy gear. These quick jaunts will allow me to get
home in time weekly to teach a semester-long college course
on audio mastering. You'll probably hear from me again in
a month, when the new album "Zerkalo" arrives from Russia.
Thanks for listening!  - Robert Rich

* Concert: August 30 in Riga, Latvia

Saturday, August 30 at 8:00 PM
Outdoor concert at Opera Park, Klusa Daba @Balta Nakts
Riga, Latvia
Cost: Free

Part of the White Nights international festival.
More info at

"Klusa Daba" 2008 will take place at the Opera Park,
near the Latvian National Opera building.
The stage will form a pyramid, flanked by two video screens.
Video will also be projected on the Opera facade.
After the live concert event, a full resolution version of
"Atlas Dei" will be shown on the big outdoor screen.
A special lighting installation will illuminate the park.

* Concert: September 13 at Earthdance in WI

Saturday, September 13, 2008
Black River Falls, Wisconsin, USA
Cost: $65

Part of a three day PsyTrance event.
Robert Rich headlines on Saturday night.
The ticket price reflects all three days.
Info at

* New CD: Zerkalo    coming soon

Zerkalo is a collaboration between Robert Rich and Faryus,
(Andrey Sadovnikov) an ambient composer in St. Petersburg,
Russia. Zerkalo means Mirror in Russian, yet another fond
reference to a Tarkovsky film. Zerkalo is an intense and
slowly moving deep ambient excursion. If you liked Stalker
(the collaboration between Robert Rich and B. Lustmord) or
Below Zero, then Zerkalo should interest you. This will be
a limited edition of 1000 CDs, with only 300 for sale from
Robert's website. Robert should receive his copies from
Russia sometime in mid or late September.


You can order copies of all Robert Rich titles at

I just finished watching 'Atlas Dei' (sorry a bit behind the times!), which was absolutely amazing.

Robert is one of those artist that "does no wrong," he consistently produces really quality work, whether it be solo or in collaberation with others - Alio Die, Ian Boddy, Steve Roach, Lustmord, etc.

I love the sounds he gets out of the MOTU.



Robert's today news

At some point after that I hope, some of this performance preparation will start to inform the new album I have brewing in my head. Oh, and speaking of new albums, as soon as I settle in I think "Zerkalo" will arrive from St. Petersburg, Russia, alas only 300 copies, so we'll be taking orders and wrapping packages for a week or so.

A question for readers: If I offered for pay-download a bunch of old live concerts in their entirety (edited and mastered by me, in the case of gaffs I can't stand to listen to...) would you be interested in them? I have some archives I am pondering for digital-only release. These are all live concert, dating back to a radio concert in Paris in 1989. Some are more recent. Most of them feature unreleased music. Comments?

Much love - Robert


Robert Logan:
Thanks for that. The video was excellent... Beautiful visuals and music.


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