new deepspace album "The Blue Dunes"

Started by deepspace, October 25, 2022, 04:54:26 PM

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Hi all at Hypnos,

This place always brings up lovely memories for me. Hope everyone is well and still making/listening to wonderful music.

Projekt are now releasing deepspace albums, which I am incredibly excited about, seeing that was the label that, along with hypnos, initially brought me to ambient music through vidnaObmana, Steve Roach and Alio Die.

To my shock, the new deepspace album has gone to number 1 on bandcamp electronic, and number 5 overall. So I'm very hopeful that people will hear it and hopefully enjoy it.

You can get it at Name-Your-Price for a few more weeks.
and of course it's on the streamers, but I prefer to advertise bandcamp these days instead, as there seem to be a community of ambient lovers on there.