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The TrancePort label has been revived, effective in 2003. A retrospective collection of A Produce & Ruben Garcia collaborative tracks are the first release -- for more information, check the Discography page.

All in-print A Produce titles available for purchase on-line via secure server at

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Announcement by A Produce:
The de-evolution of the music industry in the past several years and the rise of music via the Internet has become the most significant factor in reaching listeners who have in the past sought out hard-to-find recordings, or recordings that have remained for one reason or another, unreleased until recently. Download music sites, "music on demand services," Internet radio stations, and even high quality CDR releases are now all a part of a worldwide network that have found ways of bypassing the traditional distribution channels that music has traditionally been forced to travel in order to reach the listener. Never has it been easier for the music lover to locate obscure, or just plain hard to find music. Artists' web sites link to other artists' websites which link to even more websites of artists doing similar work but are perhaps not as well known.

With this is mind, I have created a limited Trance Port Special Editions offshoot of the main root of Trance Port to release CDR's of myself, artists I have collaborated with, as well as other works by those A Produce affiliated artists. As noted above, much of this music has not been heard in any form since its creation (in some cases, created a decade ago). On the other hand, much if not all of it have retained a timeless quality (at least that’s the way it feels to me).

The first release in the Trance Port Special Editions series is Early Sessions, a collection of tracks that Ruben Garcia and I created over the past several years. Other releases in this series that will soon follow are a collection of tracks by Ruben from his many solo works and a collection of unreleased Scott Fraser tracks.

Trance Port was originally created in 1983 as a cassette-releasing label which tried to circumvent the traditional pipeline of the record/distribution business so that music that deserved to be heard but probably never did find an outlet. It is in that spirit that Trance Port Special Editions CD's will continue on.