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A Produce | A Smooth Surface (special edition reissue)

A Smooth Surface (special edition reissue)
by A Produce

The original CD release of "A Smooth Surface" was released in February, 1994. Its purpose was two-fold--to release the complete 24-minute version of "A Smooth Surface," created in early 1991 (with Pierre Lambow), as well as to include two tracks from my next album "Land of a Thousand Trances," released in June, 1994. Those tracks, "Heart of the Dunes" and "It Comes In Waves" (with Ruben Garcia) were thought to be in keeping with the flow of the meditative nature of the full version of "A Smooth Surface." The original edition was printed at Independent Project Press which used graphic elements from the original version of "Reflect Like a Mirror" which IPR also printed. 1000 editions were fabricated, sold and "A Smooth Surface" was out of print within a short time, and has since become a collector's item.

A Produce | A Smooth Surface (special edition reissue)

A Smooth Surface--Special Edition (2004)
This 10th Anniversary edition of "Smooth Surface" also has an extended purpose--it presents the original 3-track CD-EP as it was issued in 1994, as well as adding three other tracks:

"An Indian Surface" (1995)
This version of "A Smooth Surface" was created in 1995 as a possible live backing track for other musicians to contribute to. It is intentionally set at a faster tempo adding tablas, tambura, other instruments and soundings. The backing tracks dubbed "An Indian Surface" for the original purpose, but now seem a legitimate groove on it own--a sublime "stationary dance" version of the original.

"Heart of the Dunes"-live (1996)
This version of "Dunes" was performed and recorded with guitarist/collaborator Scott Fraser at a small club in Santa Monica called The Living Planet (no longer in existence) in 1996. There are plans in the works to release this live concert in its entirety in the future.

"Dwell 2"
In keeping with the overall contemplative tone of the original edition of "A Smooth Surface," the extended drone piece which concludes my album "Inscape & Landscape" (1996) concludes this special edition of "Surface" as well, once again focusing on far away bell sounds and "fly-bys"-as John Coltrane once said, "just a few of my favorite things."

A Produce
June, 2004

A Produce - synths on all tracks
Ruben Garcia - vol swell gtr on "Waves," effects ('94)
Scott Fraser - gtr on "Dunes" live ('96)

All tracks (c) 2004 Trance Port Music (BMI)
except "It Comes In Waves" (c) 2004 Close Tolerance Music (BMI)

"A Smooth Surface Special Edition"
Produced by A Produce
(c) 2004 Trance Port

Special Edition mastered by Loren Nerell
Earthbound Studio, 2004
Long Beach, CA

Original Letterpress Edition printed by Independent Project Press, 1994