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Title: Sending Orbs label
Post by: drone on on October 02, 2008, 10:41:53 PM
Is this label as great as people are saying it is? I dunno, my first introduction so far is Yagya's "Will I Dream During the Process?" This is a nice album, yet I can't help but think this artist borrowed in a BIG WAY from territory already tread by David Moufang aka Move D during the last five or six years--the fluid grooves, glitchy sonics, vaporous melodics, etc.  If I heard this without being told who it was, I would immediately say Move D.  Track 6 sounds like Gas meets Deepchord/Echospace/Modell. Sending Orbs' website has very few sound samples from its releases, think there were only two in-print CD's where you could sample tracks.  Anyways, this Yagya thing is nicely produced, very derivative IDM/ambient that leaves me completely cold.  Am I missing something?   
Title: Re: Sending Orbs label
Post by: 9dragons on October 06, 2008, 10:13:02 AM
I've recently become a big fan of Sending Orbs, starting with their great cover art by Jeroen Advocaat http://www.jeroenadvocaat.com/. I do have the Yagya album you mention, but haven't had a chance to sit down and give it a deep listen. So far, it sounds great to me, but I hadn't heard Move D before. I checked out some samples of his album "Solitaire", and it sounds excellent, but I think the difference between this and the Yagya might illustrate what Sending Orbs is all about. I think Sending Orbs is a label built on Nostalgia, but also taking tradition to a higher level. Each of the artists on the label resembles a past master, but the initial similarities melt away in the fact that they are really refining and expressing something that is deeper. We are seeing this general trend of retro-progressiveness in many modern labels in fact. So Yagya is the updated techno, Kettel is the next generation Aphex Twin, Legiac is Autechre, Secede is Plaid/Boards of Canada. Of course this is a really simplified, surface comparison. But all these artists do something really exciting. They work within the tradition of a label like Warp, but they really further electronic music, because the music has depth and a true creative pursuit. I've been feeling, while listening to these artists, that I actually like them more than the Warp/early IDM stuff; it feels deeper, more personal, less slick and poppy than the old war horse Warp. But it is so technically accomplished, and may be the first generation to incorporate its sources and elders. It is very cool to see this happen in electronic music, just as it has happened in musics of far more ancient tradition.

Must also mention the Blamstrain album "Disfold". It is mind-blowingly good...
Title: Re: Sending Orbs label
Post by: 9dragons on October 25, 2008, 11:34:39 PM
Listened to Secede's "Vega Libre" this evening. This album is completely amazing. I can't describe it at this moment, but I was left stunned at how gorgeous and wide ranging it is. Thought it was going to be a well made work of nostalgia - recalling Orb type wonders in a polished vernacular - but it went far beyond my expectations. It's a true album, a full moving experience, where each song is locked with the previous, and it tells a story, a very vast and beautiful work...
Title: Re: Sending Orbs label
Post by: drone on on November 16, 2008, 12:23:01 AM
OK guess I'm gonna have to eat my words on this one, as I now have Kettel "My Dogan" and Blamstrain "Disfold."  Both are decidedly awesome.  Also I did go back and re-listen to Yagya and gave it a more thorough exploration this time, and guess what? It's awesome too.  The artwork on Disfold is quite mindblowing, and I've now seen some of J. Advocaat's other artwork via Discogs and damn this guy is great.

Have to disagree with some comments/reviews I've seen on the Blamstrain, though.  I was expecting "gloomy, dark" and this is not my experience of this album at all, it is quite beautiful dreamy and ethereal. 

Looking forward to the new Yagya...
Title: Re: Sending Orbs label
Post by: 9dragons on May 07, 2009, 05:07:38 PM
New Kettel out soon. I am curious.


Been enjoying Sending Orbs much lately...
Title: Re: Sending Orbs label
Post by: dwight on May 19, 2009, 04:13:19 PM
E-Orbs, the Sending Orbs download shop is online now! ... the peanutbutter-jelly-sandwiches of the artists and label may convince you do choose the latter. ...

I'll take some spam with that PBJ!