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Title: Random MP3 snippet software...
Post by: SunDummy on July 07, 2009, 10:18:23 AM
I've got a strange request...

I'm in the early stages of a project, and am wondering:  Does anyone know of any sound editing software that can randomly collect snippets of MP3 files in a directory?  For example, suppose I have a directory with 100 30-minute MP3 files, and I want to randomly select 10-second soundbytes from random files, and string them together into one long track.  I can manually do this, but I want it to be truly random, and doing it by hand would take a long time.  Anyone?
Title: Re: Random MP3 snippet software...
Post by: Seren on July 07, 2009, 02:36:45 PM
I don't know of any software, but for some random choices on things get some dice and devise a way to choose your random bits....I did that for some cuts and postioning in stereo of short bursts of sound - amazing how often repetitions appeared randomly...

2 10 sided dice (0-9) can give 01 - 99 and 00 becomes 100.

same 2 dice for each ten second slot - gives , I think, about 16 mins worth of track time to randomly throw.

Still by hand and slower than software though.
Title: Re: Random MP3 snippet software...
Post by: SunDummy on July 07, 2009, 03:08:25 PM
Yeah, I suppose I could use dice or some other method, but for what I have in mind, that would take forever.

My goal:

1.  Cut random 10-second sections out of 100+ random files in a directory, then
2.  String them together in a sound editor and play the whole mess into one long track.  I'd like to somehow maintaining the data on which file they came from, and what time frame, so that I can then
3.  Shift each snippet forward 10 seconds for a completely new (yet very similar) track.
4.  I'd like to repeat this process many times until I have a whole collection of tracks all comprised of snippets of the original source material; each track would be similar, yet different, due to the forward-shift in the sampled material.  When played back-to-back, this would create a strange kinda "flow" as the tracks revisit the same themes over and over again, yet moving forward in time, sorta like reading the first page of several books, then the second pages, then the third, so that the stories all move forward together, yet interrupted by each other.

Or I'll just shelve the whole idea and go for a walk.   :-\
Title: Re: Random MP3 snippet software...
Post by: Seren on July 08, 2009, 12:26:21 AM
Sounds like an great idea, and by hand would take a lot of time to do, perhaps an long term project rather than main project??
Title: Re: Random MP3 snippet software...
Post by: LNerell on July 08, 2009, 10:02:05 AM
When I worked for Phillips Media back in the early 1990s we did something similar for a Todd Rundgren disc called TRI (Todd Rundgren Interactive). It was a similar idea to yours but it was geared toward the consumer, they could remix the songs using a built in interface. Each bit of audio had meta data imbedded in each fragment so you could rearrange the fragments at will based upon what tags were in each bit of audio. Of course this used custom made software, and you had to use Phillip's special CDi players to do the remix otherwise if you played the disc is a regular CD player it just played the tracks normally.

Just wanted to make a correction, the CD was called No World Order, not TRI, Todd was referring to himself as TRi.