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Title: The "Now Playing" section
Post by: mgriffin on December 16, 2009, 06:03:41 PM
This section was originally created for people to talk about music they're currently listening to.

Recently it's evolved into a place for people to post mixes and podcasts, and while I think many of us LOVE having access to these mixes and podcasts, the moderators and I (OK, it was clever old APK's idea, but I agree) believe it makes sense to keep discussion in one area, and stuff to listen to in a different area.

Please reserve the "now playing" section for discussion of stuff you're listening to, and put mixes and podcasts in the forum section below this one, which has been repurposed from "Listening Booth" (where artists & labels posted mp3 samples of their own work) to a more wide-ranging listening area to encompass podcasts, mixes and the like.

We'll gradually move the already-posted mixes and podcasts from this section to the other, but we'll leave a "redirect" here so nothing will end up lost.

Again... we're definitely not trying to restrain people from posting mixes and podcasts.  Many of us listen to these often and get a lot of benefit from these, so this isn't meant to discourage them, but just to keep all the "sound" stuff and the "written words" stuff in separate areas.  Thanks, everybody!
Title: Re: The "Now Playing" section
Post by: mgriffin on December 17, 2009, 09:56:49 AM
As I went through this section to move all the podcast/mix posts over to the "Listening" section of the forum, I discovered many interesting things I'd missed the first time around.  I didn't spend much time listening to this sort of thing until recently, and I'm really going to enjoy digging back through some of these now that they're bumped up to the top in their new forum section.  I hope others will enjoy sifting through them, too.  I also hope people will keep on posting this sort of thing in the future... such a great source of discoveries!