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Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Best of 2013
November 26, 2013, 01:07:11 PM
Max Corbacho - The ocean inside

What else ?  ;)

Hi Sean,

"Wave Mantra will be remastered this winter by Robert Rich. It will be re-released as a 16 bit CD, a 24 bit DVD and as a 16 or 24 bit download. I have lots of material to work with now and I have come a long way with my acoustic instruments. I have some new tricks to unveil as well.
Almost ready..."

Thank you very much for your reply.
I couldn't expect better news than these  ;D
Do you know when it ought to be released ?

I wish you a very nice day.

Great !
Thanx Phobos.
Hi all,
I'm looking for Sean Washburn - Wave mantra release.
Any idea of a place to purchase it ?

Thank you for your help !

Best regards,
I will miss the man and the artist.
His deep sincerity.
His great heart.
His generosity with grace.
His talent with simplicity.

I feel really sad.
For him, his wife, his friends.
Play list nuun 15 called "Apnea"
Hypnotic & poetic apnea.

Harold Budd & Akira Rabelais - As long as I can hold my breath (Avalon sutra, Samadhisound)
Michael Cashmore - Twilight empire (Sleep England, Durtro Jnana)
Current 93 - Hypnagogue II (Hypnagogue, Durtro Jnana)
Harold Budd & Clive Wright - Forever I can hold my breath (A song for lost blossoms, Darla)

Best listenings
Play list nuun 14 called "Energeia"
Feel the pure & deep breath of life.

Klaus Wiese - Chi (Ming noir, Anhima)
Oöphoi - Arpe di sabbia, disc one (Arpe di sabbia, Nextera)

Best listenings
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / nuun 13
April 30, 2012, 03:07:55 PM
Play list nuun 13 called "Mysteria"
Drift within mysterious & esoteric-tual soundscapes.

Rapoon - Saffron fires (The kirghiz light, Staalplaat)
Giuseppe Verticchio - Tjukurpa (Tjukurpa, Self Release)
Voice of Eye - Waking (Vespers, Cyclotron Industries)
Desaccord Majeur - Apsaras (v/a Ophir, Desaccord Majeur)
Internal Fusion - Padma (Om vaira sattva hum, Staalplaat)
Tuu - Triple gem of wisdom (All our ancestors, Beyond)
Hybryds - Call for the Touareg (Ritual anthology, Aquarel)

Best listenings
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / nuun 12
April 24, 2012, 02:54:44 AM
Play list nuun 12 called "Terra mater"
A prayer to mother earth.

Temps Perdu ? - The day the earth melted (The day the earth melted, Amplexus)
Max Corbacho - The resonant memory of earth (The resonant memory of earth, AD21 Music)
Temps Perdu ? - Eclipse (Earth story, Amplexus)

Best listenings
Glad you like it Richard :-)
Audio programs are available on request.
I'll later post them in the cloud (mix or sound ...).
I wish you a nice day.
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / nuun 11
April 10, 2012, 07:03:32 AM
Play list nuun 11 called "Spiritus"
Drifting across ancient and spiritual worlds with pulsing tribal acts and hypnotic ritual atmospheres from germany.

Mario Konrad - Some distant shadows (Spirit cave, Frequency Lab)
Arbre Noir - Pulsar (Beyond, Polymorph Records)
Temps Perdu ? - Rano raraku (v/a Twilight earth, Timebase)
Solitaire - Spirit cave (Nocturnes, Arya)
Grassow / Gleisberg / Baghiri - Pullmoon gleaming (Arcanum, Arya)
Temps Perdu ? - Gravitation trance (Terra incognita, Timebase)
Mario Konrad - Hidden path (Spirit cave, Frequency Lab)

Best listenings
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / nuun 10
March 11, 2012, 10:48:12 AM
Play list nuun 10 called "Slidrifting"
Quiet floating atmospheres with sliding guitars and drifting electronic.

Robert Rich - Liquid air (Below zero, Side Effects)
Erik Wøllo - Silent currents 2 (Silent currents, Projekt)

Best listenings
Just to say that I love Erik Wollo - Silent Currents on Projekt.
Two beautiful live recordings on Star's End in 2002 and 2007.
Grace to Erik Wollo, Chuck Van Zyl & San Rosenthal.
I'm not fond of Erik Wollo works, but these one are just amazing.
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / nuun 09
January 31, 2012, 02:19:22 AM
Play list nuun 09 called "Etheriel"
When airy guitars and angelic voices melt in dreamy universes.

Jeff Pearce - Rain clouds (The hidden rift, Ancient Sun Music)
Lanterna - Clear blue (Highways, Badman Recording)
Jeff Pearce - Autumn and regret (Bleed, Hypnos)
Heligoland - Your longest breath (All your ships are white, Commission 45)
Sealight - Dead letters (Dead letters, Commission 45)
Heligoland - Swallows return (Bethmale, Commission 45)
Exuviae - Right as rain (Echoes in the emptiness, GreenHouseMusic)
Heligoland - July 14 (Bethmale, Commission 45)
Sealight - When the rain starts (Dead letters, Commission 45)
Jeff Pearce - To the shores of heaven (To the shores of heaven, Hypnos)

Best listenings
Boris, you make really refined electronic & ambient music.
Everyday Flower is a true example of your qualities.

Keep on !
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / nuun 08
January 24, 2012, 12:28:09 AM
Play list nuun 08 called "Natura victus"
When nature becomes synthetic and electronic feels organic.

Boris Lelong - Movement 1&2 (Everyday flower, Self Release)
Max Corbacho & Bruno Sanfilipo - Bioma (Bioma, AD21 Music)
Boris Lelong - Perdide (Perdide, Self Release)

Best listenings
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / nuun 07
January 03, 2012, 01:39:37 AM
Play list nuun 07 called "Let there be light"
May this new year be bathed of light, grace, peace & harmony.

Lovesliescrushing - Dzai (Crwth - Chorus Redux, Line / 12K)
Jeff Pearce - Luminous dimensions (Luminous dimensions, Self Release)

Best listenings
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / nuun 06
December 13, 2011, 01:28:33 AM
Play list nuun 06 called "Et cum spiritutuo"
Classical instruments reverberating in an old cistern converted in a chapel (Stuart Dempster)
A chapel hosting two musicians (Joris de Backer & Dirk Serries) from different horizons (Jazz / Contemporary and Experimental / Ambient).
Genres, sites & men meet, cross and conjugate to form spiritful musics. The magic of the moment melt with endless grace.

Stuart Dempster - Cloud landings (Underground overlays from the cistern chapel, New Albion Records)
Principle Of Silence - Live (Live, Self Release)

Best listenings
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / nuun 05
November 29, 2011, 09:08:50 AM
Play list nuun 05 called "Occident - Orient"
Occident & Orient meet & melt in sacral moods, in the clair/obscur of spectral voices (Eden, David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir, and Arcanta) and foggy medieval atmospheres by Italian drone painter Alio Die.

Alio Die - Aura seminalis I (Aura seminalis, Hic Sunt Leones)
Eden - The unveiling of Brigid (Gateway to the mysteries, Third Mind Records)
David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir - Foregather, in the name of the Father (Harmonic meetings, Celestial Harmonies)
Arcanta - Via dolorosa (Arcanta, Projekt)
Alio Die - Aura seminalis II (Aura seminalis, Hic Sunt Leones)

Best listenings
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / nuun 04
November 29, 2011, 09:03:36 AM
Play list nuun 04 called "Sax in the city"
Xperimen-thereal peregrinations on the flow of diving saxo. So saxy.

Vidna Obmana & Bill Fox - II (Phrasing the air, Hypnos)
Dif Juz - Crosswinds (Extractions, 4AD)
Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins - The ghost has no home (The moon and the melodies, 4AD)
Cocteau Twins - Lazy calm (Victorialand, 4AD)
Vidna Obmana, Capriolo Trifoglio + Diego Borotti - Landscape in obscurity (Landscape in obscurity, Hypnos)

Best listenings