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I don't think of any of this as "now we're even." .And what apology?  Nobody owes me an apology.  Again, can't a guy make a simple joke here?  Without people saying how dare you joke with a respected artist?   What do you mean "You're no saint"?  Now you're hurling insults and turning this personal?  I sense some latent hostility left over from 15 years ago, which you alluded to when you dredged up my old forum moniker "Orion32.". And you did that because I simply stated you hadn't read the posts carefully about the Planetary Unfolding CD topic.  Very sad.  I think you take yourself far too seriously and get pushed out of shape if anyone challenges you in the very slightest degree.  How about I just say you're an arrogant know it all who probably got picked on in school and beat up for being a little wussy smart ass?  You wanna get personal, you got it Forrest.  I've played nice with you here for awhile now and I THOUGHT the past was the past, but I see you haven't changed.  To the others who jumped on me like sharks over my joke, you're no better than Forrest.  Especially you Tomas Weiss.  Look how I defended you and stood in your corner when you and your label were being attacked on this forum.  And then you join the wolf pack and show your true colors.  Actually you are the master here of insulting people and inciting dischord.  Why are you even still on this forum?  Nobody likes you.  While I'm at it, Hypnos is a fucking joke now.  You put out one CD a year that nobody buys.  You spend all your time emailing everyone once a week to sell old CDs for $5 nobody wants.  And you cry you have no time to release new music?  Nobody here wants to say it .  Well I just did.  I hope the moderator has enough balls to leave this post for all to see, but he probably won't because he's a self righteous wussy like Fang.  Please just remove me, ban me the whole nine yards.  Don't waste your energy notifying me either.  They won't be read, only deleted.  So fuck off Forrest and the other assholes, they know who they are.  Hypnos sucks.  Please stop this charade of pretending to be an ambient label.  Good luck with your $5 sales and washed up label. Take me off all your lists and please ban me for life!  I won't fucking miss it one bit!!! 😝😝😂😱😎
Lighten up people please.  I guess some people cannot take a joke.  Sorry I guess when I saw Seven Headed Snake and ScapeGOAT as track titles I thought back to the last post.  I guess emoticons mean nothing, and others here can be naughty with their jibes, but it depends who you are.  It certainly does have anything to do with respect.  I can't kid someone because they're a well respected artist?  Hmmm, OK I guess... Anyway, shouldn't this have been posted under Forum Member Projects?
It's about 1 year after the post about Seren w/*Oophoi and Corbacho CDs being up next but no info recently about what if anything is being released this year.  Any news?
666 the Number of the Beast  ;)
In Through the Out Door along with Presence are my two favorite Zeppelin albums.  I'm probably in the minority, where others would cite Zoso and Physical Graffiti, which are still great of course.  I bought the 2CD remaster of Out Door.  I was greatly disappointed in the remastering of the original album.  I found it too bright (the lower frequencies inexplicably sucked out),and very digitized sounding.  I kept my original Page remaster from the 90s luckily.  Really enjoyed the companion disc of different mixes.  Strangely the companion disc sounded as good as the older remaster. 
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April 11, 2016, 03:03:01 AM
Simple Minds--Theme for a Great City.  2xCD, two shows from 1981 and 1982 in Sydney.  This is simply one of the best live recordings I've ever heard, from any band.  10/10, both performance and sound quality.  Where did they get this stuff?  It must've been from radio shows.  It sounds like it was recorded yesterday, not almost 35 years ago.  The New Gold Dream set is amazing, almost bettering the studio versions.  From about 1981 to 1984 this band was total class.  Experimental, moody, haunting at times, yet accessible.  This was before their sad demise into bland stadium rock and totally selling out, much like U2 from Joshua Tree forward.  Both NGD and Sparkle in the Rain were IMO two of the best rock albums of the 80s. 

Aythar--Astronautica.  On the Carpe Sonum label.  New artist working in the FAX/Namlook sound.  The theme is the Apollo 11 moon landing.  There are some very good tracks on here but also some very bland generic tracks.  His choice of NASA mission transmissions and a sample from Contact with Jodie foster are pretty unoriginal (Namlook already sampled the same Contact snippet on his Planetarium CD).   I'd maybe give this a B- overall.   
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
April 04, 2016, 09:37:59 AM
The U2 set is a mixed bag.  The Ritz NYC is an amazing soundboard quality recording.  The Netherlands one is a decent audience recording.  The Ireland disc is just ok.  Guess I was overzealous in my initial post.  But the first disc is so awesome I can forgive the others being weaker. 

Clapton playing Floyd.  Well there's another guitarist on that show, Tim Renwick.  On first listen it sounds like Waters doing cover versions of PF.  On repeats your brain gets used to it and it's enjoyable .  The recording and performance are top notch.  Claptons playing is more pronounced on Pros and cons. This release (Lunatic Rave) I understand is a widely known bootleg you can probably download for free.  But if you like a quality physical product instead of just a file, get this.  It was around $18 on Discogs.
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
April 02, 2016, 01:34:22 PM
Autumn of Communion--Polydeuces.  Lee Norris and Mick Chillage hit gold again with an album of beautiful cosmic space psychill/downtempo ambient.  This album combines ethereal atmosphere with gently percolating rhythmic patterns (no beats).  The mood is blissed out and mysterious, not creepy dark and foreboding like some outer space ambient.  Stunning Cassini imaging of Saturn adorns the cover.  This one guaranteed a spot on my best of 2016 list.

To those complaining about the Aglaia track, you're crazy it's the best thing on the album!  ;D ;)
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
April 01, 2016, 03:37:22 PM
Been on a rock bootleg kick recently.  I found all of these on Discogs for reasonable $ and I recommend them all highly: 

U2- The Electric Co. 3CD (not CDR) set of shows from the 1982 October tour.  NYC, Dublin, Netherlands.  Amazing sound, beautiful fold out package.   

Roger Waters/Eric Clapton- Lunatic Rave.  2CD from 1984 Pros and Cons tour.  Disc 1 is Pink Floyd, Disc 2 entire Pros and Cons album.  Great sound.

Rush- Tour of the Hemispheres, Closer to the Heart, Hawaii Under Pressure.  All excellent boots from 1978 Hemispheres tour and 1984 Grace Under Pressure tour.  All pressed CD's.
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
March 31, 2016, 04:19:15 PM
Limit three per poster. ;D  8)
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March 30, 2016, 10:02:27 AM
So's the label. ;D
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March 28, 2016, 01:02:29 PM
Somebody's overposting here.  But I'm not gonna name names 👮

--Hypnos PD
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March 22, 2016, 09:50:40 AM
The four new CDs by Alio Dies label, 2 by Alio Die, two by Aglaia.  On heavy rotation.  Due to a duplicate purchase, I have extra copies of all four, New and unplayed.  $10 each.  If you want all four and in the US, I'll ship for free. 
Due to a duplicate purchase, I have the four new releases , all digipak CDs, on Alio Die label Hic Sunt Leones.  Two are by Alio Die, two by Aglaia.  New, unplayed.  $10 each.  PM me if interested.
Doh!!  Forrest, don't think you read these posts too carefully.  I said you needed to email the website about the original CD if you wanted that.  👽
What you just said is what I thought, but there's a Wikipedia page about bootlegs and makes it seem like it's still an audience recording.
Is soundboard still an audience recording, just with better equipment?  I always thought it meant it was recorded off the mixing desk at venues, but I don't think that's what soundboard is.
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
March 10, 2016, 04:11:29 PM
Good to hear. Mine are on the way.  Should have released as a three disc set though.  Not a very cost effective release idea.  At least not for customers.
Read my last couple posts.  Short version:  go to his website, email asking if they have Planetary original CD. 
Julio, did you read the previous posts?  You can get this for $17.50 total from Stearns site, if they have any left.

Regarding Groove Unlimited shipping, it's outrageous.  No one in Europe charges that much, unless maybe for registered.  Databloem, also in Netherlands, charges 5 EUR, about $6, flat rate per order.   I have used Groove but less likely now unless it's something I can't get anywhere else.