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Gliese 614 - Battle of Passchendaele

1. 31 July 1917
2. 26 September 1917
3. 4 October 1917
4. 12 October 1917
Running time: 21:40

Recorded in August 2010.

Available on CDR and as free download at:

In addition, I have uploaded two older recordings:

Unrelenting Sorrow, Astral Teleportation between the Earth and the Moon [2005]

Saturn [2005]


Hi guys,

This is to announce the new Gliese 614 release Serenity

1. Harvest on Autumn's Eve (17:00)
2. Candles' Flames Dance with Shadows Across the Stone Floor (19:45)

Running time: 36:45

Recorded in July 2010.

Serenity is available as CDR and as free download available at

The free download includes the music, artwork and the first Gliese 614 interview by Andy B. (Seren Ffordd) (Image Files: 03 Interview – 11 Interview).

For more info, visit

Hi everyone,

New Gliese 614 release 'Wyth Orrowre, Thei Suffere Dredfule'

Recorded onto tape, July 2010.
1 track, running time: 24:30


Price for CDR:

  • UK inc. P&P: £3
  • Europe inc. P&P: 5 Euros
  • USA inc. P&P: $5