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Was just wondering if anyone has heard of the group "Ultrasound" which features the mysterious Kirk Laktas from "Stars Of The Lid" fame.  Was perusing my Mystery Sea collection and I popped in the Ultrasound "Econium" disk into  the player and was blown away at the quality of Drone on offer....very bleak "Ballasted Orchestra" and  "Music For Nitrous Oxide" drone bliss...since I don't have any other disc from this mysterious trio: Ultra Sound...was wondering if anyone had any other reccomendations.

If drone is your thing I highly reccomend you seek out this all cost!!!

I think it's really cool that this label will only release sleep worthy music and holds actual events with beds!!!!  Check out the photos and if you have'nt picked up any of the releases...then you should as I imagine many of you will enjoy the tunes....I really like the Peter Broderick and Jasper TX releases...and it looks like the next sleep concert will have Steinbruchel, Simon Scott, And Machinefabriek....damm if you live in Europe you must be very lucky!!!!

Check out the photos:

Usually I run my mouth on the now listening page.....but I wanted to point out this album as I think it is a real ambient beauty....she is also a member of the infamous "Black Moth Super Rainbow" and this is her first Ambient enjoy and check out the video as it's the only sample I could may be sugary sweet but a good change from all the bleak drones and pretentious "New" New Age sound

Order here:

Oh and I just found more samples on her Myspace page....

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Uruk-Hai And His Work
December 21, 2009, 10:39:42 AM
I have only one album from this rather obscure artist whom I enjoy very has been very difficult to track down samples of the artists particular his album "Upon The Elysium Fields" was amazing and I have been trying to track down his other work and decided to order something on a whim that ended up being very dark doom metal....not what I expected and was very dissapointed....on the other hand the artist has recently logged into his Myspace page and updated with some new music...his song "Hidden Path" is an excellent example of his album "Upon The Elysium Field".....and one more thing some of his music contains absolutley awful vocals as does some of his ambient....I mean absolutley awful vocals....but then some of his work contains absolutley angelic vocals go figure...if you visit his Myspace page you can listen to samples of awful vocals...and this guy seems to have an obsession with Lord Of The Rings and Dungeons and Dragon.....
On a seperate note does anyone else have reccomendations that is similiar to this style of ambient?  Some artist that I find very similiar....
Cyclic Law: Catalog
Malignant: Catalog
Lingua Fungi
Alio Die

Ok, pardon me for going a bit nuts on this most but I am incredible happy for what I just scored in a local record store sales bin....perhaps I am lucky or I live in a city where people express no interest in ambient, experimental, etc.  I will list the prices as I already had 14 of the 16 releases I bought but I could not let this music sit in a dilapidated dusty and dirty shelf.....

Rod Modell with Keith Hanton - Illuminati Audio Science - $5
Rod Modell - Vibrasound (The Deepchord Years 1999-2004) - $5
Keith Berry - A Strange Feather - $5
Paul Bradley - Sophia Drifts + 3" - $5
Human Mesh Dance - Thesecretnumbertwelve - Used Very Good Condition $6
O Yuki Conjugate - Scene In Mirage - (I've never heard of this before) $6
William Basinski - Melancholia - $5
White Rainbow - Box - $15
Climax Golden Twins - Session 9 - $7
Lull/Origami Arktika - Spit - $6
Various - Lower Case Comp - $10
Tim Hecker - Mort Aux Vaches - $7
Sogar - Apikal.blend - $5
Busso De La Lune - Around Borderline - $6
Dub Tractor - Delay - Used $7
Kerry Leimer - Imposed Order 12" - $5

( I will also mention that at this same shop about five years ago I found a copy of the Thomas Koner - "Unerforschtes Gebeit" for the sum of $10 and they have helped me complete my Alio Die collection, William Basinski Collection, Andrew Chalk Collection, etc  Although in the last year the selection of music has been decimated they used to have about three book cases rammed with experimental, ambient, and a whold bunch of strange music from all over the world....they used to carry  a lot of music that was available from the Anomalous distribution service....pity that now the music selection fits on 1/2 of one bookcase....very sad indeed very sad)


Sorry for posting about this so late...I know many of you enjoy the sounds of Chihei Hatakeyama and company....anyhow this label out of France "Taalem" just released 4x3" cdr's that include exclusive material from these four artists:

Chihei Hatakeyama - White Sun
Polypraha - Jule
Nature Of Dislocation - Elements
Saito Koji - Prayer

For a limited time the label was offering a box with additional material from each artists which ended being 5X3" CDR's...however blink and you missed it availability....for those who know nothing about this label do not hesitate picking up Yui Onodera's "Le Jardin" or Opium's "Etere"....both being wonderful ambient atmospheres....and for those that enjoy the heavy enviromental water drones check out the release from Mathias Deplanque "ma chambre quand je n'y suis pas (paris)" and Michael Northam "memory of A".  I also happen to enjoy the work from Tzesne, Spiracle (very similiar to repress available on Helen Scarsdale) on the label as well....give it shot if you tend to like the artists I just mentioned.

Sorrel - Genus Oxalis
(An English female artist that has released music on an obscure label called Dust, Apparition.  It's not really ambient but more experimental tape music or for lack of a better word drone?  With more enviromental influences hence Loren Chasse)

Hands Of Sand - A Quiet Reverie and Clay Dreams - Self-Released and Nothing Out There
(What the hell is going on in England another artist that records music in the Mystery Sea train of though with heavy enviromental samples. I actually like a "A Quiet Reverie" a lot it reminds me of Oophoi but with more clarity to the enviromental sounds)

Oh, Birds! - Exchanges With The Soil and Of Greif and Satellites - Dust, Apparition and Cook An Egg
(French artist who makes you guessed it enviromental soundscapes with hints of ambient.  LAtely I have really been digging this tyle of music and delved into the search and came across this act which I believe has plans to release something on Mystery Sea soon...can't wait)

But absolute favortie artist at the moment is :

Seasons (Pre-din) - I have everything he has released - Self-Released
(I contacted the musician to compliment him on an album that I purchased from him and two weeks later he sent me everything else he had available for free (About 5 CDR's).  Very similiar to Richard Skelton's more hazy ambient quality!)

Uruk-Hai - Upon The Elysian Fields - T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!!
(I have no idea where I came across this or how I arrived at this release but wow.  Imagine Alio Die with Michael Stearns space productions....fantastic ambient music that comes in a rather unique 4x3" CDR case....ugly artowrk but awesome music the piece you can sample at the website is the most euphoric of the bunch.  I highly reccomend this release to everyone here:

Anyhow I know this music is not for everyone but I hope you enjoy some of the stuff or for that matter that it allows you to investigate these artist into greater detail...enjoy

I sumitted a mix about six months ago and well it's being broadcasted in about an hour: check here

Paul Bradley - Consumed Part Three - Consumed [Twenty Hertz]
The Green Kingdom - Indigo Afternoon - Laminae [The Land Of]
Kiyoshi Mizutani - Two Tables (1) - Yasujiro Ozu Compilation [And/Oar]
Yui Onodera - Substrate 8 - Substrates [Mystery Sea]
Werner Durnad & Alio Die - Ghosts - Aqua Planning [Hic Sunt Leones]
Keith Berry - Hatsu Yume - Yasujiro Ozu Compilation [And/Oar]
David Tagg - Arctic Relfection - Untitled [Expanding Electronic Diversity]
Ubeboet - Vuelo, Son, Mar, Canto Interno - Spectra [Twenty Hertz]
Stephan Mathieu - Auf Der Gasse - Radioland [Die Schatel]
Enita Non - Egress (Excerpt) - Fold [Dataobscura]
Rod Modell - Cool Watery Depths - Between Sun and Moon [Solielmoon]
Helios - Luek (Excerpt) - Unomonia [Merck]
Zeit - Above the Edge - Waves From the Sky [Hic Sunt Leones]

Check it out in about 50 minutes it will be played on Stars End Radio and tell me what you think?


Now Playing / Does Anyone Listen To Quiet Space?
December 14, 2008, 01:09:20 PM
I have been listening to this show for about a year now and was curious as to whether anyone else on this forum listens to this show out of Australia.  Paul Gough the host plays a variety of styles but stays within the experimental ambient sphere more or less......for example here was last night's tracklist:

Track: Ammor [edit]
CD title: Mort Aux Vaches: Feedback
Author: zoviet france
Duration: 13:19
Label: Mort Aux Vaches
CD no: --
TIME: 0:00 - 8:38

Track: Stella Maris Hotel A - E
CD title: Soundpostcards
Author: Gianluca Becuzzi / Fabio Orsi
Duration: 24:50
Label: Cold Current Productions
CD no: C.C.CD007
TIME: 8:10 - 31:38

Track: Tree [Sleep in Heavenly Peace]
Artist: steve roden
CD: Tree
Author: steve roden
Duration: 25:33
Label: self released
CD No.: --
TIME: 30:55 - 53:58

Another cool thing about the broadcast is that he features cassettes, vinyl, etc and does not limit himself to the digital media.  Perhaps many of you may become tape addicts after listening to a couple of the broadcasts