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Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Yamaha QY10?
« on: November 13, 2013, 12:36:37 PM »
Anyone ever used a Yamaha QY10? Thoughts, opinions, warnings...

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to repost some info from the Ambient Soundbath web site:

Happy New Year to all of you who have started listening to the Ambient Soundbath this year. We’re only about six months in, but there are many things in the works… Some of those include:

Ambient Soundbath Podcast #16 is now online -

Longer Podcasts in February ’13
The Ambient Soundbath Podcast will be moving to a sixty-minute format and including other artists in mid-February, currently slated for podcast #23…We’ve gotten some questions about how the podcast will give attribution to artists for their works. We’ll be updating the site, here with more information on that, and also including links provided to us to the artists we’ve included. As we begin programming more work from other artists, we will do everything we can to champion and publicize your work. Speaking of which, we’ve been blown away by how much great music we’ve received, please keep the music coming.

Ambient Soundbath CD Release
An Ambient Soundbath release that’s comprised of all original music by Matt Borghi is in the works. Along with this being a digital download, it will be the first physical CD Matt has released in over six years. Thanks for all the comments and notes we received on this, as it really helped us make a decision as to how to move forward. We’ll announce pre-ordering when that’s ready to go.

Ambient Soundbath Apple (iOS) and Android App
This is something that’s on the very distant horizon, but is at the core of what the Ambient Soundbath is about: Making the Soundbath available to you wherever you are, to provide that space for thinking and being. If you like the Ambient Soundbath and having any app development experience, please get in touch.

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to take a minute and announce my new podcast.

It's called the Ambient Soundbath Podcast -

Currently, I have six :30 minute deep ambient pieces that are unreleased and used exclusively for the podcast with many more in the pipeline. I'd love to hear what people in the Hypnos Forum think of the music.

The podcast was designed to give listeners a space for thinking and being. Whether listening with headphones or in the open air, the Ambient Soundbath Podcast aims to create a timeless listening experience for contemplation and relaxation.



Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Foot pedal Reverb Unit Recommendations
« on: March 11, 2008, 06:40:24 AM »
Can anybody here recommend a foot pedal reverb unit? Preferably a dedicated pedal, rather than multi-fx kind of thing?



I like to spend my mornings relaxing at my kitchen table, listening to music over coffee and just acclimating to the day. Frequently I have music playing in my kitchen, this week it's mostly been Steve Roach's Structures from Silence and Harold Budd's La Bella Vista, but today I took out a recording that I haven't listed to in probably five years - Stephen Philips' Desert Landscapes.

We all know Stephen Philips as the only guy more prolific than Steve Roach, and certainly Stephen does some great work, but his prolific output, I feel, overshadows some of his finer works, particularly Desert Landscapes, and some genius Deep Chill Network stuff. Time and again, I'm blown away by the originality of his work, the timbres, and the textures. I guess my point is that for anybody that's familiar with Stephen's work, or even better, not familiar with Stephen's work, let Desert Landscapes be an addition to your collection, if you don't already have it. Desert Landscapes has a quality that I liken very much to Steve Roach's original release of Quiet Music, which for me, is one of the finest recordings of his or any artist in or out of the genre. It's just a very satisfying listen. Stephen's use of quiet, layering, and textural overlap makes this a recording that can do the sonic wallpaper thing, or can be as engaging as any piece of non-ambient music. I think that this recording has been really overlooked. There's a warmth with this disc that doesn't at all have a desert feel, but instead reminds me of the warmth near the hearth as one peers out beyond the window at the falling snow and blowing treetops while listening to a soothing piece of music.

I think it's been the recent positive feedback that Bill Binkelman gave to Slobor's Manitou, that made me think about the fact that in 2000, during a conversation about Huronic Minor, Bill recommended Desert Landscapes, which I promptly bought; so now I guess that would be nearly 10 years after its initial 1998 release, and eight years after I bought it, and Bill's recommendation is still solid. Now, it's my turn to HIGHLY recommend Desert Landscapes - .

Now Playing / "Classical" Music or Contemporary Composition Listeners?
« on: February 12, 2008, 11:36:31 AM »
I'm sitting here now listening to Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherezade, and before that some chamber works of Debussy on Vermont Public Radio, and it got me to thinking. As a composer and fan of music there's a very direct link to "classical" music (a loaded term, at best) including the likes of symphonic and chamber music of the last three or four centuries and ambient, spacemusic, whathaveyou. For instance, Gustav Mahler in the first few minutes of his Ninth Symphony (from 1910) uses an excellent compositional technique that really alludes to an echoed guitar or piano, pre-dating this kind of compositional method and technology by 40-50 years; it's done in the strings, and very much creates a textural and spatial experience that I find extremely reminiscent of Eno's Discreet Music, and portions of Pink Floyd's earlier post-Syd Barret, pre-Darkside work. Anyhow, as I sit here listening to Scheherezade, which is by no means anything other than a densely packed symphonic tone poem, there are still parts where the main melody floats on a textural harmonic fabric, which truly brings to mind some of the finest offerings of this genre, and of the Hypnos label, itself including James Johnson, Jeff Pearce and Richard Bone, as well as Justin Vanderberg's In Waking Moments, which I've been enjoying very much of late.

I just wanted to see what other kinds of classical or contemporary composition music is being listened to by fans of the ambient music genre. For me, there's Debussy, Vaughan-Williams, Satie (of course), Ravel (Daphne et Chloe, for sure), Arvo Part, Alan Hovanhess, John Barry, and Mahler.

One of the other things that comes to mind about "classical" and contemporary compositions and ambient is in both instances, these genres lend themselves to a deeper, richer and less superficial, listening experience. Curious to hear what others think...


Everything and Nothing / Really Great To See the Forum Alive and Well!!!
« on: January 10, 2008, 02:50:23 PM »

Nice work, Mike and Hypnos, et al....

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