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Steve Roach brought the Tucson heat with him to Manhattan, NYC this evening. Not only was Manhattan was in the 80's this weekend. But Steve Roach was on fire and brought the Church Of Heavenly Rest on its feet with an unprecedented performance. I thought this performance was better than his Ambient Church performance in LA pre Covid. Visuals was spot on as well.
R.I.P. Vangelis.
I found Vangelis's music with the movie In the late 70's after hearing Tangerine Dream's Sorcerer album. But didn't really get into his music until the movie Chariots Of Fire. He will be sorely missed in my house.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Steve Roach concert
February 10, 2022, 07:11:31 PM
Steve will be performing a live concert at the Phoenix Synthesizer Festival to night. I'll be there to see his first gig since the pandemic hit. It will be interesting to see and hear his performance. I'm sure there will be a lot of energy released in Phoenix. Can't wait.
Finally, the new collaboration album Beyond Earth & Sky is out. Already pre ordered this a month ago and should see it any day now. Listening now on Bandcamp. Sounds like Michael brought out his Beam on The Long Road. Saturday's soundscapes.
What is/are the most analog driven album or song(s) by Robert? My mind is drawing a 0. Hemisphere box set?
I'm looking for a ticket for Steve's 2nd night show. Yes I messed up and forgot to purchase for Fri/Sat night's show. But I did buy Sunday nights. So I'm now looking for Sat night. If anybody out there has a spare or cannot make it Sat night please PM me. Thank you.
I know Michael Stearns performed a few years back at Ambicon. But he has since been quite....again. Kit Watkins has been very quite for the last 10+ years. I thought Michael was going to do a gig in Tucson this year but that did not happen.
Does anybody know whats going on with the 2 musicians?
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Kit Watkins
October 12, 2015, 09:28:21 PM
Haven't heard Kit Watkins in many moons. Anybody have news on whats Kit up to these days? His site has not been updated in years.
Thought I'd start this one up now a month before it's release.
Steve's next release should be an interesting one. When I first heard and saw the title I was a little surprised. But after reading about it I thought it was very cool. Although the information and track titles are up on his website there are no sound offerings yet. I'm sure it will be up around the time of the pre-order. I will be ordering both vinyl and cd. I am about to pull the plug and buy Robert Rich's vinyl Premonitions. The 3 songs that I heard sound really nice. I was at Rich's gig in Pomona and I wish I had bought it then. But the $ was not available at the time.
Anybody here going? Or not? I'll be there, again. For both shows. Just like last year. Now that it looks like Steve has found a new home to play yearly will this will be an annual event?
Sorry analog and digital friends, but I have to share my latest road trip.

Friday morning, with Steve Roach tickets in hand, bag packed and waiting for my friend (Ken) since high school (75-78) to arrive so that we can start on the long deep road to Tucson, AZ. We left the city of Huntington Beach, CA at 930am (half hour behind schedule). Made an hour stop at Alpine Beer Company to "stock up" for the weekend. Back on Hwy 8 east for Tucson. Almost 6 hours later we stopped in at Dragoon Brewery for a quick bite & beer. We arrive at Solar Culture in downtown Tucson with 5 minutes before Steve begins the immersion trip. A quick "hi" to Steve and we take to the floor and the trip begins! After 8 hours of driving through the beautiful southwestern desert, the 2 hours of deep medicine brought me back to life. Before I knew it the time was almost midnight and the sounds were still in the space. Quiet music was in the background while a few people remain inside. It was like a high trip into the stratosfear and then back down to quiet zone. The Solar Culture is the perfect venue to see Steve perform at his best. Inside were two meditation caves at both corners and crystal spheres throughout with art on the walls. This space was meant for Steve's music. It was time to check out of the zone and check into our motel.
Saturday wasn't much different. We headed back to the downtown area at 10am for a couple quick stops before our noon workshop with Steve. My first workshop. 4 hours of playing, meeting new people from other parts of this land and making music happen. Four hours of learning and understanding. Loved playing with the "tools" of medicine. Also learned a lot of new things about Steve and his music. A bite to eat and some beers to wash down it down and 4 hours later we are about to begin another journey at the Culture.
Saturday nights performance put me into an even deeper sleep during the 2+ hours of soundscapes. I remember at the end of my dream, I am hearing voices with a quiet sound in the background and that sound is getting louder as the voices start to dissapear. A different night, a different journey.
Sunday morning we pack up and head out of Tucson back to the war zone in SoCal. Eight hours later we are back to reality. But the 24 hours of meditation back at the Solar Culture has re-energize my body till the next road trip. Thank you Steve.
. . . .to all you ambient and drone heads out there. Bring on 2014!!
Ordered and awaiting the arrival of Steve's newest double cd release Live Transmissions.
Looking forward to the next "live" Immersion gig at LA's Vortex Dome venue on Oct 25 (one show) and Oct 26 (two shows). Feeling bad about missing out on the Ambicon event and his last Immersion gig in Tucson a few years back I will def be at the Saturdays shows. Yes both shows.
Anybody here listen to Hearts of Space?

I thought this is interesting news that I received over the weekend.

HOS was born in 1973 at KPFA-FM in Berkeley. We went national 10 years later in 1983. We're celebrating with a rare and special live event at the EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL and CONFERENCE CENTER here in San Rafael, CA.
Its a conference built around 4 concerts by 8 core Hearts of Space artists including DAVID DARLING, ROBERT RICH, STEVE ROACH, MICHAEL STEARNS, TIM STORY, and more to be announced.
SAVE THE DATE! MAY 3-4-5, 2013. Details on our web site, on Facebook and by email in September.

If this holds true I will be there for the weekend.
This is a big step back in time for me. No not the first time I discovered the world of Steve Roach. But my first encounter with the tribal spaced out kind. . . .Live. 1996 in a little ole coffee shop in Santa Monica called "the living planet"  Been to at least one Roach concert each year since, except for the Soundquest Fest. I'm still kicking myself in the arse. Still waiting word on Soundquest Fest II.
Music Gearheads Tech Talk / moogfest 2011
June 06, 2011, 08:42:33 PM
mOOgfest 2011

is anybody going? did anybody go last year? lOOks like an interesting line-up this year.
The latest news at Steve's site

February 26, 2011     Steve Roach -- Live At SoundQuest -- Coming May 2011 from Timeroom Editions

Steve's pinnacle performance from 2010's SoundQuest Fest proved to be a real moment in time, and fortunately it was documented with a prestine recording that places the listener front and center. It will be released as a single CD presenting the first 74 minutes of the concert as it unfolded. Three distinct realms are seamlessly mapped out in this inspired set. The opening starts with a 25-minute piece of perpetual forward motion in the mode of Destination Beyond, created specially for the concert, carved from pure analog synths and sequencers. From here we experience an amazing interplay between didgeridoo players Dashmesh Khalsa, Brian Parnharn, percussionist Byron Metcalf and Steve performing real-time looping, processing and mixing along with soundworlds, ocarina and voice. This passage is an all-out expression of shamanic ecstasy that boils over into the engulfing tribal trance state of "Thunder Walk" from the recent release Dream Tracker. The last portion of the set settles into an ultra drifting electro-organic zone. This evocative space, which premiered at the Fest, would soon evolve into the opening of Circadian Rhythms.

February 26, 2011     The Road Eternal -- Steve Roach & Erik Wøllo -- Projekt, May 2011

This is the sound of big skies, open roads and soaring imaginations, all pulling one towards the next destination with grace and beauty. The artists' roles are clear on this one. With Steve on analog sequencing, electronic percussion and most of the zones and atmospheres, Erik focuses on his processed, textural, and melodic guitar and his Roland guitar synth. It strikes a perfect balance of the artists' two distinct styles.

The project was started in early 2010, and shifted into laser focus when Erik came to Tucson for the SoundQuest Fest. After the concert, the two holed-up in The Timeroom for a few days and channeled the energy from the fest, working non-stop towards completion.

The sound is vibrant, full of shimmering light and saturated with optimism. With both artists each having devoted over 30 years to their art, this set of five pieces flows with the understanding and skill that comes from this experience, bringing their best to the table in the true spirit of collaboration.

This is great news! 2010's Soundquest fest live on cd. "The first 74 minutes!" I wasn't there, but I know this was more than 74 minutes long. So will there be a part two and part three released at a future date? Right on. I'm looking forward to this and The Road Eternal.
Steve Roach's newest box set "Sounds from Inbetween" arrived in the mail today. What a surprise! Did not expect this for another week. The packaging is very nice. And it was wrapped with care. Will be listening to this and Tangerine Dream's "The Endless Season" & Lisbon concert dvd this weekend. Should be a nice weekend of chill.
Dont know if this belongs here in the Hypnos forum.

Picture Palace Music is a fairly new band by Thorsten (a member of Tangerine Dream). They have 5 albums out. The latest Natatorium is an excellent release. His best. . . IMHO! The music style is EM with some classical sounds and some vocals. The instrumentals are what makes PPM a strong group. Natatorium is all instrumental and has alot of Tangerine Dream influence. If you like old school TD, this is a must album to check out. A good start is his My Space page. Enjoy!
Other Ambient (and related) Music / REDSHIFT
July 09, 2009, 12:02:17 PM
I need help in finding any music from REDSHIFT, mp3's or albums(cd). I caught some sounds from Ultima Thule and Alien Air Music that was playing Redshift. Going online, I cannot find much on this group. Any info or help would be appreciated. Thanks you.
Yes Tangerine Dream is alive and doing well! The band's been around for 40 years now. Edgar Froese is still putting out some great music with TD. Although you may not hear TD much here in the USA, but in Europe and other countries they are still making and selling albums (CD's) and performing in concert 3-4 times a year. On November 7th, TD will be performing a special concert at UCLA's Royce Hall. They have not performed in the USA in nearly 15 years. And it may be awhile before they come back. So if you want to catch TD Live, this would be a great chance. More information at or
Just a reminder to all, Steve Roach will be performing at the "Coconino Center for the Arts" in Flagstaff, AZ. next weekend Sat. Oct 25th, 2008. He will be performing 2 shows: at 6pm (SOLD OUT) and again at 9pm (tickets still available). This will be his only appearence for 2008. Dont miss out! This promises to be 2 very special performances in one night. Go to for more info. Hope to see you all there. :)
Anybody else out there check out Robert Rich at the Goethe Institute(PARTIKEL 2) on March 1, or up in Livermore, CA? I was at the Partikel 2 show. Excellent show. Great turn out. Visuals was out of this universe.