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Hi all,
I'm looking for Sean Washburn - Wave mantra release.
Any idea of a place to purchase it ?

Thank you for your help !

Best regards,
Just to say that I love Erik Wollo - Silent Currents on Projekt.
Two beautiful live recordings on Star's End in 2002 and 2007.
Grace to Erik Wollo, Chuck Van Zyl & San Rosenthal.
I'm not fond of Erik Wollo works, but these one are just amazing.

nuun is back on waves & web :
nuun is a weekly radio show of 60 minutes dedicated to ambient musics.

here is the play-list of the first session, nuun 00 called "In Memoriam" and dedicated to artists recently passed away.

Klaus Wiese - Ming Noir (CD Ming Noir, Amplexus)
Lucette Bourdin - Shady Parlour (CD The Golden Sun, Self released)
Barry Craig (A produce) - Smile on the void (CD Smile On The Void, Hypnos)
Jorge Reyes - Plight (CD Mort Aux Vaches, Staalplaat)
Hector Zazou (& Swara) - Darbari (CD In The House of Mirrors, Taktic/Made to measure)
Peter Christopherson (Coil) - Kala (CD City Of Light, Sub Rosa)

Best listenings.
Hello Mike,
I look for this Vidna Obmana record.
It's a rare item, pretty hard to find and really expensive (about 60 euros on discog).
Is there any possibility to re-release it on Hypnos ?

All the best
Hello Folks,

Does anyone know this release and could gimme some details about it ?
I'm not very confident on the details of discogs (Leftfield, Abstract, Experimental, Ambient) as Paul Schutze touched so many styles in so many different ways.

Thank you !

I recently purchased (this afternoon precisely) Amanita lake.
This double CD + DVD is not based on refined loops of floating / environmental electronic music, but on somewhat improvised analog music.
As I expected something in the way of Sonic continuum with Rod Modell or sonic alter, that I both really love, you can imagine how disappointed I feel. This last release is not my cup of tea at all.

Silentes has been releasing a lot of Michael Mantra.
I wonder wich release (close to Sonic continuum sound) I could get with bound eyes.
Thanx for your advices and help :-)

Note : I'm selling back my copy. If you feel interested, get in touch with me.
Hi all,

I'm getting to know better the music of Suso Saiz.
I have "Mirrors of pollution" and quite appreciated it.
I've read that Hypnotics is his best release.
I know this was a 500 copies limited edition and that this record is pretty hard to find.
Unfortunately, there is no description, review of it.
Could any of you help me to make up my mind, and give me details on the music, even his opinion ?
I need to know if this release need to be chased.


Does anyone knows anything new about Solitaire & Elmar Schulte ?
The man has been very discreet since his last release "Nocturnes".
There's a web site that sums up the band's discography, but no email or way to contact Mr Schulte...
Anyone can help ?

Other Ambient (and related) Music / A long, long voyage...
September 18, 2008, 06:46:48 AM

A sad new that affects me deeply.
The talented french composer Hector Zazou passed away on Monday the 8th of september, at the age of 60.

Zazou was awarded for "Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corse" and leave us a testimony of a seminal works, printed by his special & recognizable touch, his so deep sensitivity and undeniable sense of sensuality that sublime his compositions.

Among these pearls, I would mention "Music from the cold seas", "Sahara Blue", "Lights in the dark", "Quadri+Chromies", "Strong currents" and "Glyph".

I had the opportunity to see Mr Z two times.

First, in a concert in 2007 at Radio France, GRM Room (Paris), for the "Presences electroniques" Festival ouverture.
He performed with Katie Jane Garside (aaaaaah such sensual voice and presence), Bill Rieflin, Lone Kent and Nils Peter Moelvaer.

I was completely transported and attracted by this sensual, even sexual, ocean of sounds & voices, sometimes minimal, often melodic, through lively and explosive orchestrations and parenthesis of absolute beauty.

Then, I met him two weeks after during the Quartz Award ceremony (awards dedicated to indie electronic music) in Paris.
I talked to him a few minutes, especially about the previous performance.

The man wasn't as convinced as I was by the performance and even doubted this deserved to be released.
6 months after, the CD was released. Mean that an angel or people of good advises changed his mind and showed him this is worth to be listened to.

I will miss this humble man, full of quality, genious and sensitivy, open on the world, the human being and the arts.

I wish him a nice, nice voyage.