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Haven't been here for a long time. All told, I've been a bit of a techno-holdout.    :-\

I have two general options to consider:


I'm wanting a device that can archive audio tape to MP3 files or maybe a CDR.

I have seen a device about the size of a Sony Walkman that can hook into a computer via USB and make the files, but these are inexpensively priced ($50USD or lower) so I don't know how good the sound quality is.

There is a rather expensive device from TEAC ($400 USD) that can record to CD from tapes all in one unit.

Are their options between these extremes?

Also, while i **don't** advocate illegal copying, I do have some unique things (semi-classical music tapes made by a very generous musician/university professor - now since dead) that I would to transfer to another medium to keep them accessible to me.

I'm not a musician myself. I was just in 2 general education classes he taught.

Anyway, I guess it's probably time for me to move from tape/disc/file to at least disc/file.    :D

I don't want to deal with a music server or anything pretaining to "cloud services" for right now. I don't have much bandwidth either, and can't change that for right now.     :(


I have also found out that the Audacity software might be worth a try. It would let me export the files to .wav format (I prefer this format) so I could burn them to CD too. A brief search of the forum indicated that some forum users liked it. Are there any pitfalls/quirks that I should look out for if I decide to use it? Any useful "hacks?"

I have also been looking the Audacity online manual!!!



I like his netlabel release "Neptune is a Gas Giant." Any suggestions on something similar?

Until I got Jonathan "Synthetic" Block's "The Anatomy of Waves" I was not that big on that sort of sound. Now I enjoy it. Any suggestions for something similar? Oh, I also enjoy David Parson's "Jyoti" too, sounds similar.


Speaking of cassettes lately and such....................

I have been sorting thru personal belongings lately, and attending to other personal issues as well (hence my absence from the forum) and I recently rediscovered Pete Bardens "Watercolors."

Had it on an old tape. Anyone remember him?

With the exception of "Is it any Wonder?" (kinda smooth jazz,) I enjoyed hearing the originality, passion and positive energy of the music, especially the title track! It didn't sound like, say, Yanni to me. (Please, no offense to anyone, but I'm not exactly a big fan.)

Any more music like this out there these days? The only ones I know of who might have anything like this is Davol & Mars Lasar. (Have CD's from them too. I'll be keeping those!!)

Everything and Nothing / Paul the Ocotpus
« on: July 11, 2010, 06:42:48 PM »
I'm not tremendously big on sports, so I can't say that I've seen much of the World Cup. Still, the media buzz around Paul the (seemingly psychic) Octopus has been amusing to me.

Toronto Sun - Paul the Octopus stays perfect

Everything and Nothing / Classical Lute Music
« on: July 08, 2010, 06:36:02 PM »
Well drat!    :(   I thought there was a related topic on this in the forum, but I looked and didn't find anything. To try to expand my musical interests a bit, I have listened to the solo lute music of John Dowland and Silvius Leopold Weiss recently. 

Really enjoy the simplicity and elegance of their works. Most classical I haven't really related to well, but here's an exception I happily found.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Needed a new CD Player. Got an Onkyo.
« on: April 28, 2010, 08:24:20 PM »
Recently, I got one of those Onkyo CD players that have a tray that holds 6 CD's. I had been looking at the brand for some time and because the CD Tray on my all in one stereo was old and acting flaky, I took the plunge and got one. I was able to plug it into my current unit.

I'm fairly happy with it, the only quibbles I have are that the remote has a couple of necessary buttons that are not on the front unit control panel, and programming discs and tracks could be a little easier.

It plays my CD's, MP3 CD's, and CD-R's very well. Also, maybe just because of the newness of it, some of the CD's seem to sparkle with new life!   :)

Everything and Nothing / Really strange Facebook stuff (maybe!)
« on: April 28, 2010, 08:06:25 PM »
Two sections to this:

First ---

As odd as it may seem, this geek doesn't have much time for social networking.
I have other crap to deal with (I try to certify on different tech products) and Facebook isn't that secure, at least in my opinion.

So when my aunt sent me an invite it surprised me who was in the "people you may know" section.

A former co worker from when I worked at a private company in the city where my aunt lives.

A man I believe to be the husband of another co worker from same, and
a musician whom I did business with a long time ago and who is probably known to some of you--New Age/World/Fusion artist Paul Avgerinos.

How freaky is that???

Section two (This is most odd!):

I got an email from the former co worker that was on the facebook "people who may know" page. It was in my spam folder (that never happened before). The message went on about a nice, new iPhone/mobile computing device he has.

Could I be orbiting Facebook's "virtual gravity well" (I mean that they have some of my personal info) and not really know it? I googled "facebook marketing methods" to see if I could find anything about lists they may have and didn't find anything useful.

Look, I'm not doing any bashing here. If you enjoy Facebook, fine. But I just tend to be a bit skeptical about it. I'm something of a loner at times and I don't believe that all of my life should be on display for the rest of the world to see. Could I email this former co-worker and tell him that I don't really want to know about his latest gadgets and whatnot without offending him?

I'm so involved with technology and related issues that it's keeping me from getting sleep!!!!

Everything and Nothing / No Such thing as "Ambient Vocal?"
« on: February 20, 2010, 06:54:42 PM »

I was sick for 9 days in January, took the rest of the month to recover and I have been "hibernating" since.

Anyway, from the "Why is ambient not more popular?" thread, JKN mentioned that there are no vocals in Ambient. I don't want to quibble or sound dumb, but what about Jim Cole or David Hykes?  ???  Those artists don't do singable lyrics (which is what, I presume, JKN was referring to), but the voice is used as an instrument in those cases to convey....whatever the listener wants to get out of it.  :-\

If this is a bit outside of the scope of the forum, I'm sorry.

Has anyone ever had experience with a content management system? It lets you set up web pages quickly without having to deal with much HTML. What powers a CMS is an OS, A web server (usually Apache), a Database (MYSql usually), and the PHP language. That gets taken together as a software stack(LAMP, WAMP) Although not all CMS's need a software stack to work.

I'm trying to expand my knowledge into this area and I was just curious as to the experiences of others.


Everything and Nothing / Strange multiple echoes?
« on: January 30, 2009, 07:27:10 PM »

This will sound weird, but I'm sure that some of you have sound design and engineering knowledge and might be able to help. My sister lives in a large neighborhood that is less than 5 years old. It has the usual winding streets and even a cul-de-sac is near her house. I believe all the houses have vinyl siding. Not all lots are developed.

When I have stayed at her house overnight, I stay in a bedroom that has a west facing window. I hear cars on the access road outside the neighborhood, the funny thing is that 1-2 seconds after a car goes by I hear what sounds like a distant small bell ringing. It's very strange and the only thing I can guess is that the car sound is making multiple echoes on the vinyl siding of the houses. I find it strange. I haven't been at her house recently, and another house got put up on the lot beside hers. This phenomenon might not occur now.

Any guesses to this weirdness?  I do know that I tend to be a bit sensitive to the environment and would notice things like this.

Thanks.  ??? 

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Static Ambient?
« on: January 21, 2009, 09:23:47 PM »

Sorry if this is silly, but is there such a thing as "static ambient?" Couple of years ago I had obtained from CD Baby 2 discs from an entity called Ambient Music Therapy. The album in question is "Ambient Deep Sleep: Deep Sleep Ex. 2".  It seems like when you listen to it you are up against a "sonic wall." There isnít much in the way of tone or textural changes that I can tell, although the volume tends to rise and fall. I donít listen to this to fall asleep though. More as a bit of a background when I get tired of melodic music. Kind of make me feel like Iím in a dark part of the universe that has few galaxies.


Everything and Nothing / Organizing large music collections.
« on: January 11, 2009, 09:27:13 PM »
Did I notice someone on the forum that had 15,000 discs???   :o
How do you organize something that extensive???

I have about 720 discs and they are semi organized into broad categories.
Does anyone have their own organizational techniques? I wouldn't mind having ideas.

Everything and Nothing / How to stay interested in music?
« on: January 09, 2009, 09:56:37 PM »

How do you keep your music interest alive? I am now finding that I really enjoy quiet, no sounds at all.
It used to be that I would always have music on in the background. I don't quite know what has changed.
Possibly, since I'm older now has something to do with it, but my priorities haven't changed all that much. Suggestions anybody?


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