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Marketplace / A whole batch of music gear for sale
June 20, 2014, 10:44:17 PM
Hey music friends, I have a few pieces of studio gear I am going to be selling...Message me for prices and pics if you are interested

Lynx Aurora 16 - 16 Channel AD/DA converter
Lynx AES 16e (I have two of these with cables) - PCIe cards for connecting 16 channels of digital devices to your PC
Milennia Media TCL-2 Compressor with tube upgrades - High end mastering compressor
A pair of Blue Robbie Mic Pres with upgraded tubes - Mic Pre amps
SPL MTC 2381 Monitor Controller - Multiple source audiophile passive monitor controller
Shure KSM44 - Large diaphragm multi-pattern microphone with case, shock mount and bag

All devices come in their original box, except one Blue Robbie and one of the AES cards
Hey friends,

Although not an ambient album in the strictest sense, last year I released a new album as part of a modern jazz trio call the Moss Garden Sessions.

I played drums as well as engineered and mixed the album.

Each song started life as a live in studio improvisation and if we liked what we just came up with, we would quickly start a second and even a third take of the newly birthed piece. The album was recorded and mixed old school, meaning very little editing and ZERO overdubs. On occasion we would merge takes like the begging of take one into take two just like they used to do it in the early days.

Most of the songs are heavily Eventide & TC effected guitars along with a miked Mesa Boogie Amp, soprano and tenor sax and a 4 piece 1966 Slingerland drum kit augmented with odd percussion bits and a remo mondo snare.

In a few spots we also added EWI instead of sax and korg wavedrum again all played live.

The album was mastered by Robert Rich at his studio and he did a fantastic job!

Chris Short of Ma Ja Le and Gerry Baccash join us on bass for three songs making it a quartet as well.

The album is available on itunes, amazon and you can get the physical CD from me or on CD Baby.

Or I just added it to bandcamp where you can preview the album as well as purchase it for a mere $8, if you are a hi-rez fan be sure to download the album as a 24-bit flac file.
Hey friends, I know we have lots of folks here with different faiths, backgrounds and such, and also this board usually centers around ambient music, but at my studio recently I recorded a 3 song Christmas EP for a local church (where I also happen to be the Technical Director). Two songs are traditional Christmas songs, and one was an original.

The songs are all done in an indie rock style, and there was no samples, soft synths, beat detective or sample replacement. Just lots of vibey guitars, drums, string trio and such.

I play percussion and sing background on a few of them as well as being the recording engineer and co-producer.

Anyway, the EP is free on band camp and is even available as a 24/96 FLAC download for the hi-fi freaks  ;D

Tis the season, and now back to your regularly scheduled space program.
Ok, so I suck at the self promotion thing...seeing as the show is this weekend IE 2 days away  ;D

Anyway, this Saturday evening I will be performing live with fellow ambient musician Tony Gerber (Cyprus Rosewood, Spacecraft) at the 1st ever Mountain Skies Electro-Music festival in Asheville, NC.

I will be playing a pair of Korg Wavedrums and a Dave Smith Prophet 8 (maybe my Voyager too) and Tony has a few synths, guitar and his Flutes.

Also at this show we will be premiering our first CD together. We are working on a proper studio release, but in the meantime we have a mixed and mastered our 1st ever live performance from last years City Skies festival in Atlanta. We recorded that show on multi-track so I was able to get a nice proper mix of the show, VS the typical board 2 tracks we usually work with and it turned out really great. We will be selling the CDs at the show, and will figure out how to make them further available afterwords for anyone who is interrested.

Ok thats it for now!

Paul, over and out~
Music Gearheads Tech Talk / FS: Eventide H8000FW
September 19, 2011, 10:48:15 AM
Hey everyone, I am selling my Eventide H8000FW. It has the original box, manuals, packing materials and such. The only thing it does not include is the cfc card and reader.
Its in close to darn spankin new condition and has the current 5.5 software. This one is about 2 years old.

Yes it is expensive, they sell new for $5500 street price, I am asking to get $4000 firm...on Gearsluts I am gonna price it at $4200.

If you are interested let me know and we can work out shipping and payment.

...also I have a pair of Shure SM-81 condenser mics I am selling as well for $400 for the pair.

Just a quick heads up, I will be performing a set of improvised Tribal Ambient music with Tony Gerber tonight at the CitySkies Festival in Atlanta. Tomorrow will be M. Peck and Mark Mahoney. Plus a bunch of other cool artists like Burning Artist Sale, Klimchak and more. You can listen on StillStream.
Just a heads up, this weekend Thursday through Saturday is the 3rd Annual City Skies Electronic Music festival in Atlanta GA.

I will be playing my 2nd ever solo set of my life at 9PM (Eastern) this Friday.

It will be an improvisational blend of pure ambient sound worlds, ethnic/jazzy percussion and such. All will be looped real time with no backing tracks, drum machines, computers or sequencers present.  ;D

Stylistically it will pick up from where my 2009 Album "Hymn Of Tongues" (available from Atmoworks and here on the Hypnos store) left off.

If you are not in the Atlanta area, you can listen live in real time on, just be sure to adjust for your time zone.

The whole festival should be a blast and includes a great lineup with quite a few Hypnos regulars, just check out the web site for full detail.

Hope to see you there or in the chat room at stillstream!

Hey guys if you are around tune into Rabbit Hole Radio on stillstream tomorrow night for a special live in studio jam (well it was pre recorded last friday) What started out as a Ma Ja Le - Vir Unis reunion grew into a whole new entity as we added MJ Dawn on full drum kit. (MJ Dawn 1/2 owner of Atmo Works as well as the drummer for a little group called Mudvayne).

The music was recorded live with no overdubs in the studio and yeilded almost 2 hours of music that can best be described as: "Apocalypse Now/Rhythm Devils, meets Mahavishnu Orchestra, meets the King Crimson Projekts, meets Imaginarium".

So anyway stop by (virtually of course) around 10pm central. You can go to for info and to hop in the chat room. If you have Itunes, go to the radio section, click on ambient and choose stillstream.

Hope to see you there. The 4 of us will be hangin out in the chat room.


Rabbit Hole Radio is a show on that highlights the ambient and experimental electronic music of AtmoWorks. Tune in every Thursday night at 10pm CST to listen.
Ok...I know its on Atmoworks, but I am still a Hynos artist too, plus Mike did the pressing (thanks again Mike).

So anyway: I have a new CD which has just been released on the Atmoworks label titles: "Hymn Of Tongues" and it was recorded in rehearsals for and at my 1st ever live solo performance at the City Skies Festival in Atlanta, Georgia last year.

Speaking of City Skies I will be performing tonight at this year's festival. I will be doing a hugely improvised duet with a percussionist called Klimchak who plays the Buchla Marimba Lumina and Theremin among other things. I will be using a wavedrum, handsonic, remo mondo-snare, rhodes keyboard bass, yamaha ex-5r and live loopers. The performance will be streamed live on (which you can also access through I-tunes in the radio station section).

Info on my new cd can be found right on the home page at

If you check out the stillstream broadcast tonight, be sure to stop by the chatroom and say hello. My performance is at 11pm eastern, and as a further fun note Tony Gerber and John Rose of Spacecraft will be doing a rare duet performance in the slot prior to mine.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / More Gear For Sale
April 26, 2009, 10:55:39 PM
I am selling more gear...mostly some mid to high-end mics, some odds and ends, some racks and a pair of 500 series EQ's.

Here is what I have:

  • Avedis E27 (I have a pair) $875 Each or $1700 for the pair. They are immaculate and I have the original boxes. These went from box to lunch box and are like new.
  • Audio Technica 4060 - This has been one of my work horse mics for years. It has the original box, literature, shock mount & power supply. I used to use this on every session and as such the power supply has some scuffs on it as does the gold AT logo on the mic from taking it in and out of the shock mount. The shock mount could also stand some new elastic. Functionally it is in tip top shape and I also am including the rack ears for the PS & the mic cable. The last few have been fetching around $750 to $800 I noticed, I will drop another $50 off for cosmetics, so $700 takes it.
  • Audio Technicha 4047sv LTD - So why is this a limited edition??? Well it was not called that, but the first 100 or so (could have been more) shipped with a limited edition hard shell fender style tweed case. The mic is in awesome shape escept again the gold is a tad worn on the logo from the shock mount...a common issue on AT mics. So these sell for $350 all day long used, I would like an additional $50 for the cool case, so $400.
  • Blue Bluebird - Great shape...silver trim is dulled, but mic is awesome, has original box, packaging, wind screen and shock mount. $250
  • Crate Pro Audio SRS Encoder - This is a cool little 1/3 rack space box which is an SRS encoder (a sort of 3d enhanser) original Box, Manual & Psu $80
  • Neutrik NYSPP  48-Pt TRS Patch Bay - original box (some residue from labels) a quick $50 takes it
  • Horizon Modular 48pt patchbay - A little better quality and tighter grip than the Neutrik, but no longer made. Sold new for $200 (price tag on box) again a quick $50 and it is balanced
  • Behringer Ultra patch unbalanced patchbay with box and manual $20
  • Original Contour Shuttle Pro - this is a programable shuttle/jog wheel with programmable buttons for DAW control. Includes box and original disc. $50
  • Quick Lok - Mixer stand and tiltable rack. No longer made a unique piece which combines a tiltable 10 space rack with a tiltable mixer stand. Rock solid construction which can even hold a Rhodes Key bass...$125 (Local pick up only...not sure how to ship this, maybe willing to try)
  • Set of 3 Gray Formica racks. These are former display racks for Casio Interstate Music's show room. They are built well, but as display rack have some usual signs of scratches and wear, plus a few screw holes. There is a 12 space on casters, a second 12 space and an 8 space. These are pic up only. I will split them up, but will offer a break for the set. Great for a home studio or B-room or utility room. $75 each for the 12s and $40 for the 8...or $175 for all 3
  • Silver Groove Tubes Mic case. This is a case from an older groove tubes mic. It has room for cables, power supply and a tube size mic (I used it for the 4060). No mic is included. $50 and its yours
I am located in Racine, WI about an hour north of Chicago in good traffic

Buyer pays fair shipping.
Just a quick heads up, Chris and I are performing an evening of soundscapes this Saturday at Monfort's Fine Art Gallery, Racine, Wisconsin

Not so much a performance, but more of an installation. We will be providing music and sound worlds for the opening of Artist Phil Saxon's latest collection of work.

You can find out more about Phil's work at

Monforts is located at 430 Main Street Racine, WI 262.898.1513

The Artist Reception is from 6-9, and we will be playing for 2 hours.

I just put up my Roland V-Synth for sale on E-Bay...and then it dawned on me I should have posted it here.

Anyway its on E-bay with a buy it now of $900, if anyone here wants it for $800 let me know and I will pull the auction.

Its in really good shape, has the original box and manuals. It is the original V-Synth.

You can email me at

Cleaning out the studio again.

Tascam FW-1884 - I have the original box, manuals and cables its in great shape and was just checked out by a Tascam tech. $650

DBX - 164 : One big overeasy stereo compressor $150

MIDI Man Digipatch 6x6 digital spdif/Toslink digital patchbay $130

DBX 117 Vintage stereo compressor  $130

I am also selling 18 Sony / Sonic Foundry loops for ACID CD Roms. These are all originals, in the correct rips or burns.

I will prefer to sell them as a bundle for $175, thats less than $10 each.

But I will entertain individual offers for $12 each.

They are:

Groove Spectrum
Street Beats
Signals 1 (Analog Synth Dance Loops)
Cyclotronic Resonator
Paul Black: Whiskey Cigarets and Gumbo (guitar loops)
Vince Andrews Sax Loops
Essential Sounds Vol 2
Vortextual Amplitude (vintage synths)
Drum Tools
Universal Groove elements
Signals II
Funky Extremes 1
Rhythmic Architectural Design Systems 1
Syntonic Generator
Mick Fleetwood Total Druming
Sigi Baldersons Zero Gravity Beats
Funky Extremes II
James Johnson Spektral Minimalism

Buyer pays shipping, fair offers considered.