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OK, so prepare yourself this is a total rookie question. I have Cubase 9 and I'm looking to get omnisphere. I would like to get a universal midi controller with lots of slider and/or knobs for controlling the midi in Cubase,Ominsphere and possibly other programs.

I'm not sure how it all works. I don't want to buy a controller and then find out it doens't work for half of my programs.   I've seen some midi keyboard controllers that seem to be dedicated to one program  like THE KOMPLETE INSTRUMENT. 

I actually liked the THE KOMPLETE INSTRUMENT, but don't really plan on getting the program or using it.  I wonder if it will work universally for other programs.  The reason I like it was because of the keyboard feel.  I liked Novation Keyboard, because it has a lot of controls, but they keyboard also felt like a toy.  Please share any input you think will be constructively helpful.

My Main Focus Is:

* A midi controller keyboard with lots of controlling slider, knobs, etc..
* A midi controller keyboard that works with Cubase, Omnisphere and is universal maping   with all plugin and other programs. I don't want to have to get two keyboard
* Last, which I can actually do with out is a a good feeling keyboard.  I have a 88 note Yamah keyboard I can use if I need to feel of a real keyboard, so I could sacrafice a good feeling keyboard.  I do have one thought though if the keys feel like crap would that lead to less control of subtly.  I mainly want to get a 49 key controller for composing amibent and eitherical music.  I could do without a good feeling keyboard.


Computers, Internet and Technology / Holy Crapintosh Batman!!!
« on: September 30, 2016, 03:13:54 PM »
I've been a long time user of Mac and have loved their products of the past, but the past is the past.
It has been a lifetime since the Mac Mini has been upgraded, and way to long since the Mac Pro has been upgraded. I love the old time macs that were easy and possible to upgrade grade ram and drives yourself.  I'm really thinking Mac lost it's innovate with Steve Jobs died.

How do all you long time Mac user feel about what going in the Mac world?  I've been thinking of switching to PC if something doesn't change soon.  Anyone else ready to up ship

Holy Crapintosh Batman
, this computer suck!!!

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Best DAW for Ambient Music 2015
« on: November 16, 2015, 03:25:20 PM »
I'm interested in creating Ambient music, and need some insight and help from those already doing something similar.  The type of Ambient music I want to create is similar to Brian Eno and Liquid Mind.  I don't have an interest in DJ, Dance or Hip Hop music.  I'm a pianist/ solo piano composer and have a good foundation on music theory.  By trade I'm also a piano technician, and have a good foundation of acoustical theory and modulating sound.  About 10 years ago, I spent a few years studying audio engineering and spend time interning in a recording studio, (just enough to be dangerous of course).  I'm pretty much out of the loop with DAWs and music engineering.  In the past I've used Protools, Digital Performer and Cuebase.

There are three things I need help on:
what is the best DAW for what I want to do? 
What is the best keyboard/ midid controller for what I want to do?
What computer is best Mac or PC?

I really like modulating, tweaking sounds and soundscapes. I don't plan on doing anything live.  I will be sitting in my soon to be home studio and composing music.  I want to mainly work with softsyths and plugins.  I've worked with hardsyths and studio gear in the past.  Before we go down the road of hard gear is better, I already understand that concept. No need to debate that here!  I don't have the space or the money at this point for hardware, that is why I'm going with softsyths and plug-ins for the time.  I've heard Live, Logic, FL Studios and Reason would all be good for what I want. I'm leaning more towards the purchasing Logic and would like feedback.

I've read and heard many people say “Live”is the best for electronic music.  It seems to lend itself to the creative process better for dance and hip hop.  I've also heard it being said the “Live” doesn't sound good on the play back, it cuts your top end off.

I've heard is harder to route and learn, but is great for soft syths, plugins and modulating sounds.  This is the main reason I'm thinking of going with this.

FL Studio
I heard it's good, but no specific reason why. 

I heard it's good, but no specific reason why.

If have experience with any of these DAW please share.

Midi Controller/Keyboard

I would like to  get a midi mixing/controller and/or keyboard.  If any of you have one that you really love, please share.  Two aspects I'm concerned with is the functionality of the midi controller/mixer and if it would be good for softsyth modulation and tweaking of sound.  The other aspect is the feel of the keys.  I might have to end up sticking with my Yamaha keyboard, because it feels great.  I might end up  getting a separate midi mixer/controller.

PC or Mac

I think I already know the answer to this, but thought I would ask.  There seems to be two schools of thought Macs cost much more, but are better and easier for music.  PCs are cheaper, but harder to work with for music.  Do any of you have any thoughts on this.

Thanks for any helpful advise shard.

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