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The first music release I've put out in over a year, this is the first single off my upcoming album "Item 10: The Necropolis of Animals" which will be released Summer 2022. This release features an edited version of Natalie Nagpal's remix of the title track, a non-album cut exclusive only to this single, and the original demo for "Shadows" created back in March of 2021.



If you're interested, you can listen to more of my music at and view more of my artwork at

"We move backward in time..."

Synapsid_RMXD is a brand new remix album proudly featuring contributions from and incredibly talented roster of collaborators, including Temple ov Saturn, Burning Earth, Natalie Nagpal, α Ori, Wave Weston, rlung, Çois Agver, Belaqua Shua, and Pressureworks [all of their work can be found in the description section on the album release page by following the links below]:

You can also view the entire album art booklet for this release here:

Likewise, some alternate mixes can be found on the accompanying promotional "Cisuralian Forest" EP:

These have been some seriously dark times this past year so I hope that, in some fashion, this music [and accompanying artwork] can give you the feeling of peace/respite/relief/mourning/catharsis/hopefullness that it gave me when creating and assembling it. Stay safe out there! Much more to come in the near future so stay tuned...

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / The Burning Giraffe
« on: August 03, 2020, 02:21:52 PM »

A Virtual Memory: "The Burning Giraffe" - Collected Works 2018-2020

Coming 08.28.20

Video by Joan Pope / Temple ov Saturn []

New album featuring nine tracks and including contributions from Uunslit and Anonymous Act. "Subsumed" and "Data Corruptor [Parasitic]" each previously appeared on Ambient Online's Themed Compilation 04: Death & Rebirth [ ] and Themed Compilation 05: The Sea [ ] respectively.



A recent collaborative remix EP featuring variations of "Subsumed" (previously released as part of Ambient Online’s “Themed Compilation 04: Death & Rebirth”) by Temple ov Saturn, α Ori, PressureWorks, and Uunslit, off of the upcoming full-length album "Item 09: Synapsid" due out soon on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

This release can be streamed/downloaded here:

The original version of "Subsumed" can be streamed/downloaded:

A huge thank you to Temple ov Saturn, α Ori, PressureWorks, and Uunslit for their contributions to this EP. All of their music (and art) can be found in the above links. I would highly recommend Temple ov Saturn's most recent album "Lord of This World" (which can be found here: as well as α Ori's collaboration with Yaka Anima from last year, streaming here: Also, check out some of other collaborations by PressureWorks here:

More coming soon.

New single featuring two tracks, one shorter and one long-form, delving into realms of dark ambient, drone ambient, sound collage, and experimental industrial music. Concluding promotion for 2018's X-File's-themed "Primordial Matter" album, "Die Hand Die Verletzt Pt.02" aims to deconstruct its namesake to a point in which it becomes nearly unrecognizable, leading towards something uncharted. This release marks the general direction in which this project is headed for the next album so, if you enjoy this style, look out for more of it before the end of this year.

Stream it here:

The first half of this release, uploaded a year prior, can be streamed here:

"Primordial Matter" can be streamed here:

Associated artwork (among other related pieces) can be found here: and here:

"Item 08: Thresholds in Flux [Vol. 02]", released back in March of this year, has been re-released as a series of playlists encompassing the three "Acts" that make up the album conceptually, titled "The Itch", "The Drift", and "The Dance". These serve to elaborate the record's themes of depression, anxiety, and recovery by isolating each specific movement.

They can be streamed here:

Act I: "The Itch":
*more abrasive and industrial in tone, combining elements of glitch, drone, metal, and noise with quieter interludes between longer tracks.

Act II: "The Drift":
*much quieter and introspective, this is essentially one very long ambient track with an intro and outer connecting it to the acts preceding and following it.

Act III: "The Dance":
*builds on some of the ambient elements of the second act but bringing back some of the noise, glitch, drone, and industrial aspects of the first act.

Accompanying artwork can be found here:

Act I:
Act II:
Act III:

For related content, check out this post:

New single off of Item 09: Thresholds in Flux [Vol. 02] featuring contributions from Uunslit as well as remixes by α Ori.

Accompanying artwork can be found here:


This release essentially marks the end of the Thresholds cycle and a transition into something new....

The rest of Thresholds, including the original version of "Black Mesa, 1989" can be found here:

I know this is largely an ambient music forum and, perhaps for once from me, there is a fair amount of "ambience" to this release (in additional to industrial, glitch, drone, etc.) which will ultimately point towards the style of the next album. Unlike most everything from Item 04 to Item 08, Item 09 will remain largely without beats or lyrics, focusing instead on a certain "mood". "Mutability_080418" can be seen as a precursor to this.

If you enjoy α Ori’s remixes on this release, check out his music here:

Posted here will be new material related to the upcoming "Item 07: Primordial Matter" which will be released in August of 2018.

The first installment of this is a single of all new creations entitled "Cancer Eater", a paranoid journey that blends elements of ambient, industrial, glitch, and noise:

For those interested, A Virtual Memory is now on Mixcloud as well as Soundcloud. As per the format of that site, these are long-form pieces that include a mixture of released material as well as tracks that are not on Soundcloud and have yet to be heard anywhere else. If you enjoy what is on the Soundcloud page, you will likely find this interesting as well. Please enjoy.

I will make mention of any future playlist uploads on this thread; they can be found here:

Full length album coming 02.14.18

A sample:

"Gorgonopsid" features the incredibly talented α Ori, his music can be found here:

Please enjoy. See you all soon.

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / A Virtual Memory: Sakawa [EP]
« on: January 01, 2018, 07:38:14 PM »


This release features collaborations with both α Ori and Anonymous Act. I would strongly recommend looking into their visionary work. They can be found here:

α Ori:

Anonymous Act:

Hello. I am A Virtual Memory, I make noises, drones, and other things. I hope you enjoy my music and art. Here is AVM thus far: 


Item 01:

Item 02:

Item 03:

Item 04 [Sampler - Full release 10.31.17]:

Item 05 [Gestating - Full release 11.17]

Item 06 [Sampler - Full release 12.17]:


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