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eight years ago, we released "Sans Titre, 2001-2004", a free digital compilation gathering rare or unreleased tracks by the 22 first artists (andrea marutti, nimh/giuseppe verticchio, aidan baker, mathieu ruhlmann, aube and many others), who had a 3" on taâlem (still available at ).

with "Sans Titre, 2013", we start what will be an annual tradition: a free digital compilation featuring unreleased tracks by the taâlem artists of the year. featured artists are Philippe Lamy, Jérémie Mathes, Jannick Schou, Enrico Coniglio, Babylone Chaos and Tone Color.

...between ambient, drone, experimental and field recordings...

available as "pay what you want" from taâlem's bandcamp at

i've just released a 3" some of you might be interested in:

alm 94 - øe + enrico coniglio "inner frost"
enrico should be known to the hypnos followers as he was part of herion (hyp3058).

"inner frost" is the first collaboration between enrico coniglio and øe aka fabio perletta, two respected italian musicians.

guitarist, environmental sound recordist and sound artist, enrico coniglio already has a solid body of physical works, alone or in collaboration with oophoi (aqua dorsa) or giovanni lami (lemures) on silentes, psychonavigation records, glacial movement, hypnos and netreleases on cronica or touch. he's also the co-curator of the great galaverna netlabel.

fabio perletta is a sound and multimedia artist. his works include electronic music, sound and light installations, live performances and graphic design. over the years he has collaborated with many international artists such as richard chartier, yann novak, lawrence english, simon whetham fabio orsi and many others. he also runs the farmacia901 label.

for this two-track release, enrico and fabio wanted to create pure glacial ambient. the release was ready last spring but we all decided to postpone it to a more appropriate release date. we're now in december, you can now have the pleasure to enjoy "inner frost"...

this 3" is available as limited edition 3"cd-r in a 3-panel mini-digipak (26 copies), non-limited 3"cd-r in the traditional mini-jewelcase and digital FLAC files.

taâlem had releases from artists such as celer, netherworld, opium, hakobune, strom noir, fabio orsi, voice of eye, and many many more.

more info at

taâlem newsletter january 2010
* VOICE OF EYE "primaera" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 62); does the american duo really need to be presented? active for twenty years and thankfully back in business in 2007, bonnie mcnairn and jim wilson have created especially for taalem a rich, complex & atmospheric 18min-long track. truly beautiful!
* CHRISTOPHER McFALL & ASHER "an amber hollowed night" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 63); collaboration between these two artists from the ambient/field recordings/experimental scene. created from piano fragments and installation soundtrack from ASHER and field recordings from McFALL, their multi-layered piece is a monument of evocative music...
* CELER "all at once is what eternity is" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 64); CELER fastly gained a very strong reputation in the ambient world thanks to their delicate & refined music. here's a new fine example of CELER exquisite soundscapes...

as usual, these three releases are also available as FLAC files.

more details at

Listening: Podcasts, Mixes, and Music Sample Clips / taâlem radio
« on: January 19, 2010, 08:32:26 AM »
i post once a month a one-hour long programme (that can be streamed or downloaded like a podcast) on the taâlem website. it gathers tracks taken from various free netreleases in the ambient/drone/experimental/field recordings/whatever genres...


please enjoy!

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