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Everything and Nothing / CDbaby vs TuneCore?
« on: August 20, 2012, 04:43:34 PM »
Edited topic.

Question may sound stupid, but I checked only today the requirements for that and the best way would be going with a third party (cdbaby, tunecore etc.) But would these ~50 dollars a year pay off or not so much? When you think about it, it's not that big amount of money to invest, but to me, even for a year it's quite much, unless it was possible to distribute all my albums for that price, then it would be totally worth a try, even if it didn't pay off. I know it all comes down to a fan base, but still, I saw many obscure artists selling there and was interested to give it a try myself.

Also, how about you guys, who sell on cdbaby, tunecore and elsewhere, any losses, pros and cons?

P.S. only now noticed the difference between cdbaby and tunecore. Former takes commisions, but require only one time payment for an album, the latter do not take commisions but you have to pay every year to keep album live.

I checked on google all the pros and cons, but left undecided.

P.S.S. What CDbaby doesn't tell is that the actuall price is not 49$ for an album, but 49$ + 20$ for stupid bar code. Just found out when tried to register. So I won't be able to sell music even digitally without this bar code? I guess tunecore is more transparent in this regard, they offer it for free, so they don't have hiden charges unlike CDbaby.

Everything and Nothing / Advice topic for newbies (live performers)
« on: November 07, 2011, 09:52:02 AM »
Hello, I don't know if there is a topic somewhere of such kind, but anyway.

I'd like to hear some suggestions or advices from more experienced (doesn't matter your age, but I believe most of you are way older than I am  :) ) pro or amateur musicians here (I can't call myself a musician though, but I'm workin on it). I don't know, just general stuff, what to do or not to do on the stage or some of your own stories of first live or semi-live events.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / newbish question about audio interface
« on: October 12, 2011, 11:41:42 AM »
Hello there,

So I'd like to know if I bought all the right things for live performance and if so, how to connect it correctly.

I have a laptop with 4 usb ports, usb midi keyboard (I will use software synths and fx) and an external USB audio interface (behringer uma222).
So could I connect all of this and play with low latency or am I missing something?

I imagine I should connect midi keyboard through one USB port, then audio interface through another, then connect some external speakers to that interface and then that's it?

I drew a picture  ;D (see attachement)

So in May 2 of 2011 I self-released my fourth solo album and first EP titled "A Moment Of Stillness".
The magnificent artwork was made by Evaldas Arlauskas ( It brilliantly finished my vision of the album.
I also made one video of one of the 5 tracks and two more videos are coming (hopefully) in the near future.

Track list:

1. A Moment Of Stillness  06:26   
2. Billions And Billions  05:14
3. Lights In The Sky  07:44
4. Solar Eclipse  03:27   
5. Twilight  04:16

Run time: 27:07 (FLAC/WAV/VBR/Ogg) (320k/FLAC/VBR V0/AAC/Ogg/ALAC) (320k)

Yesterday I released my third album titled "Sublime" under Creative Commons license. Spend more time on improving sound quality than always, though, it is still an amateur computer music. Anyway, this year has been very productive to me and it is not the end yet and I am working on new material. (FLAC/WAV/VBR/Ogg) (320k/FLAC/VBR V0/AAC/Ogg/ALAC) (256k)

This is madness. So many bugs... Somehow I managed to create quite decent page with built-in layouts. But still, even this new thing looks shinier, I prefered the older, because it was more minimalistic design.
I create new HTML module. Insert code etc. Click save, publish. Refresh profile.. it disappears...after few minutes appears and then again disappears. Wtf.

Well, it was supposed to be a rant topic. Discuss  ;D

Finally I released my new (second) album into the internet  :D
I used only VST's, as always.

The Belt of Orion 6:37
Crystal Spheres 4:12
Maia Nebula 12:37
Approaching the Heliopause 5:31
Millions of Stars 5:14
Pale Blue Dot 6:12
An Ocean of Galaxies 8:21
Infinite Void 6:33
The Edge of Forever 4:05

(length 59:22)

Download link (109MB@256kbps):
A little previews at
or MySpace:

P.S. Finally FLAC link and full previews

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Free speech samples
« on: April 20, 2010, 10:14:55 AM »
Does anyone know were to get free speech samples, like from apollo, NASA, other speeches about space/astronomy, even random movies one-liners etc.
I know there was BBC library CD's, but nothing interesting there (to my opinion). Also I had Great World Speeches (or something like that), also not very useful to me, used only one or two speeches.

By the way, I am not interested in acapellas  :D Prefer one-liners, or just some spoken sentences.

Also there is a way to pirate a movie from the internet and then convert video to audio, cut desireble speech with audacity etc... but it takes too much efforts and time.


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