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Have you tried

Xeltrie - Litotes -

this should fit the bill...or perhaps to much piano???

What About David Wengrenn - Sleepless Nights (Some Tracks should work off this album)

If you like these than you should like the work from Asher - Miniatures
Quote from: judd stephens on July 24, 2010, 09:22:38 AM
That sounds like a nice sub-genre too!  I'm sure Joe you probably have heard of Cendre by Fennesz & Sakamoto.  That still may not be foggy or muted enough though...  you could pm the forum member Ferngerms if he's not reading this, as he seems to be one of the premiere "crate-diggers" around here of the obscure ambient.

Thanks a lot Judd!!!  that's awfully nice of you to say saomething like that....

Well it a bit tough...right off hand...and I will dig through my collection and surely find more stuff that matches your description...I know you must have these...

Aloof Proof - Expo Two-Piano Text - Carbon Base or the freshly remasterd Infraction (perhaps to ambient?)

And definetly give this one a shot:
Tanner Menard - The Oceans Of Your Aura - Slow Flow - CD-R
(A Lot Of Pieces are very Piano oriented with enviroemtnal sounds and static at the background)

Actually the Tanner Menard should be perfect!!!

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
July 22, 2010, 02:18:05 PM
Catching up...

William Basinski - Vivan & Ondine - 2062 Music - CD

Peter Wright - An Angel Fell Where The Kestrels Hover - Spekk - CD

Celer - Pockets Of Wheat - Soundscaping - CD

Neve - Centigrade - [parvoart] - 3" CD-R

Noveller - Desert Fires - Saffron - CD

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
July 07, 2010, 04:44:21 PM
As of late....

Nerae - Atomon - Self-Released - CD-R
(Some Japanese drone assemblage of four....rather aquatic "dronescrapes" know the one's Mystery Sea is always releasing...I believe the group has some ties with Daisuke Suzuki from Siren records....yes Andrew Chalk and Monos drones are in abundance!!  I liked so much I picked up another disc from them that is untitled but has what I believe to be the landscape of Tokyo on the cover)

Chemins. - Volumes 2-4 - Self Released - CD-R
(Yes more drones of the David Jackman, Colin Potter, And Daren Tate variety...once again I like this a lot...was not expecting much from this outfit...but an allure or something keeps bringing me back to these discs....every listen i've discovered something new....rather spontaneous drones with a mixture of odd found sounds and improv....once again reccomeneded if English drone puzzles are to your liking...and very cheap!!!)

The Cosmic Serpent - The Cosmic Renovation & The End Of Time - Fang Bomb - Cassette
(Ah yes....more on the Emeralds, Oneohtrix Point Never....but definetly reminds me of toned down Dolphins Into The so you should go pick it as I have a feeling this artist is really going to make it...I have a CD-R from the artist that came in some strange tin aluminum case...not very good though...but this one is freaking gorgeous....reminds me of music released on the Manikin label out of Germany...Thomas Fanger and Schonwallder type stuff but more could you go wrong with that)

Was just wondering if anyone has heard of the group "Ultrasound" which features the mysterious Kirk Laktas from "Stars Of The Lid" fame.  Was perusing my Mystery Sea collection and I popped in the Ultrasound "Econium" disk into  the player and was blown away at the quality of Drone on offer....very bleak "Ballasted Orchestra" and  "Music For Nitrous Oxide" drone bliss...since I don't have any other disc from this mysterious trio: Ultra Sound...was wondering if anyone had any other reccomendations.

If drone is your thing I highly reccomend you seek out this all cost!!!

The first album I ever bought from this artist was "Imposed Order" (my favorite of the bunch) it was at the time only available on vinyl which was around 1996...I went on to buy "Land Of Look Behind" (not one of my favorites) and then followed by "Closed System Potentials" all on vinyl...I never bought the CD's or CDR's....

Closed System Potentials - Is ridiculously ahead of it's time...produced in late 70's and early 80's....very similiar to work on the 12k label just 18 years ahead of it's time..."Stationary Image" "Four Pages from And Unfinished Novel"...funny how we have never mentioned just how important this artist must of been to artist like Taylor Deupree and the early glitch scene of the late 90' do get a little bit of cheese....Derivative is forgetable

Imposed Order -  This album has some beats and funky rhythms...but it also has my favorite pieces from this artists..."Three Forms Of Decay" "Simple Hierarchies" "Method Language Silence"....the only ambient compositions on the album but fucking awesome one's!!!!

Statistical Truth - A mixed bag of fantastic...and decent work....I have forgotten about this one as it sounded more like a compilation than an actual album...although some good pieces are to be found...number 4, 8, 10, 11.

The Listening Room - The last album I bought from this artist and more focused on classical minimalism...comparisons have been made with arvo part and ECM catalog...and rightfully so....but the track Teeming Solitude always gives me goosebumps...and body of the beloved is very very nice....all in all I think you need to start with "Closed system potentials"

Been digging it from my end...have you listened to any Janick Schou....most of his stuff is available for free and some it has similarities....just visit his bandacamp site...and you should also check out the Leyland Kirby "Version 14"..another free download available through "Long Division With Remainders"....more piano based stuff....less drone and more hauntology on that Kirby project....

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
April 20, 2010, 07:46:54 PM
Quote from: Joe R on April 20, 2010, 05:12:48 PM
Infinite Body- Carve out The Face Of My God; Am I the only person on this forum who knows about this great disc? This is fantastic stuff if you like warm, fuzzy guitar drones. Joyful noise is a good way to describe it, but not abrasive at all, just blissed-out fuzz.

Yo,.....i've been on this artists tip since late 2008....he has a well rounded tape collection that is a must if you truly enjoyed his Post Present Medium release....but while it's still available you should check out his Teenage Teardrops 12"....very nice set of fuzzed out warmness....but you might want to avoid his first CD which is decent but no where close to what he is currently releasing.....just type infinite body into the search engine and you can read my blip and blap on the hypnos forum....and as a must you should also check out "Bird Traps" album "Don't be So Reckless"....some duo out of Australia that is magnificent...just go to aquarius and search for bird traps and the CD-R comes up.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
April 12, 2010, 01:19:29 PM
John Davis - At Home And Afield - Root Strata - 3" CD-R Box Including Contact Mic
(Awesome package from 4 years back...field recordings and the like...some processed others left perfectly alone)

Antonymes - Beauty Becomes The Enemy Of The Future - Self-Released - Photo Book + CD-R
(The title screams "pretentious" but the work delivers on it's own...awesome photography (although gloomy) and the cd-r includes degraded drones of the Asher or Celer kind...worth every penny on this $60 package..only 30 copies were made available and OOP I believe)

DJ Olive - Buoy - Room40 - CD
(Among the trio of sleep compositions "Buoy", "Sleep", and "Triage"....this one is unmissable...although each contains one long track you can tell that each album is composed of about 12 little treats....field recordings, drones, tones, and dreams.  Buoy for me has the most character and substance....enveloping work)

Relmic Statue - Sitting Under The Lanterns Glow - Cotton Goods - Book Bound CD-R
(Superb drone's almost as if each piece is a memory....a lost one of course all rusty and covered with moss...sweetly composed and wonderful packaging)

Ten And Tracer - Tsotsitaal - Self Released - (Includes Essays, Thoughts, Drawings, Sketches, a Book, CD-R + 3"CD-R
(Beautiful ambient compostions from last year...the download is available for the curious...very inspiring work from an artist that usually adds crunch and beats...this on the other hand seems well thought out...on the downside I had to wait 5 months before I actually received the CD-R with unique I downlaoded the work to get me by..sounds incredible and I love the 1 minute interludes)


I think it's really cool that this label will only release sleep worthy music and holds actual events with beds!!!!  Check out the photos and if you have'nt picked up any of the releases...then you should as I imagine many of you will enjoy the tunes....I really like the Peter Broderick and Jasper TX releases...and it looks like the next sleep concert will have Steinbruchel, Simon Scott, And Machinefabriek....damm if you live in Europe you must be very lucky!!!!

Check out the photos:

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
March 19, 2010, 02:02:26 AM
Quote from: TheBigLow on March 18, 2010, 08:05:40 PM
Thanks to some post in here, I've been introduced to Celer.  Listening to "The Everything and the Nothing" right now; just finished a first listen to "Close Proximity."  Just the sort of sounds I've been craving recently.

If that is the case then you must pick up "Engaged Touches" on Home Normal and "The Everything And The Nothing" on Infraction....

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
March 18, 2010, 01:01:27 PM
Jason / Shinobu - Dispel Space-Time Lust - Install - CD-R
(Altogether an equisite blend of noise, disparate sound fragments, drones, and distortion.  Actually I found this album to be amazing in it's ability to keep my attention...the hour seemed like mere minutes as it raced through 10 tracks all with an identity of their own.  As independent artists I would probably favor Shinobu...but on this album both artists meld their contributions so well that I don't hear any Shinobu or Heptangular...but instead an independent project I give my highest reccomendations.  On another note this album indentifies with the "tape sound" amazingly wonders what those tapes would sound like if they had the oppurtunity to be mastered by Taylor Deupree or James Plotkin....5/5)

Son Of Rose - All In - Blanket Fields - CD
(Discovered this artist through his releases on Dragon's Eye recordings...although I never picked up his releases...the few sound samples I encountered never convinced me.  My opinion would change after I listened to his contribution on the "Listen Comp" on Duckbay recordings...come to think of it his track was the one that made the deepest impression on me.  So much that after I listened to his track I visted his myspace page and purchased the album through his own website and forgot about the rest of comp.  The album gives me mixed feelings as I tend to like it and just when I find that perfect moment it's ruined by two songs...track four "Nineteen Sixty Five" and track eight "Fragrant" opens beautifully with "Falling Forward" and I really like "RADii" and the other songs are great but not the end a 3.75/5)

Moth Electret - Tocasen - Diophantine Discs - CD
(I've seen this album garner all the praise through Vital Weekly and Wonderful Wooden Reasons...I felt a need in purchasing the album as I half-way enjoyed his first album on Mystery Sea...this on the other hand I could have passed up or at least that is how I felt before I reached the last track...after three songs I was ready to eject the CD hop into my car hit the freeway and accelerate to 100MPH and fling the CD out the window so it would break into the smallest fragments.  But no I trudged on and track five got my attention with half-way decent "Mystery Sea" style aquatic drones with a hint of noise...but the last song "Anicia" the 14 minutes of drone ecstasy was the moment I was looking for...I reccomend a good pair of headphones on this last track as it has this low-end dynamic I have not heard on any drone albums...the low end is distoted but melodic at the same time...kind of strange as I don't remeber hearing anything like this on any other album I own....3/5)

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
March 08, 2010, 01:40:26 AM
Spent a lot of time in my musical chamber these last few evenings immersed in some deep stuff......

Eleh - "Floating Frequencies / Intuitive Synthesis I"
         "Floating Frequencies / Intuitive Synthesis II"
         "Floating Frequencies/ Intuitive Synthesis III"
(Absurdley priced pieces of vinyl.....Are they good????? Perhaps.....Honestly I bought these on a whim a few years ago as I had this feeling in my stomach...I got each for around $14 bucks and now they fetch $100 to $200 dollars????  Honestly invest your money in Andrew Chalk and related drones...nothing bad on these but they are far more these pieces are in homage to "La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Eliane Radigue or Pauline Oliveros" and word has it no one know's who this artist actually is?  Perhaps the reason why this music is so damm expensive....From what I have heard I believe this artist to be...."Greg Davis"...not because he is the only artist to release a split vinyl with ELEH....the music is very this space as I think a few releases are going to fetch an enormous amount of money if you buy them now...Greg Davis "Primes" and Sun Circle "Sun Circle" LP....just a feeling like the same one I had when I bought the ELEH for people as the music will remain elusive and virtually unheard as it was mostly released on vinyl)     

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
March 08, 2010, 12:44:17 AM
Quote from: drone on on March 05, 2010, 11:35:14 PM
FERN: I thought I was into obscure...never heard of about 80% of the stuff you list.  How do you find the time??? Always a fun read, though...

Yes, you are absolutley right I have no life.....I spend an enormous amount of time listening to music?  At least someone enjoys my ramblings and the moment I have enough unwrapped music to last me for the next 8 months if I listen to one CD a day....very very bad of me as I have reached a point where sometimes I just don't enjoy the music....but then again if you don't buy it...then you are screwed in the end.  You know exactly what I mean....for example did you see the new release from Celer "Rags Of Discontentment"....Digitalis removed it from the website within hours as they sold out...see what I sucks becuase good ears loose in the end sometimes.

Now Playing / Re: Radio Playlists
March 08, 2010, 12:33:22 AM
Saturday and Sunday's shows.....Yesss Paul Gough Rules!!!!  This is a great opurtunity for anyone curious about the Underground cassette scene to get into the music as he has really started to feature a lot of it recently....

7 March 2010
Pretty Mushroom Clouds
Listen Now - 2010-03-07 |

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Track: '3'
Artist: snd
CD title: makesnd cassette
Author: snd
Duration: 5:13
Label: Mille Plateaux
CD no: mp69

Track: 7
CD title: Slit
Author: Go Koyashiki
Duration: 4:18
Label: mAtter
CD no: 002

Track: 5
CD title: Slit
Author: Go Koyashiki
Duration: 4:52
Label: mAtter
CD no: 002

Track: L.FLL
CD title: Bionulor
Author: Bionulor
Duration: 10:57
Label: etaLABEL
CD no: eta-cd 017

Track: Abstr.B., No.2 [remix Yukitomo Hamasaki]
CD title: Scytale
Author: Shinkei & Mise En Scene
Duration: 7:38
Label: mAtter
CD no: 004

Track: Rest But Not Least
CD title: Hiding Nature
Author: Jason Corder
Duration: 4:12
Label: Home Normal
CD no: home n012

Track: Pretty Mushroom Clouds
CD title: Pretty Mushroom Clouds
Author: Peter Wright
Duration: 5:21
Label: aRCHIVE
CD no: archive42

Track: Peace Conference [edit]
CD title: Peace Conference
Author: Littleton,Sakai,Cook,Defever
Duration: 9:01
Label: Home Normal
CD no: home n005

Track: Chimes For Snow Melting
CD title: Ice Flowers Melting
Author: Sylvan Grey
Duration: 5:33
Label: Celestial Harmonies
CD no: 17003-2

And Now for Monday's:

8 March 2010
The Garden of Forking Paths
Listen Now - 2010-03-08 |

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Track: A Film By Library Tapes
CD title: Slow Films In Low Light
Author: Library Tapes/Ian Hawgood
Duration: 2:07
Label: Home Normal
CD no: home n013

Track: The Distant Sound Of A Bustle
CD title: A Long Journey
Author: Chihei Hatakeyama
Duration: 4:30
Label: Home Normal
CD no: home n011

Track: As I Remember, If I Remember Correctly, I Arrived Sweetly
CD title: As I Remember, If I Remember Correctly, I Arrived Sweetly
Author: Jeff Burch
Label: Farmer Frontier
CD no:

Track: Sunshine Days
CD title: demo
Author: Megan Schneck
Duration: 5:43
CD no: --

Track: Antony Slow-Up
CD title: Yes To Fear, Yes To Desire
Author: Jason Sweeney
Label: Sensory Projects
CD no: SRP062

Track: The Valley Below
CD title: Jyoti
Author: David Parsons
Duration: 9:35
Label: Celestial Harmonies
CD no: 13296-2

Track: Months
CD title: Rifts
Author: Daniel Lopatin
Label: No Fun
CD no: NFP-56

CD title: Geomancy
Author: Andy Graydon
Label: mAtter
CD no: matter003

Track: Our Way Was Lit By Moonlight
CD title: The Garden Of Forking Paths
Author: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Duration: 6:23
Label: Spekk
CD no: KK: 009

Track: Bay Of Pearls
CD title: The Garden Of Forking Paths
Author: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Duration: 5:30
Label: Spekk
CD no: KK: 009

Track: Quiet Moon
CD title: With Wakened Eyes
Author: Adam Pacione
Duration: 10:06
Label: Bee Eater Recordings
CD no: bet: 02
Usually I run my mouth on the now listening page.....but I wanted to point out this album as I think it is a real ambient beauty....she is also a member of the infamous "Black Moth Super Rainbow" and this is her first Ambient enjoy and check out the video as it's the only sample I could may be sugary sweet but a good change from all the bleak drones and pretentious "New" New Age sound

Order here:

Oh and I just found more samples on her Myspace page....

Now Playing / Re: Radio Playlists
February 28, 2010, 11:13:00 AM
The only show I listen to over the incredible one at that as's the latest transmission from Paul Gough....

Distant Still:

Track: White And Whiter Still!
Artist: WOO
CD title: Whichever way you're going, your're going wrong
Author: Woo
Duration: 2:30
Label: Sunshine Series
LP no: --
TIME: 0:00 - 2:30

Track: Weissensee
Artist: NEU!
CD title: Neu!
Author: Klaus Dinger & Michael Rother.
Duration: 6:42
Label: EMI Electrola
CD no: 5 30780 2
TIME: 02:30 - 8:00

Track: Distant Listener
CD title: Heart Cell Memory
Author: Devin Sarno/G.E. Stinson
Duration: 16:48
Label: Squirrel Girl
CD no: SQRL004
TIME: 8:00 - 24:34

Track: A Herdsman's Life
Artist: MINAMO
CD title: A Herdsman's Life
Author: Minamo
Duration: 26:55
Label: Esquilo Records
CD no: ES007
TIME: 22:59 - 49:50

Track: A Wave
Artist: WOO
CD title: Whichever way you're going, your're going wrong
Author: Woo
Duration: 4:10
Label: Sunshine Series
LP no: --
TIME: 49:48 - 53:57
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
February 24, 2010, 12:11:11 AM
Some brilliant stuff these last few days.....

Pub - Making Trakcx 10 - Ampoule - 3" CD-R
(I will admit I was suckered into purchasing every single one right from the start...the first 6 were brilliant ambient techno affairs that reminded me of the Pub in his good ol late 90's releases...but after #6 I got the impression the releases started getting was almost as if the worked skipped the mastering process and went straight to CD...not only that the prices went up as well...or at least it seemed they did....I was paying way to much for each release....7 or 6 british pounds per each which comes out to the price of one the way each release was stuck between two pieces of cardboard and for some strange reason a few of these fetch ridiculous prices)

Biosphere - Cirque - Touch - CD
(Just decided to take it out for spin...and after about 6 or 7 tracks put it back into the sleeve and I get the impression I will not be listening to it anytime first I thought it was my two releases in a row sounded incredibly muddy and uneven....but no...that was not the case as the next cd would prove)

BvDuB - To Live.... - Smallfish - 3" CD-R
(An amazing piece...just ambient music nothing more or dub stabs or beats...just whimsical synths and airy swooshes...has to be the best I have heard from this artist as I speak...however something peculiar has arised...this item which was supposed to be limited to 100 copies appears to be wrong as 103 people have it via discogs...not that discogs is a database or anything...)

Montauk - The Moment Lasts A Second,But The Memory Lives On Forever - Self-Release - CDR
(Very nice degrading loops, field recordings, piano keys, hazy statics, and synths....I suspect...originally this was a soudtrack...but I have a hard time believing it....if type records William Basinski, The Caretaker(definetly the Caretaker) is your thing....don't think just contact the artist and request a copy)

David Tagg - A Kingdom Of Dusk - Second Sun - 3" CD-R
(Can't wait for my new Sleeping Pill Box set to land....I just love David Tagg's work...this one in particular is much darker than all the other pills as it seems to be built out of guitar feedback and sculpted by the master....drones with an attitude....but seriously get yourself over to Second Sun and order the charming box before he retires it...)

Murcof - La Sangre Illuminada - Intolerancia - CD
(I bought my copy down in Mexico as I could not find one anywhere in the US...have not seen the movie...but the soundtrack is album on it's own and one that is essential..and by all means the best thing I have heard from Murcof...brilliant.)

Alva Noto - Xerrox Vol 2. - Raster Noton - CD
(One of best albums of third time through it today and still enjoying it....)

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
February 22, 2010, 12:32:02 AM

David Tagg - Wind Blown Guitar - Second Sun - CD-R
(Awsome stuff...I found this album to be more ambient than drone. So if anyone is curious and has found Tagg's sound to be bleak and boring...this one is all tones and pure particular the track "A Glimpse Of The Valley" is the highlight for me)

Stephen Spera - 4 {H2O} - [parvo] Art Records - 3" CD-R
(very nice enviromental tape loop drones...friends with William Basiniski....which I gather is used as a selling can download a free track at the labels website....comes reccomended if drones is your thing...if you liked the Relmic Statue on Hibernate this one should be of major concern)

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Fall, Fall, Falling - Kalligrammofon - CD
(Noisy drones but plenty of substance...was really into this artist last year...although he has been quite as of late..missed out on the "No Words" cassette although a second edition is promised...from the reviews I read it seems to be murky ritualistic ambient....can't wait till it comes around....this is definetly a highlight in the artists in's not as clean as "Lost In Reflections" but nowhere short of being awesome)

Loren Dent - Anthopology Vol. 1 - Infraction - CD
(One of those albums that will come back over and over in the years to has that timeless quality written all over it...had some friends comment on how nice it was (friends that have no appreciation of ambient)....the type of album that seduces people into ambient music...sort of like SOTL, Aphex Twin, Harold Budd, etc.....I know those are mighty names to compare this relatively new artist with....but wow does he have all the potential)

Final - Solaris - Alley Sweeper - CD
(Very subdued static drones....not as experimental or agressive....only four tracks and many have reagrded this album as has worst...I disagree....I don't think this album is a milestone but defeinetly ages ahead of it's time...when I compare this work with present day stuff...I can't help but think how influential Broaderick's work would be to the future...)

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
February 21, 2010, 11:06:58 PM
Quote from: drone on on February 21, 2010, 03:39:32 PM
Good to know about this new Andrew Chalk.  Goldfall is probably my favorite of his releases.  Do you know about this artist Robert Haigh, whose CD is being sold on the Faraway Press site (although I don't think it's a FP release)? Haven't been able to find any samples..

Best way to put it the album is piano based...not like Harold Budd....but more like Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, and Max Richter.  He had another release on Crouton records before they went bust that was really nice but was actually a re-release of sorts...this on the other hand I believe to be new if you like classical piano go for it...if you expected drones of way...hope this helps and this sight based in Japan is actually awesome when it comes to drones....while your at it check out the sample of the Sam Goldberg 12" stuff...and investigate the drones from Nerae...which is right in that Mystery Sea train of the way did you get a chance to hear that one on Black Atlas i reccomended....should be the type of drones you covet....