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... we hope so... ;)
I love the cover image too hdibrell!

Dreamfields will be available in USA through the Projekt website.
here is the cover, designed by polish painter Rafael Szinzca:
all the reissues are on sale here too:
hello Richard,
"Dreamfields" will be available mid december.
I'll try to post the cover image later.
After highly regarded and critically acclaimed album Distance To Zero released in 2006 on Hypnos, italian ambient artists Oöphoi and american synthetist, percussionist and sound designer Paul Vnuk Jr. (also known from tribal ambient duo Ma Ja Le with Christopher Short) decided to release their new dark ambient masterpiece called Dreamfields on Czech label Nextera.

Paul Vnuk reveals: "For me the story of Dreamfields starts before our [Gigi's & my] first collaboration Distance to Zero. Back in 2005 I sent Gigi a CD of loops improvised in my studio on a Lexicon Jamman and a Boomerang looping pedal. Part of those even included my then 8-year-old son reading improvised poetry. These loops were meant to get the ball rolling on our collaboration, but rather than using these loops at the time, Gigi instead sent me back a set of all new tracks that were inspired by my loops. I then added my parts and that became our 1st album. Then in 2009, unknown to me he went back to those original loops and blended them into his alchemic audio processes and created a whole new musical work. I then spent parts of 2010 and 2011 overdubbing further additions, crafting a final mix and a master. Dreamfields is a deep collaboration made up of many layers. I see it as a great sonic painting that contains a nice balance of our individual voices as well as some new sonic landscapes that neither of us expected and I am very proud of the result!"

Recorded in The Kiva by Gianluigi Gasparetti in 2009 and The Moss Garden by Paul Vnuk Jr. in 2010 & 2011. Final mix and mastering by Paul Vnuk Jr. at The Moss Garden – Fall 2011.

Oöphoi – Clavia, Access and Waldorf synths, singing bowls, crystal and metal percussions, voices, waterphone, whirrbows, bass flute

Paul Vnuk Jr. – Moog Voyager, Prophet 8, digital synths, voices, shakers, rattles, treatments and loops with Luna – vocals and Paul Vnuk III – children's poetry reading
ok, there are two Klaus' tracks, one is Ta Ha 1, taken from "Uranus", and Klangschalen 2.
I don't know this movie but the music should be part of "Tibetische Klangschalen II", not "Neptun". I'll check as soon as possible.
"Studio Zund" is a 12 cd box that contains all the best Magma studio albums. Then I'd recommend the wonderful "Emehntehtt Re". On the live side, "Magma Live", "Opera de Reims" and "Theatre du Taur: Concert 1975"
Thanks, thanks, thanks. I'm very proud of this collaboration with my friend Andy, and your words give me the strength to explore more in the field of abstract space music.
Thanks also to Mike and Lena for their support, I love this digipack!
Thanks a lot for your review Richard! I'm back to "normal" life, slowly recovering after a bad experience with the chemotherapy. I'll keep on fighting!
And thanks to everybody here for listening... and support.
for those into minimal piano soundscapes, I'd recommend Morton Feldman's "For Bunita Marcus" and the magnificent "Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose", by Jordan de la Sierra
I'm afraid that this cd has nothing to do with Klaus Wiese, his last work is "Science in Decay", which remained unfinished due to his sudden death
thanks for supporting my music, I hope you'll enjoy this new work
thanks for your words David and Jeff!
thanks Richard, my fingers are crossed too
thanks a lot for the feedback Richard and J,
"Il Silenzio di Dio" is on sale at Discogs, along with my back catalog and some other fine ambient and experimental cds.
Please check at

sad news really.
I can only remember my first contact with Barry more than 15 years ago, when he asked my help to locate an unreliable music distributor in southern Italy. This guy offered Barry to sell his cds in Italy and received hundreds of copies of his first two albums; needless to say that Barry never received a single cent from this gentleman! So I started my researches and found his telephone number: I've been so rude - which is really uncommon for me! - that I managed to get some money for Barry and, more important, all the remaining cds back. Then I sold them all for Barry and transfered the money to Barry's account.
Musically speaking, A Produce's music has a touch of mystery and compassion that always struck a chord deep inside my heart. I'll miss his art a lot.
Safe journey, Barry!
The archive copies listed on Discogs have the usual Umbra and Penumbra color artwork but the stickers are missing, they caused cracks and pops in some cases. I'm ready to send replacement copies free of charge, Ein Sophistry, so you can contact me.
"Potala" is a digital reissue of the vinyl, it has a newly designed cover artwork and is Penumbra 048.
A new reissue of "Dreams" set is the next step, with the original artworks of the first Umbra edition.
hello everybody,
"Potala" is out on Penumbra CdR, it is the first digital edition of this Ep.
You can find it on Discogs at:
along with many other Oophoi titles and some archive copies of Umbra and Penumbra catalog.