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LIMITED CD-BUNDLE (Quiet Calling V :: Nautic Depths - Nexus)

:: strictly limited copies + valid only until Friday, 13. October

:: includes Quiet Calling V (First Edition incl Mini CD) in luxury matte Digipak

:: includes the new CD Album „Nexus“ by Nautic Depths

:: 50% discount for 1 CD of your choice

:: 30% discount for ALL other CDs on el culto

More info:



Each year we celebrate this season with a special Summer Deal. This year we are pleased to offer you two very deep new Ambient releases for a special price.

The Summer Deal is available ONLY between 21. - 27. August

:: it includes the new CD "Submental Vol. 4" by Tomas Weiss
:: it includes the previously unreleased album "Eclipse" by Klaus Wiese. His first extended-length album ever, with nearly 2 hours play time.
:: it includes a personal Bandcamp discount-code (30% off) redeemable until 27. August. The code is valid for ALL releases on el-culto.bandcamp and klauswiese.bandcamp
:: only 12 Euro each for many selected CDs - Limited quantities only!
:: 30% discount for ALL other CDs on el culto

More info:



In cooperation with Arc Music we offer on both Bandcamp sites a 35% discount for ALL digital releases. This deal is available ONLY between 08. - 11. August

Bandcamp Discount Code —> summer17


Hi Tomas. Are the first three Quiet Calling discs among those that have been remastered? It says "2016 Version" next to them, but I can't tell if that's just referring to them now being formatted as one track.


Hi there,

all of them are remastered for Bandcamp - Quiet Calling I (2017 Version) comes now also with a previously unreleased 20-minutes track.

Best wishes,

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: July 07, 2016, 07:34:57 AM »
Not sure why but I can never get youtube videos to show on this forum. Any way here is a link to a video of my concert from a few weeks ago:

You have to use it in this way --> starting with www. and not using the given short https
Like this (I typed the first "w" in brackets otherwise the video would be visible but not the link) --> (w)

:: NEWS ::

From now on you will find and can buy most of our releases on Bandcamp too (including those CDs which are sold out on el culto). We will also provide sometimes exclusive and so far unreleased albums, additional Bonus Tracks and limited Bundles.

Most releases have been completely remastered to provide an up to date sound quality.

It seems to me that Stuart (Diatonis) is simply drawing attention to his new album here. A bit of respect for an established artist is surely in order ?

I don't think of any of this as "now we're even." .And what apology?  Nobody owes me an apology.  Again, can't a guy make a simple joke here?  Without people saying how dare you joke with a respected artist?   What do you mean "You're no saint"?  Now you're hurling insults and turning this personal?  I sense some latent hostility left over from 15 years ago, which you alluded to when you dredged up my old forum moniker "Orion32.". And you did that because I simply stated you hadn't read the posts carefully about the Planetary Unfolding CD topic.  Very sad.  I think you take yourself far too seriously and get pushed out of shape if anyone challenges you in the very slightest degree.  How about I just say you're an arrogant know it all who probably got picked on in school and beat up for being a little wussy smart ass?  You wanna get personal, you got it Forrest.  I've played nice with you here for awhile now and I THOUGHT the past was the past, but I see you haven't changed.  To the others who jumped on me like sharks over my joke, you're no better than Forrest.  Especially you Tomas Weiss.  Look how I defended you and stood in your corner when you and your label were being attacked on this forum.  And then you join the wolf pack and show your true colors.  Actually you are the master here of insulting people and inciting dischord.  Why are you even still on this forum?  Nobody likes you.  While I'm at it, Hypnos is a fucking joke now.  You put out one CD a year that nobody buys.  You spend all your time emailing everyone once a week to sell old CDs for $5 nobody wants.  And you cry you have no time to release new music?  Nobody here wants to say it .  Well I just did.  I hope the moderator has enough balls to leave this post for all to see, but he probably won't because he's a self righteous wussy like Fang.  Please just remove me, ban me the whole nine yards.  Don't waste your energy notifying me either.  They won't be read, only deleted.  So fuck off Forrest and the other assholes, they know who they are.  Hypnos sucks.  Please stop this charade of pretending to be an ambient label.  Good luck with your $5 sales and washed up label. Take me off all your lists and please ban me for life!  I won't fucking miss it one bit!!! 😝😝😂😱😎

Are you drunk while posting this Chris?

If it´s satire, then very well done!

If not, what about to simply post comments without hardly looking for "devil" stuff because it´s name suggest it to YOU?

BTW: Pete gave a perfect example of being neutral in respect to the work/promotion of an artist!

Quote from: petekelly
It seems to me that Stuart (Diatonis) is simply drawing attention to his new album here.

Fully agree with you Pete! I really appreciate your sophisticated and always nuanced view with all your post on this board!

Quote from: petekelly
A bit of respect for an established artist is surely in order ?

Obviously and unfortunately lost here recently.

Aestrata - Submental Vol 3

Aestrata returns with the brand new, long awaited album for the Submental Series. The album unfolds into magnificently immense and expansive wide-screen drone panoramas, flowing and ebbing, utterly warm and tranquil, hauntingly enriched by subtle embedded slow melodies. Warmly pleasant and spacious drones flavored with various distant sonic fragments.

Special Preorder:

:: Limited to the first 50 preorders only.
:: This offer includes a lenghty Bonus Track as download in the format of your choice (FLAC or mp3).
:: 20% discount for all other CDs listed on el culto (as long as stocks last).

More Info:

Tomas Weiss & Nuur - Polaris

"Mystical, with a narrative that feels both cold and warm…if you believe these opposites can't be successfully reconciled on a single album, listen to "Polaris" and think again - Touché…with Polaris, Tomas Weiss and Nuur have created the Ambient/Drone album of 2015" (Yle - Finish State Radio)

- - - - -

"Almost 60 minutes in another world…it´s very hard not to press the repeat button on my CD player. "Polaris" clearly proves that it´s not at all about simple notes, but about time, tones and moods….a stunning and mind-blowing album by Tomas Weiss & Nuur, and a pure gem in experimental electronic music…forget about musical genres and just listen" (HR2 - German State Radio)

More info:


Klaus Wiese - Shapes I (Previously Unreleased / 2015 Version)

Shapes I is the first chapter of the Shape Series which wasn´t released anywhere else before. Most previously released albums by Klaus Wiese were clearly split into releases with a more acoustic approach (e.g. the series "Tibetische Klangschalen"), while other CDs like "Space", "Divine Orbit" and "Maquam" had a very spatious, hypnotic and timelessly flowing ambient feeling. The Shape Series focuses on the latter style, inviting the listener to experience a deep, lasting journey through time and space.

Hi Julio,

comparing to photography IMO the music is "overexposed". For my taste way too much "shiny" high end sounds. I´m aware there is an audience appreciating this approach (mainly found in the States) + it´s also found in many synth presets (Hard+Software) but IMO it makes the music too much "metallic"´s just pleases the listeners expectations by having an increasing around the 3khz frequency.

I do like the musical ideas but not the mixing!

"Music for Dishwashers"

Brian Eno's long awaited project, coming soon....

For sure! Seems to be a new musical territory to participate into, inspired by some Hypnos members. I can´t wait for it!

Everything and Nothing / New VAT rules for (digital) sellers in Europe
« on: January 08, 2015, 03:36:43 PM »
This obviously may change the market for digital releases radically:

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Camel Audio stopped business
« on: January 08, 2015, 02:52:51 PM »
"We would like to thank you for the support we've received over the years...camel Audio's plug-ins, Alchemy Mobile IAPs and sound libraries are no longer available for purchase."

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Waves Deal (up to 40% Off)
« on: December 26, 2014, 04:04:15 PM »

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Best of 2014
« on: December 18, 2014, 11:19:33 AM »
"This will look like total blatant spam but too bad..."

"I know I know - I'm cheating. "

John ... you will be remembered for these two lines, if nothing else.   :o

I think he is a "recidivist"  ;D


Quiet Calling IV (First Edition incl Bonus CD)

:: Limited to 100 copies only
:: 20% discount for all other CDs listed on el culto (as long as stocks last)
:: All Preorders will be shipped 4 weeks before the official release date.

A mindbending continuation of this series. Deeper than ever before, the album features slow hypnotic movements with harmonic, morphing structures with a great sensation of space.

More info:


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