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Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Moog Factory Tour.
June 13, 2017, 10:44:01 PM
Hey! I was in Asheville and the Moog Factory in May too! I was there playing the Asheville Electro-Music Festival in Black Mountain, and stopped in to have my Voyager tuned up.
I go back and forth between these three:

I use when playing live, mixing and tracking.

I use for critical listening and final mix decisions.

I use for kicking back and listening at home

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Waves End of year Sale
January 01, 2017, 09:33:36 PM
I gave in and purchased the Abbey Road collection. It will make a nice addition to my real Abbey Road/Chandler Mic pres, compressors and Redd mic. :-)

The plates are very nice from a quick play with them and from what some trusted friends in the industry have told me the ADT plug in is the star of the whole package.
This is quite sad! I feel blessed to have gotten to know Jeff better over the last 3-4 years. Lots of hour spent talking about gear, music and recording. Our conversations got fewer over the past 2 months and we spent more time texting and facebook chatting. I know he was really struggling. This is just such a loss, of a friend and fellow musician and gear freak. My prayers go out to his family!
Quote from: Julio Di Benedetto on April 11, 2016, 04:01:44 PM
My Mini MiniMoog,

Had this mother for a few days so its still new to me but its really straight forward as far as tweaking sounds very very good and its reasonable priced, actually its a great deal when you consider what your getting, oh and the build quality is first rate.

Ran the sequencer a few times and re clocked it externally which gave it some interesting patterns. Also functions as a keyboard.

Have not explored the patch bay in much depth yet other than taking the direct pulse and square wave outs and patching them into the main modular.

This is a great piece of kit whether a part of a larger modular system or just by itself hooked up to a midi or cv controller.

Why the QuNexus vs a Midi keyboard? Just curious if there are obvious benefits that I am missing.
Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: New stuff at NAMM
January 27, 2016, 09:52:28 AM
Played around on that little Korg and it may look like a toy but it was really great sounding and very fast and fun to play, and at that price it will move a ton of units.

...also in defense of the Prophet 8 which IS all analog and the Prophet 12 which IS a digital board and never positioned as a pure analog board, both sound incredible and are fantastic creative pieces. I know folks doing great music with both. Digital oscillator synths from Nords to Korgs, Rolands and more all have their place in the musical landscape. I think its cool that Roland for example are making new analog system 500 modules that can interface with the digital euro rack digital stuff they introduced last year. Its a brave new world for synths and sound design.

Do wish I had more time to spend with the new OB though :-)

Next purchase for me in any case will be a pair of Moog Mother 32 units.

Just bought the new album, along with a copy of Gongland which I was sure I already owned but must have lost...

Anyway about half way in and I am quite enjoying the thick, warm sound stage of the album and the harmonic content which is a great balance of subtle and complex...very hard to pull this off well and Forrest did that quite nicely. Meaning it the tones and layers are subtle enough to not draw undo attention to them selves in an obvious way and yet they are quite intricate if you listen deeply. Not sure if I am making sense ha ha!

I am also enjoying the blend of real acoustic instruments and electronics and even more so the delights of actual performance!

Great job Forrest!
Hey Drone On, do you post at Hoffman often? Just wondering what handle / screen name you use there?

My hobby has also expanded to collecting and comparing different masters as well as new hi-rez releases, although I am often cautious about those. Sometimes they offer little over the original cd and other times they are amazing and revelatory.
I understand the guy in the original article's point, and yes Audiophiles are an obsessive bunch, but then so are ambient fans, jazz fans, goth fans...basically anything we claim as "ours".

Thing is, it is OK to be an expert at something. Its ok to know more about jazz than someone else and be an expert. Its ok to know more about and appreciate ambient music than someone else. Its ok to devote your time and money to the best sound playback in the universe and train your ear to hear detail and nuance that others do not, the same can be said for a somallie (pretty sure I spelled that know professional wine guys), its ok to be a foodie.

Here is the thing, the balance is A: Don't be a snobby jerk about it, but B: if you are not one of the above, don't get defensive when someone knows more about something than you do, remember a persons opinion is never  more valid than true study and expertise. This second part is a real problem in the world of the internet of instant opinions. Its almost an anti-snobbery, snobbery.  :D

Now on the subject of audiophilia...yes it gets crazy. Many of these guys have playback systems better than the gear used to originally record the music.
Just bumping this back to the top for fans of Ambient'sh ECM style Jazz. Our album is now available on Apple Music if you have that service and want to check it out.

See post number one for more details on the album.

Be carful cuz you know what they say, "Kyma's a bitch" ha ha ha
First of all thanks for the compliment on Seed Julio, and second I agree with Mike, great post!

I just upgraded my headphones to the new Audio Technicha ATH-M70x and all I can say is WOW! The clarity is stunning. The low end may seem shy to some, but its really more that it is not exaggerated like some headphones.
I just went through a huge re-ripping binge and re-ripped my entire CD collection at lossless and unfortunately pretty much any cdr I had which used a sticky label of any kind is dead  :(

So all of my Oophoi, James Johnson, Vir Unis and Gears of Sand Discs are all DOA.
Not sure what I am hearing that you guys aren't but there is a great minimal beauty, depth and sound quality in this album even a power to it that I love. I especially like the solid deep lows.

I was not as nuts about the companion disc, but taken as a collection of sketches it is fine.

I have been listening to this VIA Bandcamp all afternoon.

I am not typically a fan of old school sequencer music most of the time with the exceptions of a few classic, usual suspect albums from Tan Dream and Kluase and despite that, I think this is just fantastic and mesmerizing music. This may be my favorite Roach release since Mystic Chords and Sacred Spaces. Great depth, sound choices, treatments, recording quality, a great album!

I plan on grabbing the 24/96 version from Spotted Peccary.
Just a thought, maybe she has been picked on or teased at some point in her life, or is self conscious and does not like attention being drawn to herself. By acting as if it did not happen then she does not have to deal with any personal, public or internal embarrassment.

...or maybe she just did not find it funny and does not want to give you the satisfaction of putting one over on her.
Everything and Nothing / Re: Did you ever like KISS?
February 13, 2015, 08:53:19 AM
Quote from: drone on on December 14, 2014, 08:07:04 AM
Got to see them on 79 tour with original lineup.  It was pretty mind blowing.  I think even my Dad enjoyed it (one of the best presents he ever gave me, namely because he knew how much I loved them and was willing to take me ).  I'd have to say Dressed to Kill from '75 is my favorite album, with Destroyer and the debut self titled one close behind. Not to mention Alive, a legendary live album.

You gotta give them credit for spending two hours putting on the makeup for all those years. 

Looks like we're in the minority here.  I can understand most negative opinions.  I'd call them a guilty pleasure these days.  Cheesy,  yet oh so good.....

I could have written everything you wrote verbatim! The 1979 Dynasty tour (with Judas Priest opening) was my first concert ever! As a kid/early teen they were one of my favorite bands...along with the Beatles and Stones.

I actually have all of their albums including the new ones although the early years are still the best and what I listen too most when I put them on. I proudly admit  that they are still a nostalgic guilty pleasure!!!

I have seen them live twice since 79, both times with makeup and the original 4.

In fact my cousin got free tickets to Ace about a month ago, so I went. yes it was cheezy, but so what  ;D
Quote from: Bill Binkelman on February 08, 2015, 01:04:20 PM
Thanks, Paul. That means a lot. I was just listening to Silence Speaks In Shadow a few days ago as I was compiling my top 20 "desert island" discs for the ambient@hyperreal listserv survey...and yes, once again, it made the cut. What a brilliant piece of work. Absolutely essential ambient and should be in everyone's collection (I actually own two copies "just in case.").

Awesome Bill, issue two has your review of Ma Ja Le's 1st release "Dreams In The Orchards Of Saturn" to this day it remains one of my favorite reviews I have ever received on one of my albums!
It's funny Loren, I kept looking for the like button as if this was facebook...