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Good health!

Vitaly agrees to release your new album.
He persistently asked to discuss the design with him in advance. He is a painter and he does everything himself from beginning to end.

By the way, he liked your logo in the spirit of the Middle Ages.

I will send you his email in PM.


Feel free to share my Bandcamp with him. Just keep in mind that I'm not done with my next album yet.

My friend, the founder of the label, said that your music is not suitable for his label.

I talked with Vitaly Maklakov.
At the moment, he can publish CDr in the amount of 10 pieces. I gave him a link to your bandcamp music.
As soon as I get an answer from him, I'll let you know.

Hi Sihou,

I do not think that only two musicians stand out in the world for their creativity. There are many gifted musicians who progress and musically grow. Think about you also have a distinctive taste in music. You are therefore not able to set rules like no one is able to do so. Everything is relative to one’s own self !


Perhaps you misunderstood me. Of course there are a huge number of undeniably talented musicians. I don’t know about many.
I spoke only about those musicians who publish many albums a year. And among such musicians, I know only two people who do not exploit the same ideas from year to year.
I am not burdened with certain limits, because I am only a listener, but not a musician. When a creative person first wants to earn money, then the creative component goes by the wayside.

By the way, I have a friend who listens to only a few ambient performers and this is enough for him. He is not looking for something new; he is not discovering new artists. In this context, I agree that for him the best option is to subscribe to his favorite musician.

Guys, I do not pretend to the ultimate truth and this is just my humble opinion, but of all the enormously fruitful musicians to some extent perform ambient music, I know only two people who are in constant search, do not repeat and experiment. This is Jason Corder and Andreas Brandal. I don’t know others.

I respect any kind of creativity if it does not contain any kind of aggression and if this creativity does not propagate perversions. But with all due respect, I have no desire to subscribe to anyone.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: January 07, 2020, 12:19:43 PM »
A few days ago I discovered a new label from Macedonia.

I enjoy:

I will express my point of view as a listener since I am not a musician.

From my point of view, all kinds of subscriptions are a certain way of manipulating the location of the listener to the musician. In my opinion, there are not a small number of examples when a musician publishes a huge number of albums exploiting the same idea that once brought results in the form of a certain popularity. It is not possible to constantly produce something attractive without certain pauses and painstaking work.

The musician’s obligations when subscribing are not fulfilled from the heart. Do you need such a commitment? Or is it more important for you to get some benefit?

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: INNESTI - Parenthetical
« on: January 06, 2020, 09:08:47 AM »
Thank you so much for such an album, Chris!

This is very unexpected. I hope that the feeling of rapture and delight from listening to your creation will remain with me for a long time.

A couple of days ago I discovered two more excellent albums from last year.
Thanks to the fact that I followed Chris in Bandcamp, I discovered the new artist Kelly David, and thanks to Andrew Sherwell's Facebook post, I learned about the first Krzysztof Kotlinski album.

Kelly David - Meditation In Green

Krzysztof Kotlinski - Black Rain
Multifaceted structured dronescapes and modern electro-acoustic experiments. A bright discovery for me.

Hi guys,

I usually try to avoid such list, but let's make an exception. But I am afraid the line-up will be quite long, I am unable to squeeze it and most likely I didn't mention all titles I wanted..., in random order...

Richard :)

Sōzuproject "Fragility Can Fly" CDr

Innesti "Formless" CDr and "Between Worlds" CDr

ASC "The Waves" CD

Logic Moon "I See Planets" CDr

Drifting In Silence "Away" CDr


I'm glad you mentioned Paolo Mascolini (Sōzuproject). This is perhaps one of the few artists who can tell what his music is about and, surprisingly, my associations when listening to his music coincide with the feelings and intentions embedded by Paolo.

Innesti - I like his music, especially the Venetian Whispers track. I am here thanks to him. When I interviewed him, he advised me to register.

I purchased ASC "The Waves", but have not yet listened. I purchased it from a European distributor and I do not have a code for it.

I really liked Tobias' spatial dreamy compositions.

I put Drifting In Silence on the wishlist, but haven’t reached it yet.

You're right about life having ups and downs. I'm definitely in a better place career-wise and as a person than I was two years ago though.

With regards to labels, I haven't reached out recently. In the past, I released two albums on Black Dingo Records, a short-lived label ran by Duff Egan, but the label ended before Desolation was finished. Oceanscape was re-released on GV Sound years prior to that. There was a local label that had some interest, but they ended up shutting down late last year before I could record anything for them.

I thought about reaching out to Pantheon, ZHELEZOBETON, and Ostroga (Vitaly Maklakov aka Kromeshna). I have about 60-70 minutes of material that is close to being ready to release, one of which is a 31 minute longform drone piece.

Thanks for the compliment regarding Desolation. I love making dark dronescapes.

My friend launched the label. If you are interested, then I can give him a link to your music. Perhaps he will be interested.

Cost and concerns about demand. For a while, I haven't even had a full-time job until very recently so money has been a bit tight for me. Plus, I don't want to end up with extra inventory if I don't sell everything. You're probably the first person to ask me about a physical release that I can remember.

I'd rather try to get on a label that could handle a physical release than do it myself.

I feel for you.
But each of us experiences losses and setbacks in life. I had been sick with a deadly disease for three years. And only this year I was able to start working. It is fortunate that my family survived and I was not left alone. But I am grateful to my illness, I was able to change my character and worldview, I became happier and began to understand why we live.

By the way, I liked the Desolation track from your last album. You have pretty oppressive and pessimistic music.
Have you tried to find a label?

Perhaps your elites and powerful people will stop threatening rhetoric with Russia and see it as an enemy someday and then it will be possible to restore order by joint efforts. But it will not be easy. People get used to freebies very easily.

Pleased to meet you! As a listener of the old school, I prefer to listen to music on physical media. Why don't you publish music on physical media?

Welcome, Sergey!

I'm listing to Sever Ga + Nonpandoras right now and it is great.


My wife doesn't like ambient and drone. The only musician she likes is Pepo Galan. And more recently, Sever Ga + Nonpandoras.

Will I follow you in bandcamp if you don't mind?

Great list! There are lot of things to explore on there that I haven't heard before.

Hello Chris.

Glad I brought something new!

I registered. I hope that I will contribute.

I started with Logic Moon - I See Planets, but I'll listen to that one right after that. Thanks again!

There's been a lot of great ambient music that has come out of Russia, and Eastern Europe in general for that matter. That region has been a great hotbed for the genre for a while now. I wouldn't have known about any of it without Bandcamp.

Oh yes bandcamp is a very wonderful thing

Unfortunately, piracy is very developed in the post-Soviet space. Listeners are used to getting music for free. At the moment, there are so many musical communities that purchase music on the bandcamp and spotify for donations from subscribers and then put the music in the public domain.

^I'm going to have to check out some of those albums. Welcome to the Hypnos Forum!

Thank you

I advise you to start with Sever Ga + Nonpandoras - Slow Light.
In my opinion, this is one of the best that happened last year on the Russian stage.

Best drone / ambient albums of the past 2019 that inspired me:

Sōzuproject - Icarus

Francesco Maria Narcisi - Wanderer

Alessio Dutto - Blurred Boundaries

MEIPR - egalecto

Sever Ga + Nonpandoras - Slow Light

Kind Stranger - Everything Becomes More Interesting…/everything-be…

anthéne - Lost Channel

Oohs! - Plutonic Love Songs…/plutonic-love-songs

Daniel Guillén - Inner Vision

Seki Takashi - Faded Clothes

Giulio Aldinucci - No Eye Has An Equal

Pool of Light - Mind Garden…/mind-garden

EUS - Devenir

Pepo Galán - For Victoria

Carlo Giustini - Sentinelle

Francesco Giannico - Les Mondes Imaginaires…/les-mondes-imagina…

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Solastalgia

36 & Black Swan - In Four Parts

David Granström - A distant color, secluded…/a-distant-color-secluded

Emanuele Errante - This World

Logic Moon - I See Planets

V I C I M - ademptus demere…/v-i-c-i-m-ademptus-demere

David Cordero - Hacia La Luz

Ekin Fil - Heavy

Deru - Torn In Two

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