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Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: July 09, 2011, 11:04:31 AM »
this morning;
luigi turra - KI
(probably THE release of 2011 for me.. a 3CD set filled with mystery, it features found sounds, fieldrecording, lost voices/echoes, distant drones, shakuhachi, stones, all in all completely captivating! and nothing beats the price at andOAR)

Glad this got a mention - I was not able to really get a grip from the description that came with the and/OAR announcement, and was curious about this trio of discs.  Dale always prices his releases right, and has free shipping too. 

To make the post relevant :

Tindersticks - Falling Down a Mountain.  (Constellation/4AD)  I was truly floored when I discovered the tindersticks first two self-titled albums back in the 90's.  They epitomized moody, melancholic, and slightly sloshed chamber-pop music.   As integral as Waits, a less serious cousin to Nick Cave - either loved or loathed by those that listened.  What came after the first two releases (and smattering of singles, live set releases, soundtracks) was met by mild indifference to my ears.  I don't know if it was their discovery and implementation of old soul into the mix or if the songs were actually a bit tighter, I just wasn't as enthralled.   This album renews my interest though - the soul sound is on the fringes, and the moodiness has returned.  The atmosphere is dark (and welcomed), the desolate piano, the strings in the background and Staples baritone voice is as restrained as years ago.  Less a crooner and more reflective, I am loving this bit of a return of sounds.

Aphex Twin/AFX - Chosen Lords.  (Rephlex)  I'm a bit behind on listening.  I think I'm finally over RDJ too.  Thanks for everything.  (Kyle Bobby Dunn is keeping the SAW II spirit alive and well btw - and doing it justice).

Willamette - Echo Park.  One of the releases we're working on now...been listening and relistening to this project by the brothers Chong that used to record as Northern.   Delicate ambience, found sounds, breathing along with a smattering of cello and a bit of cinematic loops.  Just planning on doing an LP and hopefully will be out in August.


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: June 12, 2011, 04:58:41 AM »
Kyle Bobby Dunn Ways of Meaning LP (Desire Path).  I think the subtitle here could be 'Selected Ambient (only) works from Selected Ambient Works II'.  Verry reminiscent of the Aphex classic minus the beats.  Not a criticism as countless artists have patterned themselves after RDJ - this one nails the ambient side and is well crafted and nostalgic.

Prefab Sprout Jordan : The Comeback.  Am pretty enamored w/ PS's 'Two Wheels Good' (or 'Steve McQueen' outside of the U.S.), so I wanted to investigate a bit more.  After reading the rapturous reviews, I was a bit let down by this.  The songwriting and lyricism are always the strong points with any PS track, but the early 90's synths (I love synths, these just sound dated) and campy tracks sprinkled throughout do not make up for the (mostly) strong song structures.

Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Seeping Through the Veil of Unconscious LP (Digitalis).  Vintage synths (sound great here...) gauzy ambience on Side 1, cinematic passages on Side 2.  Recommended for fans of Emeralds (the newer material) and all their infinite side-projects. 



Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: May 16, 2011, 07:20:40 PM »
Just arrived, Infraction's re-release of
- Keith Berry : the ear that was sold to a fish
includes a second disk, turn right a thousand feet from here,
with 30 minutes of new music.
This is a thing of beauty !!!
The music is excellent, and so is the packaging.
Great work, Jason.

I have that original Crouton version w/the box stuffed with leaves, but just went ahead & ordered the reissue because of that extra disc. If it's anything like The Ear..., which was a superb piece of work, then me own aural canals should get quite happy soon indeed!

Berry remains one of those enigmatic artists who has nurtured something of a 'cultist' aesthetic about him, mostly due to the fact that he simply isn't as prolific as his colleagues. No matter: I highly recommend all of his work, particularly the austere abstractions found on his release on the late, lamented Trente Oiseaux label, The Golden Boat, which raised the concept of sound-art/minimalism/onkyoism to new heights.

Thanks for the kind words about the release.  The main image from the original release is repeated on one of the inner sleeves, and the rest of the images (from Berry) and fonts/text was assembled by Timothy O'Donnell, who used to do some work w/ v23.  I thought he did a very understated design while incorporating the 75 word tracklisting/storyline :)

I agree that Berry is fairly enigmatic d/t that lack of a consistent output.   Turn Right... complements The Ear... very well IMO and is an opposite harmonic to the somewhat noisier counterpart release Turn LEFT a Thousand Feet From Here that was included in the first 100 copies of A Strange Feather on Twenty Hertz a few years back. 

Working now on a new Berry release of all new material.  Hopefully out by the end of the year.


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: April 19, 2011, 12:37:21 PM »
Joe mentioned recently...
Grouper- Way Their Crept; This is the foggiest, reverbyist (I know it's not a word, but it should be), and ghostliest of Liz Harris' discs, and also her best.

I'm on this wagon (Grouper) a bit late, and it's unfortunate as this one looks tough as nails to find.  Was reissued on Type a few years back and a quick check on discogs reveals a hefty price for the LP.  Oh well...

Alvarius B. - Baroque Primitiva LP (Poon Village).  Read and heard good things about this - only to find that the LP was pressed in an edition of 300.  Released in February of this year and sold out almost immediately after.  A.B. is a pseudonym of Sun City Girls Alan Bishop, doing a bit of a Syd Barrett lo-fi folk LP featuring a cover of the Beach Boys 'God Only Knows' among other self-penned pieces.  Like all good record collectors, I went out this past Saturday and actually found this at a local shop.  Last place I would've expected too - couldn't believe it.   Due to come out on CD this spring sometime.  Recommended.

Nigel Samways - Silver Rain, Green Trees 10" (Ephre Imprint)  Issued as a lathe cut 10" or CDr.  Another stunning piece by Samways - the comparisons with Caretaker/Leyland Kirby are hard to resist in that there is a nearly forgotten dream-like quality to his compositions.   


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: April 14, 2011, 11:33:32 AM »
Paul Simon - So Beautiful or So What - just got this one so I have only listen through it once, but it sounds excellent so far.

Was really curious about this one.  To get nods from you and Forrest I think I'll pick it up!  About 2 months back, I dug out Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits and Bookends and had them in pretty heavy rotation.  It had been a few years since I had listened any of their stuff - at least purposely - and I was pretty much in awe of their collective songwriting.  I suppose when something is so omnipresent musically, it can sometimes be difficult to objectively listen and assess how *good* something really is.

Ubeboet Archival LP on Moving Furniture Records.
Heard about this one last year - probably in Vital Weekly - and found the sound snippets on the site to be stretched out shimmering drone - lovely stuff.  Inquired about the LP - limited to just a few hundred (200? or so), but the quote was around 22 Euros or so w/ postage.  Skipped it, then it popped up through Norman Records this year and nabbed it for 15 GBP, which after the conversion I think I saved something like $1.32 ;)   Anyway, Experimedia now has it stateside : and there is a soundcloud attached.  Side A is field recordings from a buzzing fly to a creaking ship sounding as if it's going to fall out of the speakers into your listening space.  Side B is the choice side - lush blend of environmental recordings and the aforementioned drones.  Haunting and recommended.

Tune-Yards - Whokill on 4AD.
2nd long-player by Tune-Yards which is essentially one woman - Merrill Garbus.  The first one was a (too?) eccentric blend of Newsome-ese yelps and vocal chirps along w/ some fairly stripped down percussion, yet an alluring sense of rhythm.  It took a few listens to wrap my head around it.  This one is more refined, and retains the elements of the first LP without really compromising on composition, just less genre hopping.  Plus, her voice is more evident on this LP, almost like an Amy Winehouse (-motown, -crack, -stories about one-night stands) and adds to the whole mixture nicely.


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: April 12, 2011, 01:06:28 PM »
Paul Vnuk Jr. - Silence Speaks in Shadow. 
Probably my favorite Hypnos release.  Setting up an atmosphere of urban ambience to perfection.  While Burial certainly capitalized sleeping city soundtracks, this is more my preference.  Will have to dig out Chris Meloche's - Recurring Dreams of the Urban Myth (FAX) later. 

Monos - Aged & Transformed. 
Forthcoming release on our label...we started talking about doing a Monos release in 2006 I think, and I received the master for this compendium disc yesterday  ;D   It will go along w/ "Age & Transformation" a disc released by Darren Tate (the other half of Monos w/ Colin Potter) on his own Fungal label as a CDR many years ago. 

Merzbow - Merzbient box. 
Technically still in the box, but got a copy from Ear-Rational and am really looking forward to diving in.  I've barely tolerated Merzbow's noise releases, yet his ambient releases and collaborations are pretty stunning.


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: March 28, 2011, 08:51:07 PM »
Adam Pacione - Delayed (Vols. 1 & 2).  Was starting to worry when Adam was MIA for a few months.  Received this batch (along w/ vols. 3/4 & 5/6) and am slowly working/listening my way through. 

Ranta/Lewis/Plank - Mu.  On Timo Van Luijk's (and co.) label Metaphon.  Fantastic packaging job w/ linen covered LP box, large booklet in 3 languages and this rare Krautrock artifact spread over 2 pieces of vinyl.  Conny Plank was involved in a lot of the Krautrock bands in the 70's from producing early Kraftwerk to being an unofficial member of Cluster w/ Eno.  This was an overnight recording from 1970 - all improv. featuring keyboards, prepared metal (indeed), percussion, drones, woodwinds and the ambient squawking of small German woodland creatures.  I've only listened to the first LP and it is quite solid and a great artifact to hear. 

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: March 20, 2011, 05:32:25 AM »
Mono / World's End Girlfriend - Palmless Prayer : Mass Murder Refrain (Temporary Residence)
Discovered this one this weekend...stunning.  Like Godspeed You Black Emperor without the commentary
and the build-ups are a bit more restrained.  Post-rock and somber chamber music fused together
seamlessly.  Recommended.

I do apologize for the cross-posting as I just sent this to the ambient mailing
list.  I know there are quite a few that used to receive that list and now probably just
do forums...

Spring is coming after a lengthy, precipitous winter here in Ohio,
and with that a few new releases set to come out on Infraction
on April 12th.

Both are reissues.  Not intentionally set up this way, it was just how it all came
together serendipitously.

JEREMY BIBLE & JASON HENRY - Vryashn LP + d/l code (INFX 049 LP)

First up is a vinyl-only release of a fantastic underwater dark ambient piano piece
by a local duo of musicians - Jeremy Bible (he of Experimedia) and Jason Henry.  Entitled
'Vryashn', this recording was initially out on Gears of Sand on a CDR in an edition
of 100 copies.  This vinyl revisitation is limited to 500 copies.  We're doing a bit of
a color mixup with it, releasing 100 on baby blue (and exclusive to Infraction and Experimedia
mail-orders) and 400 copies in white.

"Two lengthy, sonorous tracks with looming, viscous currents offset by a seductive parade of pattering detail. Fluttering piano notes pierce
shifting planes of texture, catspaws of white noise skip across the swell, and Echoplexed flurries float, like distant birdsong, back
and forth across the threshold of audibility. Vryashn reveals a perfect balance between fluidity and architecture before disappearing
into a haze of chiming bells." - The Wire

"Here be the sad sounds of drowning. This Ohio-based pair has quietly amassed an intriguing catalogue of digitally treated dronemusic
and manipulated field recordings, with Vryashn being maybe the best so far, oozing with a gorgeous subaquatic melancholia.
Aside from all of their sound design tricks, the piano is the central instrument on Vryashn with its notes stretched and elongated
into sinewy tones. When wrapped into the slow-motion whirlpool of oceanic reverb and and cyclical drone construction, the brooding
notes of the piano sound as if they are the last notes being played by some madman trapped on the ship slowly sinking into the
depths of the Black Sea. Tactile bits of organic scrapes and cracklings sweep across the stereo field and dissolve into the ever
deeper and blacker void of the waters below. Like Gavin Bryars' similar opus on oceanic collapse, The Sinking Of The Titanic, there
is a sublime beauty to these sinking sounds. Recommended, for sure!" -

"Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry harness an array of electro-acoustics in forging Vryashn, a work of great depth and subtle eloquence.
JB&JH propose a theme of the sensation of a dream within a dream; of being surrounded by snow, becoming numb and falling asleep
only to awake in the rain in another dream and location. Various phases of such an experience are depicted, from elated to
disorientated. Various sound sources – piano, water line pipes, wine glasses, rain on a window, and a garage lamp – articulate
Vryashn's variations; a two-part immersion zone of fragmentation and re-moulding that shuns the delicacy of a Budd bath for
riskier reefs towards Andrew Liles' The Dying Submariner and Aloof Proof's Piano Text. JB&JH curate a descent into a drowned world
of wrecked and wracked elegiacs, attended by envelopes of trills pushed into spills, redrawn revenants distended in a quest for new
euphony. The duo's design is to pique to poke in textural caverns and inlets of accidental harmonics. They achieve this, "
Vrashyn I" exemplifying the warmth and spacious movements of their reverberant Satie dissolution – a fine exhibit of well-treated
piano." - alan lockett for

As with prior Infraction vinyls, it will be on 180g vinyl, printed on a reverse board gatefold sleeve and will
feature an OBI.  It will also come with a download code featuring an expanded version mastered by Taylor Deupree.

KEITH BERRY - The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish / Turn Right A Thousand Feet From Here 2xCD (INFX 046)

The other release is from Keith Berry.  One of the best and most intriguing ambient recordings of the last decade,
"The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish".  It has garnered nothing but the highest praise since the release on
Crouton (RIP) in 2005 in
a tiny edition of 300 (in a kraft box w/ scented/dyed leaves no less).

The praise for this album upon its release in 2005 *may* do it some justice :
"Of all the artists I've learned of in the past year, few – or perhaps none – have intrigued me more than Keith
Berry. Berry's music is most notable for its textural fullness; Berry's music is very generous – the sounds are
exquisitely chosen and placed, there are more of them than there initially seem to be, and although he uses repeating
gestures, he doesn't usually base his music around them." - Dusted Magazine
"In case such a declaration matters in the grand scheme of things, The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish is my Record of
The Year for 2005. it's the seductively restrained compositions for quiet flickerings, muffled rumbles, and
whispered reverberations that truly captured my imagination." - Aquarius Records (Jim Haynes)
"...the nine spacious, deceptively simple and hauntingly beautiful soundscapes that make up The Ear That Was
Sold To A Fish, title courtesy of the Sufi poet Hafiz. It's Berry's most accomplished work to date." - The Wire

Infraction is now reissuing a remastered version of 'The Ear...' along with a
previously unreleased full-length, 'Turn Right a Thousand Feet From Here' as a 2xCD set (not to be confused with a
prev. issued recording 'turn left a thousand feet from here' on Twenty Hertz as a bonus CDR). Each disc will be
packaged in a matte envelope and then housed in a Stoughton Printing mini-lp gatefold cardboard sleeve.

Audio samples on the site here :
Ordering, pricing :

Thank you,


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: March 19, 2011, 06:16:51 AM »
Just getting to :

Jan Bang- ...and poppies from Kandahar (Samadhisound). 
Superb.  Really evokes the fourth world ambience tag and has some contributions
from Hassell as well.  Not much else out there from Bang that I can see.

Jason Kahn & Asher - Vista (And/Oar).
Processed field recordings.  I am a fan of implementation of field recordings into
ambient - but admittedly, this didn't do much for me.  Samples of industrial hum from
Asher, Swiss nature takes from Kahn.  Blended together into a 47 minute atonal drone.

Billy Gomberg - Untitled (self-released). 
Recordings from Gomberg from '07 & '08.  This was sent as a demo a few years back
and I've always really enjoyed it.  Certainly a good fit in the 12k aesthetic - layered acoustic
sounds w/ some mild digital synthesis.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: September 19, 2010, 08:00:50 PM »
Aglaia - White Maps
Aglaia - Reverberant Skies
Aglaia - Naked Movements

Trio of recent releases on Hic Sunt Leones - each is stunning.  White Maps is perhaps the best of the 3. 
Recalls earlier Alio Die and Oophoi records - very expansive and lush...


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: September 19, 2010, 07:57:23 PM »
David Bowie - Outside
My favorite Bowie album post Let's Dance.  Production by Eno.  Dark, weird and churning, at times almost industrial, with a bizarre story underlying and connecting the songs.

David Darling -Cello
Not quite as sublime as Darling's album Dark Wood, but wonderful.  I wish he had a dozen more albums like these.  This represents the ECM label's most "ambient" edge, I think.

I discovered Cello first, so IMO that was the pick of those two discs...easily his best pair of releases.  The 'River' series - a collaboration w/ pianist Kjetil Bjornstadseries - is very solid as well.

Any other recommendations for ambient ECM? 

Two new releases up for pre-order on our shop page :

Both are set for release towards the end of October.

CELER - Salvaged Violets 2xCD (Infraction) U.S. $14.00 [INFX 050]
"In February of 2008, Dani and I recorded, mixed, and completed the music for 'Salvaged Violets'. The words came as the subject line of a short poem, sent to me over email, included with an unrelated question. During these weekdays, our working schedules were almost the opposite, but we spoke over email constantly. Until recently, I did not notice how similar this was to our beginnings, sending letters as we were on different sides of the country. With no conceptual idea in mind, and since we were apart for so much time during the weekdays, we decided to begin 'Salvaged Violets', and see what came of it. Every night when I returned home, before sleeping, I would spend time working on the music that Dani had worked on through the afternoon, and had left on the desk. Every afternoon, she would find a different version to work on that I had left, and this continued for some time. When together, we would sip our tea, laugh at silly jokes, cook, watch television, and so on. There was no need for longing while we were together. There was always laughing, pots and pans clanging, or a muttering television. In forming 'Salvaged Violets', we did not mix it in a particular arranged order. It was mixed simply by the order it was first played, compiling many miniature sections rolled into one. In this case, they were rolled into two. Nothing was discarded, nothing was rearranged. As the sound changed over time, the original form did not. When it was finally complete, we listened together, for the first time. I remember how familiar it seemed, yet I also felt that so much of it was unknown, and undefined. More than a year later, in September of 2009, I revisited the recordings for the first time since 2008. At this time, it was being mastered by our good friend Corey Fuller, so I was still listening to the original. Riding my bike through the endless suburban subdivisions, through the busy downtown streets, I listened repeatedly, for days, over and over. Something was familiar, but so much I was unable to recall, and yet I was able to relate. I returned home, put my bike against the door, and took my headphones off. There, in the still silence, I think I understood finally what it was about." Will Thomas Long, December 2009

998 copies. Stoughton mini-lp gatefold CD sleeve. 12 art prints and photographs by Peter Lograsso. Mastered by Corey Fuller. Release date October 26th, 2010.

CAPRICORNUS - Halation CD (Infraction) U.S. $10.00 [INFX 045]
Pre-orders now being solicited for the Capricornus - Halation CD. Catalog : INFX 045
Release date is October 19th, 2010. Pre-order copies will ship mid-September.

Pre-order special of $10 post-paid U.S. & Canada (overseas $13).   LISTEN, Listen, listen...

Features artwork by Alan McClelland using a stock Infraction layout.
Halation is the working name of Hiroshi Tanaka. This is his first release in any format.
Influences from Andrew Chalk, Taiga Remains and David Tagg.

CD will be issued in a 4 panel digipak, limited to 500 copies.

"Halation gives off a flat-on-back eyes-to-skies drowsy air with its long drawn out tone-rays. Highly amorphous in strategy, a purist ambient Enovian ethos a la Thursday Afternoon may suggest itself. On occasion, clusters of notes flicker within the freefloating drone, mirroring the eponymous halation effect - transient morning brume, or light refracted through water vapour rendered blurred." - Alan Lockett for

Up next...

Zimiamvian Night - Zimiamvian Night 3 CD (INFX 054)
Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry - Vryashn LP (INFX 049 LP)
Keith Berry - The Ear Was Sold to A Fish / Turn Right a Thousand Feet from Here 2xCD (INFX 046)

Thank you.


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: July 04, 2010, 11:45:08 AM »

Slowdive - Pygmalion demos
The Blue Nile - A Walk Across the Rooftops
v/a - Book of Dreams (nrvnet mix)
Joe Minadeo - Woodland


CONCERT SILENCE is a side project of Matthew Cooper (Eluvium) and Charles Buckingham.  They just finished
a U.S. tour - Eluvium as the main act and Buckingham opening solo for a handful of dates. 

We've been working on the releases by Concert Silence for the past 6 months.  A full-length CD/2xLP entitled
'9.22.07' as well as an ep of exclusive material, 'Rain Furniture' as a CD/12".  Both of the vinyls feature
etchings.  '9.22.07' is a heavy Stoughton tip-on gatefold w/ printed inner sleeves.  'Rain Furniture' is a heavy
stock single sleeve.  All the vinyl is 180g.  Both feature OBI strips.
Very happy to be just about finished with this project. 

Everything is in stock and pre-orders are shipping now, except for the 'rain furniture' 12"s which will be here
at the end of the month. named '9.22.07' as their album of the week in early May :
"The first time I heard this it took me on a total journey and it blew my head off. I couldn't believe how good it was!

The album starts with some haunting Harold Budd-esque piano with some micro-electronics hanging around in the background. Then comes a super intense track with loads of amazingly moving strings coupled with some weird distorted off kilter, off the cuff beat which builds and builds until the electronics take over and it goes well mental.... so not what you'd expect but the strings permeate and keep you grounded throughout. The whole album is full of amazing surprises and some astonishing bits of music. The mix of electronics and classical goodness is pitched perfectly. There's an EP of goodness on the way by these guys and I can't wait to hear that.

I've been fortunate enough to have scored a copy of this a couple of months ago so the whole thing has really settled with me. I can totally see this appearing on folks end of year lists. A groundbreaking and breathtaking album and one I can't recommend enough!"

The vinyl is available from us right now, Norman, Forced Exposure, Experimedia, Aquarius will have theirs in another couple of weeks.

In addition, I'm putting our first vinyl release by Drafted by Minotaurs on sale for a few weeks for $12 + shipping.  Alan Lockett spoke
thusly : "It takes on atavistic echoes redolent of some distant Miles Davis or Jon Hassell blowback, as if viewing In a Silent Way through a post-Kosmische kaleidoscope, or channeled through Eno/Budd cathedrals to meet today's psych-drone and ambient trajectories."

Pick up both vinyls, and I'll ship U.S. orders for free and take $10 off shipping for international orders.  Just mention 'hypnos forum' with your order.

Many thanks,


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: June 19, 2010, 07:42:35 AM »
Paul Weller - Wildwood

Weller's best IMO.  When it was released, a review said that it could've been
recorded in 1970, and I always thought that was an accurate take.

Otherwise :
Troum - objectlessness (Faria).  I've not followed each and every Troum
release - this sounds to me the closest to what made Maeror Tri great, lengthy
dark rumbling drones that open up beautifully...eventually.

Various - Warp20 : Chosen (Warp).  Still enjoy Seefeel's Warp outing...
finding that the Aphex tracks (among others) do not hold up.  Could prune my Aphex collection
down to a handful of tracks (mostly all from SAW II) and get rid of the rest!

Concert Silence -9.22.07.  Finally, finally got the vinyl in.

Andrew Chalk & Daisuke Suzuki - In Faxfleet Clouds... (Faraway Press)
Nice ep from these two.  Normally their collaborations are on the noisier side, this
one is too short, but sweet.

Heart - Dreamboat Annie (Mushroom).  I think I just heard Alan groan all the way
from Bristol :)   Filing albums, dug this one out.  It amazes me how good
they once were - and how terrible they became.  I suppose that could be applied
to a ton of artists though...

Woodland - untitled.  Forthcoming from Joe Minaedo.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Infraction thread
« on: June 02, 2010, 01:13:10 PM »
Thought that the Low Point label thread was a great idea...I'll use this as a bit of
an announcement/update platform for Infraction related news here.

We've had a sale running on three catalog titles for $6/each postpaid in the U.S. & Canada ($9 each overseas postpaid)

ELUDER - The Most Beautiful Blue CD (INFX 033)
CRAIG BETHELL - A Day Full of You, A Night Tired of Me CD (INFX 026)
BEAUTUMN - Northing CD (INFX 020)

The sale ends on these at the end of this week in our shop :

Arbitrary picks for sale items.  The Beautumn has been probably our best seller to date.  His 'white
coffee' disc sold out fairly quickly after release, so we doubled up on 'Northing'.  Planning his next
release now, entitled 'Bordeaux'.  Will be an LP & CD release.

Craig's disc featured music entirely made by Mark Van Hoen.  Definitely the most 'pop' thing we've
released to date, and probably the last 'pop' issue we do. 

Eluder...can't recommend this one enough.  We did a run of 500 and have about 40 left.  His next
disc is in the works right now as well.  Planning a CD issue...working title is 'through the horizon'.



New release due in April on Infraction :
CONCERT SILENCE - "09.22.07" CD/2LP (INFX 042/INFX 042LP)
Concert Silence is a collaboration between Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper, currently both residing in Portland, Oregon. An ongoing conversation between the two began in 2004 when they met over a shared interest in live sound manipulation. “09.22.07” was the first major outcome of discussions regarding symbiotic cultures and their implications to music. A live performance set up was designed, allowing each player to have equal input and manipulation control, (which can be seen in a diagram within the artwork of the album). After the completion of a live session recorded to minidisc, the two decided to release the unmastered un-edited music for free download via their website. A short while later the free recordings were taken down from the site. Infraction Records is now releasing a previously unheard professionally mastered recording of the session in its entirety.

“The sound of piano, both pure and processed, has become almost a sub-genre of its own within ambient electronica. There’s a Satie-authored lineage stretching from Budd/Eno through to Sakamoto’s collabs with Alva Noto and Fennesz, with signs to other off-beat sites. Buckingham’s background in visual art makes his contribution to Concert Silence somewhat enigmatic. He had previously co-opted Cooper for the audio of an online ambient audio-visual collaboration in the ‘Window Exchange’ project; Cooper’s signature is clearly recognizable, for all that the pianism of his earlier Eluvium work are tweaked and tampered with here. Six discrete movements, an affair of edgy ambience, with lilting lulling passages ceding to digital depredations. Some parts subtly infiltrated, others strewn with the detritus of error-smithery. “Part Two,” for example, sounds as if it’s slowly spontaneously combusting in the player, gradually growing into a larger conflagration, culminating in a veritable firework display of pops, crackles and wayward woozy pitch shifts, eating itself in echo and fuzz, before returning to the opening lull of barely audible soft-pedaled piano purism. Overall the Cooper-Buckingham pairing puts a distinctive slant on the compositional tradition mentioned above, finding a beguiling blend of the worlds of piano concerto and that of digital signal processing, with its random reversals, glitch flurries, and drone. Yet, for all its peculiarities of pitch and microsonic mist, strong melodic lines serve as binding, stiched together, lending poise to noise. “ – Alan Lockett

“09.22.07” will be issued as a CD [INFX 042] and 2xLP [INFX 042 LP]. The CD will be a 6 panel matte digipak. The 2xLP set will be in a Stoughton gatefold sleeve, with full color inner sleeves, 180 gram vinyls, and an OBI strip. The D side will feature a vinyl etching. Both versions are in editions of 900. Artwork and typography by Jason Evans.

In addition there is a 3 song ep coming out at the same time :

CONCERT SILENCE - Rain Furniture CD/12" (INFX 047/INFX 047 LP)
With “Rain Furniture”, Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper wanted to explore a new and different musical territory than previously traveled, while still using the audio set up from “09.22.07”.

Rain Furniture will be issued as a CD (INFX 047) and 12” vinyl (INFX 047 LP). The CD will be in a matte finish 20 pt cardsleeve. The vinyl will be housed in a heavy cardstock sleeve, be of 180 grams and also have an OBI strip. Both versions are in editions of 900.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: September 09, 2009, 08:05:17 PM »
Adam Pacione - Dobranoc LP on Elevator Bath
- excellent as expected

Ian Hawgood - Wolfskin CDR on Hibernate

- the ever prolific Hawgood!  It's a little uneven.  The first track is like a gentle Andrew Chalk guitar piece, then it gets on a slightly puzzling short loop fix for about 4 minutes - and I love loops.  Other tracks are not as obviously looped, and even sound like Seefeel in places. 

Wilco - the album

- still trying to get into it...

Brian Eno - Music for Airports

- finally sprang for the remastered version, still a favorite.


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: July 27, 2009, 06:58:41 PM »
Matt Borghi & Ben Fleury-Steiner What the Night Leaves Behind.   I have a batch of Gears of Sand discs here that I'm slowly going through...really enjoying this right now...along with

Saito Koji - Guitar.  *Possibly* a bit too sweet for some.  If Cocteau Twins "Victorialand" and/or the instrumentals for This Mortal Coil are your thing, then I would recommend it...or any of Koji's material for that matter.

Parks - Hidden (forthcoming...)

Bjork - Voltaic 

Jewelled Antler box set Another slightly older release that I'm just getting around to listening to. 


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