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I first became aware of Pura Sombar early this year. The first music I heard of theirs was the wonderful, single-track, EP Tongues Falling from an Open Sky – a drift on fragile harmonies through a hovering twilight. Not long after, I was gifted with copies of two physical releases of theirs.

Chromatic Winds was released in 2011 on CommA – although the website hasn’t been updated since well before this CD was released. Odd? Wait. The album packaging is gorgeous: a folded, die-cut sleeve (heavy paper? light cardboard?) with beautiful artwork on each panel. Enclosed with the CD are two more panels with very nice artwork on each side. It comes with an obi and the whole thing is enclosed in a sealable plastic bag. The only printed information is the group name and the album name. Neither of the artists use their real name anyway, so that really doesn’t matter. See? They all love a bit of mystique. But what’s most important here is the music.

The first track is a delightfully eerie, ominous collection of drawn-out sounds...

The rest of the review is here:

I'm back with another free release on Treetrunk Records   :)   This time it's my voice and a couple of Mystified's trombone samples. A half hour exploring the details of spiritual power and tension.

Music and artwork at:

Thanks!! for listening.

Hi folks:

It's been awhile since I had an album of my own out, but that changed a couple of days ago when Requiem in Shallows was released on Treetrunk Records. The description that goes with it:

"History is littered with examples of great civilizations, cultures, and economic empires that reached a point where they could no longer sustain themselves. Complacence washed over the great majority. Where once there had been forward-thinking, it had receded to a dark shallowness sucking the light, and life, from any who raised a warning cry. Apathy set in. The foundations and structures the greatness had been built on were ignored, forgotten, and eroded. This music is in recognition of those great entities that once were.”

Created with just my voice and live processing. The album is streamable, downloadable, and free. Thank you - very much - for listening.

Listening: Podcasts, Mixes, and Music Sample Clips / Cannibal Box
« on: October 25, 2009, 01:46:14 PM »
A bit different than most of what I've listened to through this forum, and not "typical" ambient - Cannibal Box is a cappella and can be heard at

Thanks for listening.


Listening: Podcasts, Mixes, and Music Sample Clips / stream and download
« on: August 02, 2009, 03:28:35 PM »
I've recently taken control of my name on and have added a few
tracks to what has been scrobbled by other folks (my sincere
appreciation for those of you responsible for those scrobblings). One
of the new pieces, the first set from my Valetine's Day gig, is
available for the first time anywhere. Everything on is
freely downloadable (well, one track isn't).

Thanks - a bunch - for listening.


There have been some very interesting musical offerings by members of this forum. Hopefully, some of you will find that description fits this piece.

Embracing the Glass is a duo - we've been working together since 2001. "Visit Your Rock Garden" is from 2003. Stylistically dated in some ways to what we sound like now, but unique in its own way too. One of those edgy, be-careful-looking-over-your-shoulder tunes.


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